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No Fenty Means Debt for Peaceoholics

Peaceoholics Sued by BB&T Over DebtThe post-Fenty fortunes of anti-violence group Peaceoholics continue to decline. They’re under investigation by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, and now, with funds they used to get from the District dried up, they’re in more than $28,000 of credit card debt, according to court records.

BB&T Financial filed a lawsuit in December alleging that Peaceoholics owed the bank on $28,160.56 on a BB&T corporate credit card in the group’s name. A judge ruled on April 6 that the organization has to pay the money, plus 21.99 percent interest between November 24 and April 26, and $1,408 in attorney’s fees—$31,842 in total.

BB&T is also looking for payment from Peaceoholics co-founders Ron Moten and Jauhar Abraham, who signed on as guarantors of the credit card when Peaceoholics applied for it in April 2009, accepting responsibility for debts if the organization wouldn’t pay them off.

On the day it won the ruling against Peaceoholics, BB&T asked for a judgment against Moten for the money. Abraham was dropped from the suit after a process server couldn’t find him.

Moten referred City Desk’s questions to Abraham, Peaceoholics’ CEO. After saying he wouldn’t say anything about the debt before he talked to a City Paper editor because he has “always been suspicious of City Paper,” Abraham starts talking anyway. “We owe them money, and we have to pay them,” Abraham says. He blames the group’s financial situation on Alexander’s investigation, and contracts the group has lost in the Vince Gray administration. He also says Peaceoholics knew about the BB&T debt, and intended to pay, saying the bank didn't have to sue.

The Peaceoholics’ ability to stop gang violence has shrunk along with its bank account, Abraham says. Moten made a similar warning in February.

“We don’t have the capacity that we had a year ago,” Abraham says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Ward-8

    As the old saying, what don't come out in the wash will come out in the rinse. As so many folks have said previously, Fenty was their cash cow. Common judgement would dictate if they were as Ex-Con Moton profess their benefit to the trouble neighborhoods they would still be funded by city to include numerious private donations. The only organization that didn't have to account for how the city money was spent, although required, provided nothing in writing or any kind of statistical data of what they have done except the verbal spin, smoke and mirrors of the professional hustler. Old saying "Always be good to the people on the way up," "cause you will meet the same folks on the way back down".

  • Lynette S Frome

    God bless you BB&T !

  • noodlez

    “We don’t have the capacity that we had a year ago,” Abraham says-I THINK IT GOES BACK A LIL' FURTHER THAN THAT!


  • January Capricorn

    Peaceaholics, money talks and bullshit walks. What goes around, comes around, Yvette Alexander.

    Crabs in the barrel analogy for all above.


    and just think the D C GOV gave these fools a $5 million$ loan 2 buy 3 apartment blgd. these fools never held a loan in there lives.these same funds came from the same agency,the housing trust that swung the fund 4 skinner and karim 84 million ripoff. shame on these fools.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    Does Yvette Alexander have some serious money problems with funds?

  • Southeast Ken

    I think most DC residents could careless about Ron Moten and his organization.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Tony; I did read something in the Post about the Ward 7 DC Councilwoman and her Ward 7 constituent office.

  • StrangeFruit

    I heard Peaceoholics foreclosed on their building on Congress St SE. DHCD practically gave them the building and subsequently subordinated the city's loan position from first to second. This allowed Peaceoholics to borrow against the building. Thanks to our savvy housing professionals at DHCD, the gov't probably will not recoup a dime of our money because they relinquished the city's "first to get paid" status to a private investor.

  • LOL

    It is funny that Alexander is investigating the group while she is also being investigated. That being said, the group having judgements against them in such a short amount of time since the election says that there were some issues with money management.

    With all of the scrutiny that they were facing, it would have been better for them to have their fiscal house in order.

    If they have trouble serving people, the bank should just check the council hearing schedule. they are going to be at any hearing dealing with youth violence so they can beg for more money.

  • Grumpy

    Here's a simple question Ron:

    Where is the money?

    You can answer that, if you choose. You won't because you can't ACCOUNT for it.

    As a former hustler, you had to know you'd need an exit strategy if things didn't pan out with AD not getting re-elected. Perhaps you figured 'it's DC mayne, them bamas ain't on top of nuthin mayne...'

    But see Ron, here's the thing: You are a prime target

    Not because you're all that important or anything, but because folks need ducks to lineup/knockdown in order to make their case to boost their careers. So if we can show that we cleaned up this group and that group and this unfortunate, negative situation, etc., then we increase our 'electability'.

    Mayor Dick Dastardly (give him a cape and a top hat, don't he look like he about to tie a damsel to the train tracks? LMAO) and Kwame 'Pimp my Ride' Brown are on the hot seat Bruh...they're looking weak out the gate; the advantageous on the council smell blood in the water. Folks are maneuvering...and this is only the beginning

    Nothing personal chief, just bizness.

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  • BttrflyDiva

    Grumpy... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE ur comment!!!