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Who’s the Official Chicken of the Washington Redskins?

KFC's in. But is Popeyes out?

WJFK-FM ran commercials during this morning's Sports Junkies show touting KFC as "the official chicken of the Washington Redskins!"

But but but but but.....

What about all those years of fall Sunday afternoons at FedExField tarnished by the PA announcer screaming, really screaming, "Love that chicken from Popeyes!"?

Are they a thing of the past?

There are still references out there (like this ad from an ongoing charity auction out of Northern Virginia) to Popeyes being "the Official Chicken of the Washington Redskins."

So what's up?

Is there really a culture change at Redskins Park? Or is this team big enough to have TWO official chickens?

Keep the dial right here for all the news about PoultryGate 2K11®!

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  • Jack Love

    Who cares? Skins are dead.

  • Jack Love

    I'm hungry by the way. Thanks a lot for that.

  • The Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke

    One thing is for certain. It certainly isn't Dave McKenna. Keep up the good work, Davey Boy. And don't let up on that twirp Daniel M. Snyder until the Redskins fans unite and wring his neck LIKE A CHICKEN!