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Gay Hockey Is the New Black

courtesy PuckBuddys

I'm more awed by the minute at how swimmingly things have gone for PuckBuddys pretty much ever since the first blog dedicated to gay Washington Capitals fans  dove into the mainstream around New Year's Day.

Ted Leonsis was among the first to embrace the place. From the get-go and with no fanfare, the Caps owner directed readers of his own blog to the new site, whose slogan is "For boys who like boys who like hockey."

Then the idolmaking Deadspin and Puck Daddy started teasing posts from Puckbuddys, too.

And all of a sudden gay and hockey are being paired like Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner.

The Hockey Luvin' Homo showed up behind the glass at a pivotal Vancouver/Los Angeles game last week.

And, as reported by PuckBuddys, NHL heavyweight and Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is out speaking about the need for his beloved sport to get over the anti-gay bias that's ruled the roost in hockey since the first puck was dropped, and pretty much all other sports ever since sweaty and awesomely fit young men wrestled and gymnasticked nakedly (ok ok ok... probably nakedly) in the ancient Olympics.

“My goal is to throw the weight of an NHL front office at the issue,” Burke told the newspaper at Bowdoin College, where he was appearing as part of a series called "Anything But Straight in Athletics." “This bias needs to disappear, and I think pro leagues and teams can add useful muscle to this issue.” (Burke's gay and openly hockey-luvin' son, Brendan Burke, was killed last year in an auto accident.)

Anybody wanting to jump on the gay hockey bandwagon while there's still room can show up  tonight and Saturday, as PuckBuddys hosts its last two Caps viewing parties of the regular season.

Coming soon from a distinguished legislator from (I'm guessing) Virginia: The Defense of Hockey Act.

And I might have to support it! If PuckBuddys and the like keep at it, gay sports might become (gasp!) mundane! Then what the hell am I gonna type about?

(Full disclosure: PuckBuddys founders Craig Brownstein and Doug Johnson are geniuses. Oh, and they're also friends of mine.)

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  • Rick Mangus

    Ted Leonsis is a great sports franchise owner who's in touch with his fans and it's not just about the gay hockey fans but other aspects! Too bad he doesn't own the Redskins, some food for thought!

  • Andrew

    I grew up in Alaska, where hockey is the norm, but being gay was not. I definitely took a break from the sport after coming out and it took me time, but upon moving to San Francisco, I found an awesome team here and I've started playing again. We are a predominately gay ice hockey team, the San Francisco Goaldiggers. It's been great getting back into hockey again, and playing against guys who have no qualms with the sexual orientation of some of the guys on the team... It's been very surprising how accepted we are, and it makes me happy.