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Photos: Elephant Walk

Circus Elephant Walk, March 22nd.    © 2011 Matt Dunn

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  • Kevin

    It's a damn shame we are sill promoting and supporting that cirrus. Isn't there enough facts out there for to open their eyes.

  • Janie M

    Let’s teach our children to respect animals by seeing them in their natural states, not as captives forced and beaten into unnatural displays for our entertainment.
    When Ringling parades their elephants through the streets, all we see are “Dead elephants walking” because we now know that these elephants are torture trained from birth and the elephants are going through the motions so they won’t be beaten.
    Most of us have animals that live with us and that we consider loved family members, and we would never beat them with a fireplace poker or use an electric prod to train them to perform and entertain us, but that is exactly how Ringling Bros. Circus trains their baby elephants.
    Learn about the birth of the Circus in the United States, you won’t see this at the Circus’s Preshow events.

  • Rick Mangus

    I agree with the other posted comments, there is no fun for the animals in this circus!

  • RV


  • Typical DC BS

    I'm going to the circus just to piss off the idiots who have no idea how the animals are treated NOW, except for what the animal rights morons tell us occurred decades ago.

  • Janie M

    Some people are a lost cause. But most people love animals and if they really knew what goes on backstage most would not go. The truth is Ringling Bros continues to use the say torture training methods that they have for decades. Sammy Haddock retired as a Ringling elephant trainer in 2005, he provided photos that prove that this abuse is still occurring in the 21st century. During trial testimony in 2009 the general manager of Ringling's Center for Elephant Conservation, admitted that they have never video taped the elephant training sessions because it would be hard to explain in the modern world. Once you look at these photos Mr. Haddock took while working for Ringling and read his statement about what goes on behind closed door at Ringling CEC, it becomes clear why the General Manager keeps it hidden.