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Police Investigating Georgia Avenue Traffic Blow-Up

MPD Investigating Traffic IncidentRomeo Morgan, the business owner who says an internal affairs cop assaulted him with a BMW Friday, says he met with investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department about the incident this morning.

At a 9:30 meeting, he says, cops asked him about his claim that IAD detective Leon Epps accelerated into him after Morgan, who was standing in the street outside his Georgia Avenue restaurant guiding a truck into a parking spot, refused to move. The District resident told his story. He told police he was just trying to help the flow of traffic by guiding the truck out of the way, and how everyone trying to get by had waited patiently except Epps. Instead of waiting, Epps argued with Morgan, then allegedly hit him with his car seven times. During the dispute, Epps identified himself as a cop, Morgan remembers.

Morgan says investigators asked him why he refused to move once Epps said he was a police officer. Morgan explained it wouldn't have been fair to the other drivers.

While at the meeting, Morgan got a chance to ask why he hadn't been taken seriously when, later, he asked cops to arrest Epps. Epps wasn't arrested, and Morgan wasn't given a police report number. Morgan says he was told the incident wasn't given such official treatment because they were going "to try to handle it internally."

Morgan was told his case has been referred to prosecutors, who are deciding whether to press charges against Epps. "It's procedural," he says. "There's nothing I can do." He says he wasn't told how long the process might take. MPD didn't return a request for comment.

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  • sigmagrrl

    And, once again, cops protect their own kind and view themselves as demi-gods.

  • Common sense

    Most officers can assure you, and rightfully so, mpd does nothing to protect their own unless you're IAD or a white shirt. A regular, hard working patrol officer who had one bad moment would have been arrested (and possibly rightfully so) on the spot and had their police powers revoked.

  • Rick Mangus

    Mr. Morgan get a lawyer IAD as well as the Office of Police Complaint and the U.S. Attorneys Office will try and wear you down hoping that this will go away, it happen to me!

  • TW

    Get a lawyer. Before this is over, you will be guilty of hitting his car.

  • Grumpy

    How dare you use your physical person to damage a carriage from Bravarian Motors Works Co., the finest maker of automobiles known the world over...the nerve

    They don't call 'em the 'Rat Squad' for nothing...

  • GJ

    shut up dick

  • anon

    The one time I tried to fill out a complaint about an officer because of his actions, I could not get anyone at the 3D station to take the complaint, and the Lt. said they would like to handle it internally instead of through an official complaint. Sound like a pattern or the way things are done.

    Additionally, I sat on a jury several years ago where a number of police where charge with a civil rights violation among others, and it was clear to the jury the Police were covering for each other.

    So the idea that protecting their own simply doesn't happen isn't accurate based on my experience. However, I am sure there have been situations when someone hasn't covered for their own. I would guess it depends on the situation and the people involved.

  • Drez

    The guy has an established history- beyond just mpd issues- that undermines any claim he might make in the here and now.
    He needs to grow the fuck up and stop leaching off his father's reputation.

  • employee

    This is BS. Any other officer would be removed from active duty immediately. There should be an investigation prior to turning it over to the US attornys office. As I understand it, an official from the 3rd district stated to arrest the officer for ADW-car. However, when IAD got on the scene, they said they'd handle it. Who handles complaints on members of Internal Affairs? This sounds like a serious Conflict of Interest. The member involved may have other complaints pending against him.

  • Ward-8

    Sounds like some BS to me not unless this jerk had a bumper wrapped around him, get the F*** out of the street the exception being a crosswalk, I guess he was creating his own cross walk as an unauthorize traffic citizen.

  • Ward 4 police watcher

    This is a criminal complaint against the officer. Pending further investigation, and a decision by the U.S. Attorney's office, this officer should have been placed on a non-contact status (i.e. had his police powers revoked). However, IAD is once again taking care of one of their own and this officer is still on a full duty status. He was seen last night working in full uniform. Once again, a double standard for certain MPD members or officials.

  • Officer Friendly

    Mr. Morgan: MPD as well as DDOT has cameras in that area that may have caught this on video. Just make a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request through the General Counsel @ 300 Indiana Ave., NW and hurry up as video is erased in 10 days time from date of occurrence. Your Friend (IAD ain't above the law)

  • Wow

    WOW can't believe the stuff people are posting, 2/3 r police and the rest r non district residents. Go figure ........... I hope he is fine......... Good dude

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