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Adams Morgan Commuter Emily Hershenson Missing—Now Found

Flyers showing Emily Hershenson's smiling face have been hard to miss this week. They've been tacked to Adams Morgan bus stops, and they plead for help: "Have you seen Emily?"

Hershenson's whereabouts have been unknown since about 9:30 a.m. Monday. Worried loved ones are asking you to keep an eye out for her. News about the missing persons case has spread like wildfire among journalists, perhaps due to time Hershenson spent as a a press secretary on the Hill.

Reached by phone this evening, Hershenson's husband Tom Hershenson says his wife's morning route included walking from the area of 18th Street NW and Columbia Road to the Woodley Park Metro station, where she'd catch the Red Line to Bethesda. He's putting together clues as they come in.

He says her last credit card purchase was at a Starbucks (he believes it was the one located at 1801 Columbia Rd. NW) and that last night, at about 8:30 p.m., a woman thought she saw Hershenson on the northbound 42 Metrobus. Since then, the most solid clue as to Hershenson's potential whereabouts has been that her SmarTrip card was used to board a bus at Georgia Avenue and W Street NW this afternoon. "We're worried about her," says Tom Hershenson, voice breaking.

Hershenson is 33, approximately 5′ 7″ and 150 pounds. She was wearing jeans, a purple shirt, and a sweater when she disappeared. If you spot her, please call 202-680-4181 or notify the Metropolitan Police Department.

UPDATE: Hershenson has been found. "Just got off the phone with Washington's Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)–Emily has been located," says a post on the Facebook page Hershenson's family set up to help find her. "Details still coming in...update to follow once we know more...looks like there will be an initial evaluation at hospital to make sure she's ok...THANKS to everyone for all your help and support!! Have a good night's rest!" Tom Hershenson told WTOP he was grateful to all those who helped search for his wife."Thank you. I can't thank everybody enough," he said.

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  • Matty

    The Find Emily Facebook was updated around 2 am with a message that Hershenson was found by MPD.

  • Brian Rafferty

    Update: Emily was found by Metro police early Wednesday morning. She is being evaluated at a hospital, but early reports say that she is basically okay and there is no evidence of physical harm. Emily has reportedly been suffering from post-partum depression, and appeared disoriented both in a phone call to her husband Tuesday morning, and when found by police today.
    A happy ending to a potentially troubling story!