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Did Capitals’ Boobirds Unleash the Fury?

The Caps won their 9th straight game last night on the road in Montreal against the team that booted 'em out of last year's Stanley Cup playoffs in the first round.

Just a couple weeks after doom and gloom consumed the Washington fan base, the team is now in second place in the Eastern Conference and have the third-most points in the entire NHL.

Some day, Capsologists* will surely look back at the 2010-2011 season and recall that the turning point came when fans at the Verizon Center booed the home team in the March 1 game vs. the Islanders, even though Washington was only down by one goal.

The Caps had the whole arena on their side that night after Alex Ovechkin's OT goal won it, 2-1.

The team hasn't lost since.

And, heading into Title Town for tonight's matchup with perennial Cup contenders and the Western Conference's current second-place squad, the Detroit Red Wings, there's an air of invincibility around the Caps not seen around here since, well, just before the Canadiens booted 'em out of last year's Stanley Cup playoffs.

*Capsologists, who like hack typists like to hedge their bets, might give the trade-deadline-day deal that brought Jason Arnott from New Jersey some credit for the local team's turnaround, too.

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  • Fingerman

    I'm not a big booer (and I was at that game and don't recall the boos being all that loud), but let's face it. The reason fans were not happy with the Caps much of the season is that they weren't playing that well. They won a lot of games in October and November, even when not at the top of their game, and then from December through February were inconsistent, took off periods, didn't score and were generally a mediocre hockey team that didn't look like it was going anywhere except home after one round in the playoffs. That win on 3/1 jump-started the team (along with the Arnott and Wideman trades) and they look like a completely different team. They actually score goals, they don't come out flat in the first period regularly, etc. And Ovechkin in the last few weeks is finally Ovechkin again.

  • alex

    I was also at that game and from what I remember, the boos were specifically for two things: several consecutive and notably bad blown power plays, and even more specifically, Alex Semin's role in blowing them by missing open passes and falling down on open ice.

  • Chris Shott

    The Arnott trade was huge. Also, the Caps have finally learned to play defense. The new goalie ain't too shabby, either.

  • Native American JD

    Go Red Wings! After tonight I can root for both teams again.