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Guy Deposed During Dan Snyder’s Six Flags Coup Returns to Amusement Industry—Atop Parks Snyder Once Ran!

The Daily Oklahoman reported this month that Kieran Burke will be running Frontier City and White Water Bay, a pair of Oklahoma City theme parks.

Burke's the guy Dan Snyder waged war against beginning in 2004 on the way to taking over Six Flags.

Frontier City and White Water Bay were Six Flags properties during Snyder's fiscally disastrous but otherwise amusing run in the amusement industry.

Snyder's takeover of Six Flags was highlighted by an Oct. 24, 2005 letter to the company's shareholders begging them to put him in charge and kick out Burke, the reigning chairman of the board.

Investors, Snyder's letter said, were being so shortchanged by Six Flags management that they would be better off "hiding their money under a mattress" than investing in the company with Burke running the show.

The pitch worked. Snyder was named on 58 percent of the ballots in a proxy vote and was installed as chairman by the end of 2005. That put Burke out of work.

As history shows, other than that letter, not much worked out for Snyder during his time with Six Flags. The world's largest amusement park chain began heading toward insolvency soon after Snyder took over. When Six Flags emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year, Snyder was no longer a part of the bright future he had argued for.

But before hitting bottom, Snyder had sold Frontier City and White Water Bay from the the Six Flags stable. Burke's current company, Premier Attractions Management, just won the right to operate the two parks.

Now Burke's going to have a crack at showing up Snyder for that nasty mattress crack.

Speaking of: Wonder if Burke will get an "official mattress" for his properties...

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  • Not so extreme

    Maybe Dan should have hired the moderators at Extremedan's to work for him there too since they are so good at "culling the herd" over there.

  • Rick Mangus

    I hope they dump the creepy old pedophile form the commercials!

  • Rick Mangus

    Correction: from not form.

  • Randy Hawkins

    Extremeskins is still toting the company line? It's like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. How pathetic.

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  • Coasterfan

    Not that I care for Snyder one bit, but Six Flags was in a lot of trouble financially long before he got there. Previous heads, this guy Burke and others, had run up enormous piles of debt acquiring parks and building new roller coasters, which require massive cash outlays. There was a school of thought that the company would require someone willing to come in and make cuts in underperforming places while trying maximize new revenue streams, and while in retrospect it's obvious the damage Snyder caused, it wasn't so crazy at the time.

  • Not so extreme

    Yeah, that site is a joke since they sold out to Dan. Mods using words like Douche Baggery, idiot, and culling the heard while banning people seems right up Dan's alley and really professional for, an "Official Message Board of the Washington Redskins".