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City Officials Find Solution To Homeless Crisis: The Comfort Inn

Updated at 5:25 p.m.

Throughout this hypothermia season, the District has managed to keep D.C. General's emergency family shelter from becoming overcrowded. The good news is there aren't families sleeping in hallways next to trash cans or enduring sleepless nights in the cafeteria (see here, here, and here). D.C. General has been held at a capacity of 150 families or so—down from last year's high of 200 families.

And yet the number of homeless families hasn't gone down. It turns out city administrators have come up with an expensive solution to D.C. General's limited space: The city has spent tens of thousands of dollars putting homeless families up at the refurbished Comfort Inn on New York Avenue.

Ashley Edwards, a sales coordinator at the Comfort Inn, estimates that at least 70 homeless families have stayed at the hotel since January. According to a mother who currently resides at the hotel and has seen her bill, the city is spending $89 per day on each family. She and her children have been staying at the hotel for more than a month. (Another mother says she was told her bill comes to $119 per day).

The number of families residing at the hotel could be a lot higher than 70. In an earlier interview, Edwards had estimated that closer to 140 homeless families had stayed there.

D.C.'s Department of Human Services, despite repeated requests, couldn't say just how many families had stayed at the Comfort Inn. "I don't know," explains Fred Swan, head of the Family Services Administration with the city's Department of Human Services. "The need could be 20 one day, 25 the next. It changes every day just about."

Swan later says the number of homeless families residing at the Comfort Inn just wasn't public information. "We don't give that information out," he says. A few days later, he says he thinks the 120 figure "seems kind of high to me." But since he wouldn't give an actual number of his own, it's hard to know what to make of that.

The Comfort Inn provides for the families like any other hotel guests. In the morning, they receive a free continental breakfast of sugar cereals and bland muffins. Families can also use the hotel chain's fitness room and free WiFi. In their rooms, they could watch free cable on flat-screen televisions.

But homeless mothers tell City Desk life at the Comfort Inn lacked the one thing they desperately needed: A good case worker to help them find housing.

Advocates had argued for two years that the city's shelter capacity wasn't enough to meet demand. This past fall, Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser quashed the city's plan to convert a building on Spring Road into a shelter. The costs would have been minimal; city officials stated the building just needed showers installed. Instead of adding capacity, the D.C. Council spent months debating a stronger residency requirement for those seeking shelter. Of course, the consequences were brutal.

At the Comfort Inn, mothers say District officials spent the majority of time telling them they weren't like other hotel guests. In a mid-February meeting at the hotel, all the families were told they could not have guests, they could only eat meals in their rooms, and they could not visit other guests.

"We can't even go in the lobby basically," says current Comfort Inn resident Tasha Coleman, 20, who came to the hotel with a nine-month-old boy. She says she had previously slept outside a church. "When we go to breakfast, we have to show our keys. They tell us we can't go in the lobby to get a cup of coffee."

"If you do want visitors, you had to meet them off the property," recalls Teneisha Davall, 25, a mother of three and who stayed at the Inn for a month. "It just felt like they had no respect for us. We had nowhere to go. We were not a priority to [the Comfort Inn staff]. They just brushed us off."

That meeting was essentially the most attention these mother received at the Inn.The mothers say they wanted help finding apartments. Both complain they haven't gotten the help. "It's frustrating," one says. "You don't know who to talk to."

Coleman says she's been told by her case worker that "there's nothing they can do. You just have to wait to be placed in D.C. General. And then once at D.C. General, you go from there. Coleman has been living at the Comfort Inn since January 8.

A few weeks after the meeting, the mothers finally got some attention from the city. They were called and told they were being moved temporarily across New York Avenue to the Budget Motor Inn. The Comfort Inn needed to make way for some conventioneers. One mother says she was given 20 minutes notice to pack up everything she owns. Another got an hour.

Both say they woke up at the Budget Motor Inn to police making drug busts. They were shuttled back to the Comfort Inn that day. In the rush to get everyone back across the street, the hotel was still a mess. Davall says she saw bloody tissues in the hallway, alcohol in the stairwell, and black panties and black boxers stuffed between the wall and vending machine.

Davall says soon after, she and her three kids noticed the room's phone was broken. The Inn never fixed it. Later, her 1-year-old daughter dropped her sippy cup. Davall says when she reached down to pick it up, she noticed a new addition to the room: a used condom under the bed.

"It was disgusting. I don't even know if the sheets were ever changed to be perfectly honest," Davall says.

*photo of New York Ave. Comfort Inn courtesy of Comfort Inn.

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  • ferrizzle

    whats your answer, jason? a socialist state?

  • watchingtoo

    My daughter who is a 4.00 student and I were in DC for 4 years and we entered through DC village. I was raped at park rd shelter and was told by DHHS that I should have kept my mouth shut. I continued on so my baby could graduate high school then we disappeared from DC. I felt abused, like nothing, emotionaly battered and my daughter felt the same.

    The stress of so much brainwash and abuse of shelter staff and social workers left me with a huge goiter in my throat and a lump in my breast.

    We are an intelligent and kind hearted family and DC took full advantage of that. We disappeared from DC a few months after my daughter graduated from McKinley Tech. High due to momentous amounts of harassment from DC. I cry often and wonder what will happen to us and why DC is so evil.

  • Rick Mangus

    More liberal dribble, why don't we just put their asses up in the Mayflower or better, at your house Jason since you care so much!

  • briefly

    The sense of entitlement here is just amazing. Heaven forbid they learn lessons and take care of themselves. Oh no, just not possible.

  • Sally

    Another hack piece by our socialist-in-residence Cherkis.

  • And the problem is?

    I'm going to have to agree with the rest of the commenters here. What exactly is the problem? The city is providing housing so they don't have to sleep on the floor -- good. And it sounds like the accommodations are better than what you would find at a shelter (or at my house with the continental breakfast) -- also good. They are also providing these expensive accommodations during the worst budget crisis seen in decades -- bad for taxpayers.

    So the complaint is they can't have friends over in their rooms? Of course not. This is what happens when other people pay the bills -- they make the rules. You pay your own bills and you get to make the rules.

    Jason, I appreciate you trying to shine a light on what you feel are injustices in how the District supports it's less fortunate but sometimes, especially as of late it really feels one sided, as if you don't think anyone at anytime has any personal responsibility. It comes off making your subjects sound entitled or unappreciative. Worst still that that poor people are incapable of making good decisions and shouldn't be held accountable (even in part) for making bad ones. If you are a 18 year old girl on welfare with 5 kids it's not your fault -- it's the city's fault -- for not providing you with a bigger Section-8 house -- with air coniditioning!

    My personal opinion is that well-intentioned individuals and organizations (mostly run by middle/upper class whites with advanced degrees but little real life experience) have taken "help" so far that it has become "enabling" and we have a population of people who are incapable of even considering helping themselves, there is no "try" because there is no responsibility. Perhaps the people in this article are not being enabled, I am sure that a lot of them are victims of this downturn in economy but I think for anyone who was faced with the harsh reality of sleeping on the street (or on the floor of a crowded shelter) and now has the option of sleeping in a FREE private room, with free breakfast, and housekeeping service, should at least be thankful for what they do have. Not complaining because the DC agency (funded by tax payers who are most likely not getting cleaning services) that is paying their hotel bill won't allow them to have company over. Guess what? If someone was staying in my house (for free) they wouldn't be able to have guests over either and they would pretty much sleep where I told them and if they complained about the quality of the accommodations or my house rules they could always leave.

    I don't doubt that people of less economic means have it rough. I am sure of it (I am one of them) but that is the reality of the world we live in which is why everyone should do the best they can to give themselves the best shot at life. This is why we encourage kids to stay in school, don't do drugs, don't have babies while they are still babies, don't break the law. There is a reason we tell them this, so they can have the best shot at life. We live in a capitalist country, that has not changed. The more bad decisions you make the least options you leave yourself, and that can translate to living in some gnarly situations. Not that we should turn our backs on grown adults who have fallen on hard times but we don't need to pick them up just to lay them down in a new comfortable bed of life-time entitlement programs. Perhaps it is just me but I think someone living on the street is far more likely to take that situation and turn their life around them someone stuck in the generational cycle of poverty and welfare programs that has ensnared a large population of the black community in DC. As a black person who grew up in a single parent household, with little money, and who experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse I know it is hard and I know there is a way out -- if you are willing to work and sacrifice for it. I did it. It wasn't easy but no one ever told me it wasn't possible. I was probably able to do it because I had no support system and no government agency trying to handicap me mentally into thinking I couldn't do it. It was either eat or starve and I preferred to eat so I worked -- in the beginning at some really crapy jobs. I learned what happened when you are at the mercy of someone else and I never, ever wanted to do that to myself or my future children.

    Looking back, if I was paired with one of these well-meaning, enabling white folks I don't know what may have happened to my life. I am not so sure if I would have been able to maintain my spark of ambition when everyone was around me telling me it was someone else's job to take care of me.

    Sometimes, I think welfare programs are the worse thing that could have happened to poor people, especially poor black people. It took capable adults and turned them into powerless children.

    Can we couple some of these articles with a little bit of self-awareness and accountability?

  • And the problem is?

    One of my earliest memories is of my mom collecting pennies so she could buy kids hotdogs for dinner while she went without eating. We never stayed in the projects, or had Section-8, and we were never on food stamps. When it was time to find a new place to live she would pull out that newspaper and look --- she didn't wait for someone to help her get an apartment. We moved around a lot but we never lived in a scary place. When we went shopping for school clothes we went to the Thrift store and for entertainment we read a book.

    And every single day my mom would stress the importance of getting a good education so our nights were spent doing homework, not watching TV.

    All these years later all my siblings work and they work hard. They may not have a lot but they are providing for themselves without relying on a government handout.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Glad I got the local Tea Party fired up. I'd just like to make a few quick points: There are no jobs here. Remember, D.C.'s unemployment rate? I think this story is relevant because of the D.C. Council's recent history of ignoring the shelter capacity issue. Instead of creating a cheaper alternative in Ward 4, the city is paying roughly $100 per night for weeks on end to house homeless families in a hotel. In light of cuts to DMH, DCPS, I think the city could have handled this crisis better. They had ample warning.

    None of the mothers would argue that staying in a hotel is worse than D.C. General. That's really not the point.

    The point is that the D.C. government employees a lot of people to be that safety net whether it's case workers at the Virginia Williams Resource Center or managers at the Department of Human Services. If you are employed to assist these mothers navigate a really tough job market--toughest since the Great Depression--and a really tough housing market, then do your damn job and treat these families with dignity.

    If you re-read the item, the mothers are talking about the moments big and small when they didn't feel respected or where their concerns weren't treated like any other hotel guest. Sometimes it's the little things that can hurt.

    How'd you like it if every time you went down to grab a stale muffin or shitty danish, some hotel employee asked you for your plastic key in front of all the other guests? Would you put up with a hotel room with a broken phone--the only means in which your case worker has tried to communicate with you? How'd you like 20 minutes notice to pack up everything you own, and then move your three children to the Budget Motor Inn (cockroaches, crack dealers, and prostitutes, all free)?

  • Rick Mangus

    Again Jason put-up or shut-up, invite these fine pillers of our community to your house! Here's the choice that I would give them, one, get off your fat ass and work, there are PLENTY of jobs in this town! Two move to PG County! These people, or should I say loafers in this article have the nerve to bitch about phones not working and other petty bullshit and no we are not "Tea Party" members, we are citizens tired of the LIBERAL NANNY STATE that sucks us dry in taxes paying for people who want and will stay on the welfare merry-go-round! Where were you Jason when they imposed the bag TAX, which hurt low income people who DO WORK, you were silent on that issue weren't you!

  • And the problem is?

    "How'd you like it if every time you went down to grab a stale muffin or shitty danish, some hotel employee asked you for your plastic key in front of all the other guests?"

    I would say "How fortunate I am that right now I don't have to dig around in the trash for a meal like some are having to do do right now, thank goodness I had something to eat, thank God for the tax-payers who's income made it possible for me to eat today, how ungrateful I would be to complain about a FREE breakfast," and then I would say, "Thank You for the ability to feed myself and my children and all I had to do was show my room key." Then I would take my "shitty" danish and go back to my room and go over the "Help Wanted" ads.

    So Jason, I would be thankful for what I had and not have the nerve to bitch about the little niceties I would prefer less I seem... you know ... ungrateful.

    I didn't see anything in this article about the fathers of these children. Why don't we save some contempt for them? After all, last time I checked the DC government did not produce any of these children.

    And newsflash: they are not any ordinary hotel guests. When I stay at a hotel they take an imprint of my credit card less through neglect or intent I cause damage. It's a hotel -- with paying hotel guests and like it or not not everyone who is paying their hard earned money wants to be bunking in a temporary shelter. It may not sound nice but it's their right. So there is a difference. I don't think the hotel should be asked to risk their paying customers and paying repeat customers.

    I hear your concern and I think it's admirable so perhaps you should start up your own non-profit and take your experience and perspective and apply it how you see fit? How about that instead of insulting people who have the nerve to disagree with you, despite that it is their tax dollars supporting these very services you feel are so necessary?

    If you are going to take my limited funds and bitch about the free services you receive because of them I rather just keep my limited funds.

    If I had an opportunity to live rent free for a month you better believe I would be taking advantage of it. Not whining about what my case worker was not doing. You don't need a case worker to apply for a job a McDonald's.

  • And the problem is?

    And I forgot..

    "'How'd you like 20 minutes notice to pack up everything you own, and then move your three children to the Budget Motor Inn (cockroaches, crack dealers, and prostitutes, all free)?"

    I would say, "Thank goodness I have a place to go and while it is not the best place right now it is better than the sidewalk. Let me get myself together so I will never have to experience this again."


    "Let me call the father(s) of these children and see if they can support their children by providing them with some safe shelter and some food. And afterwards let me get on some birth control so I don't have to bring my 4th and 5th child until this foolishness."

  • Karen

    Wow! We have some heartless folks in D.C. ... Even if people don't actually have compassion for homeless families and think they should be treated with dignity, you'd think -- as taxpayers -- they might have a problem with DC spending way more to keep them in hotels rather than building more shelters where they would also have caseworkers.

    Life is harsh for many people. Housing is exorbitant in DC and jobs are scarce and many don't pay enough for housing. It's even harder if the person faces mental illness, poor schools, expensive medical bills, or other problems.

    Have some compassion. When I was in law school, three of my fellow students had previously been homeless -- and those are just the ones I know of. One had been a victim of domestic abuse and she and her children were homeless for some time after getting away from the abuser. One was the first person in his family even to get a high school education (his family were members of an American Indian tribe, where the only education the older generation got in the segregated South was very occasional from church people) and had a brief period of homelessness. Luckily they were all able to make it.

    For those of us who Lady Luck has been kind to -- giving us families who could afford to live in the best school districts, perhaps pay for our college education, and being a safety net for us -- shame on any of us who judges those who had challenges we never had to face for the hardships they face.

    Try not to be such insensitive jerks, people.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Karen', since you think that we overtaxes citizens are as you say are being "heartless", then put your money were your mouth is and do something about this. Being a lawyer I sure you have a lot of money, so go give money away to the loafers down at the Comfort Inn and save us your liberal bullshit!

  • Sally

    The fact that Cherkis always responds with an attack to any that rebuts his weekly "taxpayers must pay for everything" stories is pretty telling. It's the mark of a hack.

    There are no jobs in DC? Really? Then what of all those media stories finding DC to be one of the best places to get a job?

    Oh, well then The Hack Cherkis must mean there's no jobs for the unskilled. Yet just about every construction job in DC has tons of unskilled Latino laborers working.

    Oh, well then The Hack Cherkis must mean there's no jobs for women with multiple children by multiple fathers who would prefer a paycheck without any actual, you know, WORK. Yes, in that case, The Hack Cherkis is correct: There are no jobs in DC requiring people with no jobs skills to get paid for not working. That's called welfare, of which The Hack Cherkis wants more of my tax dollars to pay for, under the guise of a "safety net."

    And of course, if things are so bad for those residents of the Comfort Inn who's stay is being paid for by my tax dollars, they are perfectly free to simply seek better handouts in Maryland or Virginia.

    Here's an idea for getting a job for some of these folks: Fire The Hack Cherkis and give his job to one of these people. As a bleeding heart spender of other people's money, I have no doubt that The Hack Cherkis would be willing to agree to this method of social justice.

    Karen- You should also give up your job for one of the afflicted residents of the Comfort Inn. Because surely it was only Lady Luck that allowed you not to have multiple kids by multiple men, and allowed you to actually acquire some jobs skills. And allowed you to have a job. It's not like it was your own personal responsibility that did all that for you. Nope, it was pure luck.

    Seriously Karen, you should consider a job as a grocery store bagger. Because the logic you show in your writing shows that law school was a bad idea. Maybe you can ask The Hack Cherkis for some legal references so you can sue your law school for not educating you with any common sense? Not a sermon, just a thought!

  • realist

    @ Jason,

    There are no jobs? Hahahahahahaha. For someone in the employ of the media, its pretty galling how little you appear to know.

    Lets amend your statement. What you should have said is, there are no jobs for folks who decided a 10th grade education was sufficient before they became baby factories.

    The Districts unemployment rate isn't for lack of jobs, its because of a huge population of unemployable people. This is evident by the exceptionally low unemployment rates of our suburban neighbors. Arlington is at 3.7%, Fairfax at 4%, Montgomery County at 5%. All of this is in stark comparison to the Districts 9.2% unemployment rate.

    The District of Columbia is the jobs mecca of the nation right now. A simple, non-scientific search through career builder or monster shows thousands of open job listings in the District paying more than $60K a year, tens of thousands listed inside the beltway.

    The common requirement for every single one...a high school education.

    I wholeheartedly support a safety net, but our safety net has become nothing more than a way of life for tens of thousands of District residents. It just smacks of poor taste and utter laziness for someone who has a free hotel room and meals for months, who can't take the basest initiative to use the time to search for more permanent shelter or a job. Noooo...they complain because the city isn't finding one for them!

  • Mark

    Oh, for the love of God, you morons all shut up already.

    You little hipster boys and girls who read Ayn Rand and think you're gosh-golly super-gee-cool for being SOOOOO ironically libertarian-conservative can shove your stupid whining about "taxpayers pay for blah blah."

    Put down your shitty Fosters beer, quit denying mommy and daddy paid your sorry ass through college, spread your fat ass cheeks, and SHOVE your attempts at identification with rich conservatism in the hopes it'll let your lousy intern asses into the big party.

    Seriously, I'm sending you all a vintage Madonna "Like a Virgin" tee-shirt -- so unwrap it, put it on, and GO FUCK YOURSELF. Ironically, of course.

    Because our system subsidizes corporate interests, it pays your lazy mom and dad their Social Security, it provided any grants and loans to you in school to add to mommy and daddy's subsidizing your pathetic lives, and it provides plenty of taxpayer subsidization for the companies most people work for that provide YOUR fucking checks. The amount we spend in an entire year on subsidizing housing for the poor -- 48% of whom are FUCKING CHILDREN WHO CAN'T "GET A JOB" YOU IGNORANT WORTHLESS PSEUDO-LIBERTARIAN PIECES OF SHITS -- is trivial compared to the amount we pay in a SINGLE DAY to subsidize corporations, private companies, and non-government employers.

    Oh, but it's easy to pick on the poor and bash them as undeserving lazy blah blah blah, isn't it? Because they can't defend themselves, and stupid cowardly little bullies like ALL OF YOU always prefer to pick on people you think are defenseless. Fuck all of you, your comments are self-serving bullshit from people whose lives have depended on other people subsidizing your lazy fucking asses through life, and YOU have the biggest sense of entitlement of all.

    "It's a way of life BLAH BLAH BLAH" -- yes, because we all know how lousy children are, and mentally ill people, who make up the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE HOMELESS, you unfeeling, inhuman sociopaths. Children live on the streets and starve because people like you make excuse for how it's all their own little faults, mentally ill people freeze to death on the ground while fucking heartless gutless bullies like you pretend it's their own fault.

    Here's my prayer -- that you all lose your jobs and become homeless, and that everybody looks at you like a worthless piece of shit and refuses to help you. I hope you starve, I hope you freeze and I hope you weep yourselves to sleep at night wishing you'd had the fucking integrity and human decency to not make excuses for why you like starving homeless kids and mentally ill people to suffer. And I hope you beg forgiveness from everyone and finally understand how awful you are and what terrible, worthless people you were, and that it doesn't make a difference, and that you still fucking starve and freeze and live a long, long life suffering. Oh, is that cruel of me, to pray that your lives fall apart and you suffer while nobody cares or helps you?

    Yes, it's cruel, and I wish that all of the sadness and cruelty in this world were reserved to inflict on the horrible shitfaces like you people, because if it has to happen than I pray it only happens to YOU. I hate you, I loath your existence and I want you to go to sleep at night knowing many of us talk about how horrible and worthless you are, and wishing and praying you end up suffering for it.

    Yes, know how HATED you are, you fucking scum of the Earth, you fucking people who cause the existence of poverty and suffering on children and the sick and weak among us, you vultures who feed on it and excuse it and pretend WE are the bad guys who blame you for it when you know in your sick, twisted heart that however much you defend yourselves and claim you aren't evil, you ARE. And you deserve to be alone and hungry and cold forever for it. I HATE YOUR GUTS for what you help do to this world. I hate you every time I see hungry children and elderly people living on the streets and eating from the garbage, because YOU are the cause of it. By God, I hate you all.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mark' your ranting manifesto makes me come to two conclusions. One you have some serious anger issue and a small penis or two you been around Charlie Sheen too much!

  • Karen

    Here's a story on homeless kids/families, who most of you don't give a damn about or have any mercy for:

  • DC Cleaning Companies

    I still think this is a good idea. Understandably, they wouldn't have 5-star services, because there's a budget for it. There should be some set limits and rules, having a roof over their heads and food to live on is a great deal although the system needs a little bit of finetuning.

  • Skipper

    Mark is clearly not winning.

  • drez

    JC says The point is that the D.C. government employees a lot of people to be that safety net
    This is true... DC does employ a lot of people who would otherwise very likely be unemployable.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Karen', we do care about people who show some ambition and who want to improve their lot in life, but to listen to the bitching and complaining, no I have no compassion for the pathetic losers portrayed here!

  • MsRosieB

    As a liberal who is very compassionate toward the less fortunate and homeless population, I still find this article a little ridiculous.

    Yes, the governement could be more efficient in creating a long-term space for the homeless to live while they are trying to get back on their feet, but staying at a hotel in the meantime is not a bad option for them. I have no issue with my tax money going toward this program. It beats the streets; there is heat (or AC)a tv, cable, free breakfast, and it is safe.

    But to complain about "stale" muffins, having to eat in your room (which is essentially your apartment) and not being allowed to have guests over? Just because the city is paying for this service doesn't mean you are entitled to 5-star accommodations. Sure, it's not your ideal situation, but compared to the alternative, how bad can it be as a temporary fix?

    What I don't understand is the Comfort Inn kicking them out for a convention. I just checked the rates, and $89/night is the going rate. So if the government is paying FULL PRICE for the rooms (which is crazy) the hotel has no right to move them for someone they consider more important.

    I don't think these people are lazy, I think they are stuck in bad situations and don't have the resources or know how to get out of them. So it would be helpful if they had case workers to assist them in this so they can move out into their own homes. Of course they reserve respect, as all human beings do. Asking for a key to prove you are staying there when you go to get your free breakfast isn't disrespectful, it's the hotel ensuring only people who belong there are entering the area. (or else the Comfort Inn would become a free breakfast for the whole city)

  • MsRosieB

    *deserve* respect. typo

  • Mark

    Ricky-dicky, Oh derp-derp! Dur, let's make some penis jokes, der-derp!

    How about you come over here and blow me and decided if my cock's as big whatever barnyard animal you're used to choking down, you gutless coward?

    Angry? Yeah, little Ricky-dicky boy, I'm angry. I'm angry that a worthless slab of self-fuckery like YOU is wasting oxygen and dares open that gaping asshole you call a mouth to spew shit and call it "viewpoints." You aren't worth the effort your mother put into squeezing you out into a toilet, you pathetic little troll -- go crawl back under whatever bridge you fucking lurk under, shitface.

    You sick hateful assholes wanna stink up the world with your vomitous attacks on the poor, the homeless, the starving, the children and elderly and mentally ill? Then by God you'll get an equal taste of shit being stuffed in your own faces by ME, and you can gobble it all right up.

    Admit it -- you hate the homeless, and you'd rather see them FUCKING DEAD than help them. You hate the poor and revel in their suffering and death. You're also bigots who hope poverty and starvation will kill off "ni**ers," don't you? Yes, you do -- you goddamn racist fucks here shouting "death to ni**ers" and "kill the poor" with your rants that insist children and the elderly and mentally ill "deserve" to die of starvation and freezing to death.

    You love it, don't you? You jack off and finger-fuck and fist-fuck yourselves and one-another to the thought of hungry homeless people and dead "ni**ers" don't you? Racist sick hateful greedy fucks, you destroy this world and are all of the filth and evil in it, you cause the suffering, and I hope there's a God so he sends you to hell.

    Since you are so hateful to families and children, I'm increasing my prayers to pray for the intense suffering of your families, of your mothers and your children. From starvation and freezing, from cancer or whatever horrible afflictions God can send to torment you. See, gee-whiz, if you FUCKING WORTHLESS SHIT-EATING GREEDY ASSHOLES can come here and openly talk hate and declare that suffering people deserve to suffer, then by God I'll spread the cheer to your own fucking families you heartless monsters.

    So FUCK OFF, Ricky-dicky boy, and I hope you and your mother and children and family suffer a long, terrible tragedy of hunger, cold, loneliness, illness, and pain. My hate is for you, you worthless piece of shit. Eat a dick, fucking scumbag, and may God damn your family to hell, every single one of them -- know that I pray, literally say prayers, for it, you ass-munching motherfucker.

  • Mark

    Skipper is clearly sucking off Rick-dicky. Eat shit and get cancer, you and your mother, fucking scumbag.

  • Mark

    See? Wow, being a hateful cruel insensitive person is fun! Yay! FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

  • John

    Well, after that well reasoned and succinct argument from Mark I'm sure everyone has been convinced. Between the penis snide comment from Rick, Jason's "tea party" ad hominem, and Mark's increasingly unhinged rants, I declare this thread closed (at least to any form of worthwhile discourse).

  • Mark

    I declare your brain closed, fuckhead. Fuck you and fuck your mother, dickhead. The cowardly behavior of pseudo-liberals unwilling to stand up and fight back against these disgusting slobs on the right is WHY we have starving kids. People who need help depend on US to stand up and fight for them as well, but no you'd rather have a sweet little circle-jerk and "oh pweeeese don't offend nobody!!!" bullshit attitude.

    Well FUCK you and FUCK your stupid worthwhile discourse bullshit. You go sit your coward ass down and figure out how to politely suck off the rightwingers to calmly blah blah blah, while kids starve and not a goddamn thing gets done.

    You find my words offensive because I use "fuck" -- which is my point entirely, you fucking assholes, even goddamn scared worthless goodie-goodie liberals who pretend you care while doing jack shit to stop the madness, all get so offended because you're poor widdle delicate sensibilities are upset by my naughty words, but these fucking knuckle-dragging neanderthal rightwing worthless shits and their liberal enablers can blame starving kids and talk about lazy elderly people freezing to death and all manner OF ACTUAL GODDAMN HORRIBLE OFFENSIVE THINGS TO SAY, but so long as they don't utter "fuck" you think it's reasonable discourse.

    Well FUCK YOU, John, and fuck your stupid cowardly view of worthwhile discourse. There's nothing worthwhile in verbally jacking yourself off along with monsters who destroy this world, all while pretending you're a good little boy because you didn't curse.

    You think I'M being mean here? Exactly my point, you pea-brained asshole. They discuss ways to starve kids and are part of the sentiment that causes famine and mass murder and exploitation and oppression -- but oh goodness-golly, at least they don't sound like meanies! Right?

    You can eat a big ol' shit sandwich too, you enabling little fuck.

  • Mark

    One in FIFTY children in the USA is homeless. There are 300,000 homeless children in California alone. One in FOUR homeless people are severely mentally ill. Between 40-50%, depending on the stats and who collected them, of the homeless are CHILDREN. The fastest growing homeless demographic is families with children. About 50% are black, 13% are Latino/Hispanic, 2% are American Indian. More than one in FIVE are veterans, and there is a dramatic rise in homelessness among recent veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

    That's what homelessness looks like, it's mostly kids and families, mostly mentally ill people, mostly minorities. When people talk about laziness and who deserves to be homeless and taxpayers having to subsidize etc, the truth is that they are attacking impoverished, mentally ill, non-white people, mostly kids and sick people and veterans. It is nothing but HATEFUL to be so uncaring and unfeeling and to coldly accept mass suffering and starvation among these people. You are a sociopath, PERIOD, if you are as uncaring as the comments in this thread suggest. You are the cause of horrible things in this world, you help relegate these people to intolerable lives of oppression and pain, and you seem proud of it and to take great pleasure in how unfeeling and inhumane you are. You are, simply put, EVIL.

    And you proper little liberal apologists for those monsters, you who act as if we need nice smiley discussion that treats those evil hateful sociopaths with respect for their views that starve children, you are equally to blame. You think so long as the discussion is "polite" that it's accomplishing something? That there is ANYTHING to be gained in continuing to respect the most horrid, disrespectful, inhumane attitudes and behavior from the disgusting human beings who shame our entire species with their depraved hate and disregard for the suffering of others? You defend people who watch and smile at the death of black children, who laugh at the pain of those left behind and ignored by society. And by defending them and tolerating them, you make yourself allies to the tragedy they cause and an enemy to all that is decent and just.

    So yeah, I say FUCK YOU to all of you. The sooner decent people stand up toe-to-toe with you and shout you down and shut you the FUCK UP, and the sooner you get put in your place and stay there under the rock you crawled out from under, the sooner decent people can start fixing this horror show you've made of our world, you hateful monsters and you pathetic weak enablers.

  • Tres

    Mark, even people who are sympathetic to what one can presume to be your argument don't want to hear your scatological tirades. You're hurting your case with the crazy. Keep taking your meds until you learn how to discuss things like a normal person.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mark' I have already suffered a tragedy, reading your rantings, DING!, time to take your meds!

  • realist

    Umm, I'm black.

    So I guess that whole racist base to your obviously unmedicated screed just crumbled. "Oh my god, a black guy with money who put himself through school." My parents were poor as hell and we didn't have two nickles to rub together.

    But my parents would have been astonished at the level of self obsessedness and pure unadultered entitlement exhibited by folks like these. There always have been and always will be homeless people. The District has a far larger percentage per capita, and it "ain't" cause there aren't any jobs. On the contrary, jobs are growing on trees in DC.

    It's because somehow, somewhere "education" became a four letter word in the urban black community and are now almost two generations into this new experiment and its failing miserably. Putting some of these folks up in hotels for months at a time with free cable and food just enables them. "Why bother looking for work, the city will just find me another hotel room".

    I don't despise people who are hard up. I despise people who are hard up who benefit from my largesse then have the temerity to ridicule that help. You don't want the tens of thousands I pay in DC income tax that pays for the hotel room for a 18 yr old and her 3 kids? Fine. I can find something or someone else a little more greatful to give it to.

    Thank you for your post. Folks like you do nothing more than remind me how well adjusted and mentally stable I am in life.

  • And the problem is?



  • oboe

    As a society, we have an obligation to care for the less fortunate. Unfortunately, for the last half-century, in the DC area, that has meant that DC residents are on the hook for supporting 90% of the poor folks in the greater DC metro area. So let's change things at the national (or at least the regional level). Until we do that though, I'm tired of being MD and VA's bitch on this. They can either pay their fair share or we'll let DC real estate prices transfer the problem to them.

  • leftone

    wow. this is all you have to do to be a "senior" contributing writer at the shitty, i mean city, paper? quite the resume builder, jerkis!

  • Rick Mangus

    'oboe' we should care for seniors, the mentally or physically handicapped! WE have no obligation and no sympathy for lazy worthless freeloading people or women who didn't use a condom or kept their feet on the floor! Safety nets for those who deserive it, not those who don't!