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The Real Story Behind the Brandon Banks Stabbing?

A recently released report details what witnesses saw the night Washington Redskins kick returner Brandon Banks and friend Christopher Nixon were stabbed last week. Vincent Parker, an investigator from the city's Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, looked into the stabbing because it happened outside of the 14th Street NW club Park at Fourteenth.

The incident, which happened on Feb.12 at about 3 a.m., left Banks with a cut to the torso that led to a collapsed lung. Banks is expected to make a full recovery and is no longer hospitalized. Nixon sustained serious stab wounds and is still hospitalized. Jason Shorter, 24, was arrested for the knife attack and faces an assault with a dangerous weapon charge. Shorter's lawyers Barry Coburn and Kristin McGough declined comment.

The story of what went down prior to the bloody altercation starts with Banks, Nixon, and another friend named Tyrone Woods arriving at Park at Fourteenth in Banks' gold Cadillac Escalade. According to what Yared Tesfaye, vice president of U Street Parking, told ABRA, the trio may have started their visit off on the wrong foot.

Tesfaye, who was on duty that night, told investigators Banks parked right in front of the establishment. "Mr. Tesfaye stated that he and the other valet staff requested that the Cadillac truck be moved because it was blocking traffic." But Tesfaye said Banks and friends just stood in front of the club and began talking. Tesfaye recalled that a short time later, Banks and at least one friend began arguing with another group of men and things got heated. Later, Tesfaye saw one man "swinging a knife."

Park at Fourteenth "security host" Stevie Richardson had a similar account of what happened that night, but added that during the argument one of the men "appeared to be hiding something behind him when he brandished some sort of pocket knife and stabbed both males who were standing on the curbside. Mr. Richardson said he immediately grabbed the suspect, pinning him against the Cadillac SUV, and retrieved the knife."

Banks himself seemed to indicate that he was barely involved with the argument that led to the clash. He told the ABRA investigator he was standing outside of his SUV talking to some "female friends" when it all happened. "Mr. Banks stated that he then heard a commotion involving his friend, Mr. Nixon," the report says. Banks then "intervened and a fight ensued."

But the third man hanging out with Banks that night told a story that seemed to suggest Banks had been at the center of the conflict. Woods said he came in from North Carolina to visit his buddy Banks. While they were talking outside of Park at Fourteenth, a man dressed in white "intentionally bumps into Mr. Banks and begins to speak to him." In the report, Woods said the man's accent was so heavy he couldn't understand what the man was saying. "Mr. Woods then stated that the suspect then continued to antagonize Mr. Banks and eventually the conflict became physical."

Though that's several different versions of one event, perhaps that's understandable, as eyewitnesses tend to process things differently once their adrenaline starts pumping. Lucky for the investigator, there was a fourth witness: The security camera outside Park at Fourteenth. That witness told yet another story.

The camera footage, as viewed by Parker, revealed that at 2:50 a.m., Banks' SUV pulled up and Banks got out. At 3:05, Banks and another man "appear to speak to a male wearing a white shirt and white pants. Mr. Banks appears to laugh at the male." Media reports previously indicated that the man might have been ridiculed for wearing white after Labor Day.

The  man in white "and another unidentified male begin to walk away from Mr. Banks and Mr. Banks continually approaches him." At 3:06, the man in white pulls what might be a knife. But Banks doesn't back down, according to the report. "Mr. Banks points in the male's face and continues to try to approach the male, but other people intervene." Seconds later, one of the guy's with Banks throws a punch at the male suspect in white. The man in white then begins to "swing his right arm wildly."

ABRA spokesperson Cynthia Simms says the board hasn't scheduled a hearing on the incident, as ABRA has concluded that no further action is required. Messages to sports agent James Gould, who has acted as Banks' spokesperson in the past, weren't returned.

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  • SEis4ME

    Brandon, Damn Damn DAMN!!!!

  • drez

    Any story that begins with a gold Cadillac Escalade blocking traffic outside a club at last call is likely to have a bad ending.

  • J

    The security footage doesnt lie. It appears Banks was intentionally provoking the man who stabbed him. Not that stabbing is the right answer or anything.

  • Biggie

    So basically Bank escallated the whole situation and ended with him and his friend getting stabbed.

  • LJ

    Wow!!! Interesting to know what really happened. The Fourth witness did not lie and would not lie. The truth actually came out and to think that Banks was the innocent by stander. Guess celebrity status did not favor what the camera saw. WOW INDEED!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Wow, so can the "guy in white" press charges against Banks? It looks like he was defending himself from attack and luckily had his trusty knife handy... Release the tape

  • Typical DC BS

    I guess the gold Escalade and being a Redskin makes runty Banks a "real man". Also a liar. Why doesn't this surprise me. Hopefully, Banks learns people in DC don't care who he is or what he has, he's just another punk with a big mouth.

  • Grumpy

    Getting clowned for wearing wack gear is nothing new. Sensitive thugs needs hugs.

    But it does make me wonder if Banks was not a pro athlete would he have popped off like that?

    And really, this whole thing was a lot over nothing. At some point, a man has to recognize when his mouth will bring unnecessary heat to him and his friends. He should have at least toned it down as to protect his crew.

  • art17

    and THIS is the club where dc's mayor and city council choose to hang out?? smh.

  • seDCdude

    Kuntry bamma with an NFL contract and an escalade being "gased" up by groupies and yes his ass chopped and screwed all because of it, dumbass!!

  • noodlez



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  • Willy T

    Moral of the story? Don't eff with Don Johnson.

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