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New Facebook Group Dedicated To Saving The Smithsonian’s Petting Zoo

photo by cliff1066/Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license

There's a new facebook group dedicated to saving the Smithsonian's petting zoo, which – according to the Smithsonian's 2012 proposed budget – will be closing in the spring or early summer due to budget cuts. (Budget cuts? The Smithsonian asked for $100 million more in appropriations for FY 2012 than it received in its last appropriation. The President included that rather large increase in his budget plan.)

The facebook group's founder – my cousin, Jamie Davis Smith – says that she's considering staging a sit-in for three year olds who don't want the petting zoo to close. Other suggestions on how to save the zoo/register displeasure about the zoo's closure are also welcome.

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  • zoofriend

    You couldn't make the effort to use the exhibit's name? It's Kids' Farm. And just because the Smithsonian requested more money doesn't mean that every existing program is covered in that budget. Try researching this. And "suggestions on how to save the zoo"? Where did you learn that the whole zoo needs saving? Two paragraphs demonstrating lazy reporting.

  • B

    That $100 million increase is to fund the construction of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.