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Photo: Dupont Circle

© 2011 Michael W. Hicks

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  • tiredeyes

    do you ever do anything but take pictures on public transportation? why not get in a car for once and go to places where the metro doesn't go? or mix it up and maybe get on a marc train at 5 am or something.

    this is so boring and makes it look like dc is a city of 2 square miles

  • Mike Hicks


    Thank you for your constructive and thoughtful criticism.

    1.I take many pictures that aren't on public transportation.

    2. It's really hard to photograph while driving a car, if I even owned or had access to one, which I do not.

    3. I have to be at work at 8:30, so getting on a MARC train (public transportation!) at 5 a.m. would make me late to the office and would just be irresponsible.

    4. As much as I would love being a full time professional, I have a day job that does not revolve around photography, so my pictures are taken on my lunch breaks, after work, and on weekends in places where I spend most of my waking hours.