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To Our Readers

In the past couple of days, we have received inquiries about a threat of litigation by Redskins owner Dan Snyder relating to a Nov. 19, 2010 article, “The Cranky Redskin Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” by columnist Dave McKenna. While we did not hear directly from Snyder, Redskins General Counsel David Donovan complained about that article and others in a letter to Atalaya Capital Management, an investment company that owns Creative Loafing, Inc., the parent company of Washington City Paper.

After identifying certain items that Snyder contends were incorrect, the letter to Atalaya accused City Paper and McKenna of “character assassination” and stated that Snyder was considering all of his options, including litigation. “Mr. Snyder has more than sufficient means to protect his reputation.... We presume that defending such litigation would not be a rational strategy for an investment fund such as yours. Indeed, the cost of litigation would presumably quickly outstrip the asset value of the Washington City Paper,” the letter read.

Atalaya responded on its behalf and then referred Donovan’s letter to us, since the investment fund owners are not involved in the news we publish or our editorial decision making. We reviewed the complaints carefully, as we would with a suggestion by anyone that we had gotten something wrong. We believe we have the facts right.

Nevertheless, we have offered Snyder the opportunity to publish a guest column responding to the article, we proposed that he meet with our editor to discuss his concerns, and we invited him to provide information demonstrating that what we published was false. If we were to conclude we got something wrong, we would correct it. We also emphatically reject the suggestion that we stop reporting on Snyder or that we pull McKenna, who has written for City Paper since 1986, from reporting on Snyder and/or the Redskins.

The only response to our offer was a letter earlier this week from Patty Glaser, a prominent Hollywood lawyer, demanding that certain documents be retained for litigation. We have referred that letter to our longtime media counsel, Seth Berlin, at Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz. Although we had not reported on this while waiting for a response from Snyder, we do so now.

It’s extremely unfortunate that Snyder believes that it is appropriate to threaten City Paper with litigation because he objects to our coverage. As a 30-year old newspaper and vibrant website committed to both in-depth news reporting and full-throated commentary, we do not believe that using the court system to stifle or chill free speech is ever appropriate. In this case, it’s especially shabby: As a well known public figure, Snyder has more than ample ability and resources to respond to coverage he does not like, including through his significant public relations apparatus. Lest there be any doubt, we have offered him a forum to do so in our pages, and that invitation stands. Should he elect to actually file a lawsuit, we have directed our counsel to defend the case vigorously.

Amy Austin is publisher of Washington City Paper.

Full text of all three letters is below:

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  1. #1

    best of luck to the city paper. you guys are in the right, and the universe knows it.

    dan snyder, his attorneys, and whomever else he is relying on for advice are, in a word, delusional.

  2. #2

    Ah, Dan Snyder rears his munchkin head again. This guy just never learns. Since he can't buy his way out of bad PR, he tries the bully routine.

    He's just going to get more grief (and give the City Paper even more credibility) than if he'd kept his mouth shut.

  3. #3

    Good on you for not backing down and standing up to this IDIOT!

  4. #4

    Hahaha. Both the CP and McKenna deserve huge bonuses! Snyder continues to be the 'Skins' Dick in Residence.

  5. #5

    hahahaha a short sighted rich guy who cant understand that his rage and idiocy will get him no where, it is that he is denying an article about actions just like the ones he is currently taking that i cannot fathom and therefore am only left to laugh. what an idiot.

  6. Garrett A. Taylor, Esq.

    Best of luck. In short, it is my hope the frivolous action by Snyder is published by every news organization out there. Perhaps this toad can crawl back under the rock he came from and sell the Redskins to someone with the ability to both manage and maintain a successful football organization.

  7. #7

    There are plenty of experienced, well regarded DC litigators (including me) who regularly read/comment on CP. I suspect many of us would pitch in, pro bono, and call Snyder's bully boy bluff.

    So bring it on, big firm hot shots. Or, advise your employer to be a man, accept CP's offer, and make his case on CP's site.

    Choose wisely.

  8. #8

    Sounds like it's time to circle the wagons!

  9. #9

    You have the support of all sports fans and those who appreciate good, honest and witty reporting. McKenna's article certainly was a great read. The freedom to report the truth is at stake now with the threats by the little man and Conan O'Brien's lawyer. I would contribute to your defense fund if established.

    Snyder has had many opportunities to prove he's not a shallow useless human being and he's never delivered. I pity his soul.

  10. #10

    Couple things:

    1. Even if it's not needed, please open a Dave McKenn Defense Fund. I think alot of long suffering Skins fans would love to have a place to donate, even if just in principle, to any activity that is antagonistic to Dan Snyder and his Napoleon Complex.

    2. I'd like to apologize to Dave McKenna personally. Sometimes I've felt your Snyder hate has veered off into a Captain Ahab like obsession. It's now proven that you were 100% patently correct in everything that you wrote. I'm sorry for ever doubting you.

    3. Fuck You, Dan Snyder. Your megalomania would make Kim Jong Il blush with embarrassment . You're a Terrible person. Also, whichever one of Snyders lackeys is reading this for usable libel material, fuck you too.

    Thanks WCP. Keep up the good work.

  11. #11

    Well - Snyder did not hire a very bright legal team. Not only do they have a horribly - borderline Rule 11 worthy case, but they have handed your lawyers what is usually the toughest part of getting a Rule 11 sanctions award - proving that the case was filed for an improper purpose.

    Filing a lawsuit to financially harass the other party is on its face an improper purpose. The suggestion that the legal fees would make defending the case uneconomic and therefore punish City Paper is an almost outright admission of improper purpose. Given the public figure issues in this case, to have sent something so stupid to City Paper is virtually to "bare the throat" of whatever counsel signs Snyder's complaint to a sanctions motion.

    A little suggestion to anyone thinking of signing that complaint - read up on the case law on Rule 11 first. When you do so you will find that a major factor courts consider when sanctions motions come up is the attorney's prior history of sanctionable behaviour. Get "nailed" on this one and it will haunt you...and other lawyers will cite the sanction against you all the time.

  12. #12

    I support free speech and the first amendment. I wish all the best to this paper in it's counter-lawsuit and that it stands up to this bully-Snyder.

    Mr Snyder is a public figure and seems to be an awful owner. His trades have turned into real losses and hiring Mike Shanahan was "really smart."

    Snyder just might be the worst owner in all of professional sports and he might have the "smartest libel lawyers ever," but his "public relations skills" are horrible.

    Isn't this the same guy--Snyder who told fans they could not wear certain types of clothing--with writing at to the games? I thought so.

    Mr Snyder ain't no George Steinbrenner or Mark Cuban, either.

    Fans should boycott the Redskins until Snyder sells the team too!!! Just don't go to the games any more. Just do it and stay home on Sunday's!!!

    For those Snyder apologists, how is it to have a horrible team lately, and being led by a "know-it-all" who actually knows nothing about football working out for ya all? I hope you Snyder apologists enjoy another AWFUL TEAM this coming year in 2011. As bad as Jerry Jones of the Cowboys might be, he at least knows the game of football and does not possess rabbitt ears when it comes to being criticized.

  13. #13

    As a former season ticket holder, I would gladly donate to a legal fund. Maybe some of the article pieces seemed a stretch, but as a Cranky Fan, the buck stops with the owner, right or wrong. He needs to man up. Focus on developing a winning organization and develop a great fan experience. Right now, it sucks. He cheapened the value of the tickets by cramming more seats in the stadium. Way pay this bozo for a bad experience, cold food, traffic nightmares, when you got high-def at home.

  14. #14

    Dan Snyder has made mistakes, who hasn't. That's not what this is about though.

    "That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications,"

    Which there is no proof of and is a federal offense.

    The Redskins asked The City Paper to remove this comment months ago, and they refused - hence the legal action.

    "His wife, Tanya Snyder, is out selling the transformation, too. Last week she went on local TV to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by better people, and that he’s grown and he’s evolved."

    She didn't go on TV purposely to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by "better People", actually If you watch her interview with Channel 8, Mrs. Snyder is simply doing a health promotion in front of children, and at the very end they asked the off-topic question on the Redskins.

    So your Hack accuses him of a federal offense and then twists a story about his wife to pile it on.

    You should really present the truth before you defend your (so called journalist" and get your readers in an uproar, and if you don't believe me... look it up for yourself.

  15. #15

    February 2nd, 2011
    7:40 pm

    O.J. Simpson was FOUND NOT GUILTY Too. Jeff did you respect that verdict? I didn't think so.

    Just because one has not been found to have done the crime, doesn't mean one did not do called do the crime.

    People with lots and lots of money can claim others did it for them and place the blame on others when they in fact did it themselves.

    I wouldn't doubt it that Snyder had not been "forging names as a telemarketer." Snyder is protesting a lot here about this charge which speaks volumes.

  16. #16

    Letters like the one written by Mr. Krasik make me proud to be a lawyer. Unfortunately the trash written by Donovan makes me ashamed.

  17. #17


    You make no sense, and couldn't know what I thought of the OJ verdict... just like he couldn't have known that Dan Snyder forged names.

    If said "self proclaimed reporter" has proof of this, then I want to see it.
    If not then it's here-say, and he's a disgrace to his profession.

  18. #18

    God bless you both WCP and Mr. McKenna, The Redskins owner really should grow up and stop behaving like a five yr old that keeps threating to take his ball home every time someone does something that he does not like. What the kid needs is a nice long nap or washing his mouth out with soap.

  19. #19

    @Jeff Please disclose your relationship to Daniel Snyder, business or personal. I'm just asking because your vigorous defense of him suggests an interest that's more than passing.

    Forgery? Is that all you've got? Is Mr. Snyder really raising an issue about a company he sold in 2000 the basis of litigation? Is he really prepared to say that no employee or agent acting on his behalf ever engaged in a fudged anything at all while under pressure to make revenue?

    It seems like a slippery slope to a no-win scenario for Mr. Snyder.

  20. #20

    Anthony Brown

    In case you tend to skip though while reading.

    "That’s the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications,"

    He accused him of a federal offense, not employee's or agents... him.

    Now you might not care if your accused of committing a crime, or some of the staff of this paper, but most people do.

    Oh and to answer you, I have no relationship with Dan Snyder. I just like good honest journalism,
    and the facts. which I have yet to see.

  21. #21

    This sort of threat - "cave or we harass you in court until you,re bankrupt" - is straight out of the Scientology playbook for silencing critics.

    Maybe Danny has been spending more time with his bud Tom Cruise than first thought... ?

  22. #22

    I like how in his threat letter the attorney said "Mr. Snyder has more than sufficient means to protect his reputation...." Based on Snyder's reputation that should run about 47 cents.
    Hey Jeff, are you still waiting to see Obama's birth certificate too? "Show me proof!!!!!" Ha. You can't handle the truth.

  23. #23

    As a redskins fan, i will support the ravens until Snyder sells. He is one of these sicko scientogist who think they can control the world.

  24. #24

    Fuck Dan Snyder!

  25. #25

    excellent response amy. but as nietzsche warned, "do not battle with monsters, or else you will become a monster yourself." he is a dangerous, personality-disordered creature. try to settle this as quickly as possible

  26. #26

    I'm not going to pretend I'm a lawyer and that I know who is right and who is wrong on this. That is something for these middle-aged, suit wearing men to concern themselves with.

    But what isn't up for debate for me is the complete ineptitude the owner of this football team has delivered in managing the progress of his team in the past decade.

    He is easily fingered by the majority as the #1 culprit for the destruction of this once proud franchise and its reduction to a moribund, wipe-your-feet-on-them, loser.

    If he is a disgrace as a man - I guess they'll need a judge and jury for that. And the fact that one is needed tells me something about him. Maybe he is a disgraceful, terrible human being. I don't know. I only know what I've read. He doesn't answer my phone calls :)

    Either the guy really is a rotten person or he just happens to be one of the most misunderstood public figures in the sports world that I've ever seen. The fact that he requires a legal team to prove its the latter is simply interesting to me, that's all.

    I wish he would just sell the team already. He is without question an unnatural disaster as a football owner. I wouldn't let him run a fantasy football team let alone allow him make all his bufoonish decisions that has made in real life.

    I just wished fans saw it my way and gave up their tickets and quit on this team once and for all. I would love more than anything to have a completely empty stadium for one of his home games. Nobody there but maybe Fat Al sitting in a luxary box watchin' the game like last year!

    Ha - what a joke.

  27. #27

    I would just like to say that this has made my no-electricity-having, tree-in-my-yard-fallin, steaks-in-the-fridge-spoiling f'ed-up week.


  28. #28

    oh and by the way, you know what that owner really needs......more than anything else in the world....he needs a Redskin fan to come up to him somewhere in public and just beat the living shit of him.

    That's right Snyder, you need to get your ass kicked. you just need it. you so deserve it. with that stupid smirk on your face. and the sense of arrogance that everyone feels when you are in all needs to be pummeled out of you.

    I'm not saying this to threaten you, dumbass, either. I'm saying this as I think it would HELP you. You could you an ass kicking. It would give you a sense of perspective. Go watch the movie Fight Club. You are the Ed Norton character. You need to go through the transformation that he went through in that meeting.

    Somebody do Snyder a great favor please. Let's get him the help he needs. A person's transformation is a major milestone in life. PLease lend a hand...if you see Dan Snyder - beat the snot out of him. It just might save his life.

    Fight Club, Dan, watch it.

  29. #29

    This is going to be the battle of the DEEP pockets and guess who wins!

  30. #30

    Kudos to Mr. McKenna and to City Paper for standing behind him; bullies are very much in the news and Mr. Snyder should not be regarded as anything but and treated as such. BTW, Mr. Snyder, reporting like this is what our country's newspapers are based on--the right of the public to know. And that includes the right to know what an arrogant egomaniac Dan Snyder is. YAY, City Paper!!!

  31. #31

    Snyder is an odious egomaniac. The City Paper is right to stand strong-- some principles are just worth fighting for regardless of cost, and protecting free speech against this malicious douche is one of them.

  32. #32

    Hey Jeff, are you still waiting to see Obama's birth certificate too? "Show me proof!!!!!" Ha. You can't handle the truth.

    That's funny coming from a Big Dumb Idiot.
    The point is that this is a publications website, so state the facts, or you'll just end up being a simple blog, where they quote movies and post about OJ and Obama's Birth certificate.

  33. #33

    Hope you guys get what you deserve. Libel is a crime, you can't claim someone committed forgery and not recant it. This paper blows.

  34. #34

    Dan Snyder could have used a Bobby Knight basketball practice or a Joe Gibbs practice, in order to develop a "thick skin."

    It's obvious that this guy Snyder is a thin skinned weasle despite his wealth.

    All the wealth in the world doesn't make one tough. Tough people wouldn't give a darn about this article he is suing about now.

  35. #35

    To all the downtrodden Washington Redskins fans...

    Although I am not a fan of the Redskins, I am a fan of the legacy of the National Football League and the Redskins have a proud part of that tradition.

    The Redskins fans can speak loudly and forcefully by doing a simple thing: shut your wallets

    Speak with your wallets. Speak with your refusal to support Dan Snyder by any means necessary.

    Do this and hopefully he'll be smart enough to recognize that it's him and no one else that is the cause for the collapse of a once proud franchise.


    a Packers fan

  36. #36

    Dear Mr. Snyder:

    Above is a letter we received on Nov 24, 2010. We feel you should be aware that some ***hole is signing your name on stupid letters.

    Sincerely, The City Paper

  37. #37

    It's obvious that too many of the wrong people own sports teams these days.

    What do I mean by that? Not understanding the sports culture.

    The Redskins will be looked at as wimps from now on with this lawsuit.

    I guess Rex Ryan would not be able to criticize this team in the future either with the threat of a lawsuit.

    One cannot believe in free speech part-time, either.

    I hope the paper can get the necessary witnesses to testify whether Snyder forged names though.

    This lawsuit is tragically comical and farcical. Snyder is a real piece and then some....

  38. #38

    I didn't even know about this article until this most recent news. Thank you, Dan Snyder, for drawing my attention to what an ugly person you are by acting exactly the way you are depicted in the CP's coverage.

    Well done Amy Austin, Dave McKenna and CP. You deserve all of our support and wouldn't be surprised if you see a bump in subscriptions.

  39. #39

    Shame on Snyder's counsel for taking money from a baby. You should be disbarred. This is DC. We can spot unethical lawyering a mile away.

  40. #40





  41. #41

    What you people have been doing is ABSOLUTEY CLASSLESS. Just take a look at this and you'll know what I mean. . Don't tell me that its too opiniated because THEIR IS A REASON THAT THEY ARE MORE WELL KNOWN THAN THIS WEBSITE. What you people are doing with this is most likely some kind of marketing ploy, and now that I have posted this your probably going to delete this since it gives you a bad rep

  42. #42

    More importantly this any winnings from this lawsuit are going to charity, so while i may not agree with some of Snyders decisions in the past I do believe that what McKenna did was classless

  43. #43

    Its so nice to see people stranding up for the City Paper. Dan Snyder is a monster and now everyone around the country knows it. I would defintely contribute to a defense fund for City Paper (even though I dodnt read it too often since I moved)

  44. #44

    I'd contribute to a CP defense fund.
    I grew up watching the skins, and the only thing more painful than the memory of Theisman getting his leg broke is watching what delusional meglomaniac corporate raider Snyder has done with the team. He's shamelessly exploited the good will the franchise built over many years to the point he's ruined the institution.
    Truth be told, I can't bear to watch anymore, and the Skins haven't gotten a penny from my household. Nor will they until Snyder is gone.

  45. #45

    You should find a way to get this news out to other major network so the whole world can see what a terrible person Snyder is. I think by then, Snyder will have to back off. Continue the pressure and he may have to sell the team. Snyder is all about money, that is his weakness.

  46. #46

    As reported earlier, the Washington Post broke the news that Dan Snyder was seeking legal action the Washington City Paper for an article that was written listing dozens of the Redskins' owner's gaffes over the years. Many fans took to Twitter and Facebook to blast the owner, but the complaint against City Paper has nothing to do with those mistakes. The paragraph that had Snyder fuming and prompted the legal train was:

    ...That's the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications...

    The reason Snyder and his legal counsel are so upset is because a.) Snyder never once forged names, and b.) forgery is a federal offense. The Redskins asked The City Paper to remove this comment months ago, and they refused - hence the legal action. Interestingly, Snyder never asked for the WCP journalist to be fired (that was falsely added in by the Washington Post). When I spoke with Tony Wyllie, he assured me that any money that is awarded to the Redskins from this will go to charity.

    The last straw that pushed Snyder over the top was the City Paper's attack on his wife, Tanya, who is in remission for breast cancer and has been regularly out there promoting health and breast care awareness:

    His wife, Tanya Snyder, is out selling the transformation, too. Last week she went on local TV to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by "better people," and that he's "grown and he's evolved."

    That's a low blow. If you watch her interview with Channel 8, Mrs. Snyder is simply doing a health promotion in front of 100 children, and at the very end they asked the off-topic question on the Redskins. Is that selling out?? Come on. The theory here applies, "You can go after me, but don't drag in my wife or kids." Completely classless on McKenna's part.

    In my opinion, it's fair for Snyder to take action. People believe things so it's important that the truth is told, which is all Snyder wants. All of this could have been avoided if Dave McKenna would have returned the Redskins calls from the beginning. The fact that the City paper is vehemently defending the forgery line is eye-raising. Stay tuned.

  47. #47

    Wow. Thanks for getting me up to speed on Mr. Snyder's shenanigans. I thought Jerry Jones was a misfit owner,
    but Snyder is the ultimate miscreant.
    At least Jerry means well...he actually wants to please fans in Dallas, but he lets his ego get in the way. Mr. Snyder, on the other hand, looks like one of the biggest weasels to ever infest the world of sports. As a Dallas fan, I ALMOST feel sorry for Redskins fans. You guys deserve better.

  48. #48

    Since when has scribbling horns and a goatee on a picture been an act of anti-Semitism? If that is the case, anyone who has ever been a third grader with access to a magazine and a marker is an anti-Semite.

  49. #49

    Based on the meritless claims, even if this somehow actually made it to court, odds are that Danny will wind up with a tossed case and footing the legal bill for the defense to boot. Let's add Snyder's apparent inability to retain competent legal counsel to his list of business failings...

  50. #50

    Amazingly, there are still a few so-called Redskins fans who defend the miserable little dwarf. Rest assured the rest of us know just how repugnant a character Danny is.

    We're behind you 100% -- don't cave in to threats from the tiny tyrant.

  51. #51

    Please, please publish the name of a PayPal account, or some other mechanism, that people can use to donate to your legal defense fund!

  52. #52

    If A to Z is all factual then even God can't save Snyder from the gallos. Beinging a blindly loyal Skins fan and marshalling to your team's defense (as asserted above)or it's god head for that matter is certainly insipid and laughably pathetic.

    Snyder's millionaire play thing (ownership) has been often ridiculed for attempting to "buy" his way to a championship. Now, all Snyder is buying is an expensive law firm to levy scare tactics at a writer that is a voice to the Skins fans that are fed up.

    I should know... I'm a "disillusioned" Raiders fan who knows what a manic owner is capable of. Does that mean I should reserve my criticism of an owner that TRADES AWAY your best coach since Tom Flores? Should I brainlessly support a man just because he IS the ownership?

    I am frustrated, as a fan, of a TEAM of great players from bygone years and today that bring a thrill when great plays are made on the field. Only to watch progress stifled because an executed executive decision that was deficient of any real intelligent consideration.

    Skins fan should be f***ing pissed at the gross mismanagement and alignment of personnel and horrendous use of finance! Because one way or the other YOU are paying for it. Applaud your local media for targeting poor judgement, damn it!!! And then maybe one day Snyder will take heed and grow a brain.

    Pour it on, WCP! Pour it on.

  53. #53

    You sound like tool, Albright, and working very very hard at it. Go back and tell Danny-boy you're not winning any support here. I think you can catch Starbucks still open. Latte, right? Extra hot. Chop, chop, Albright.

  54. #54

    Tell Snyder to bully some more old people who can't pay for season ticket plans they were pushed into buying. What a creep, he's ruined sports for me, him and Petey Angelos. Take me back to when the Bullets were the basketball team, the fat lady was singing and Jack Kent Cooke owned the Redskins, that was the Camelot of sports in DC. I will never buy any Redskins crap or see a game till that fool is no longer the owner, which probably means forever. At least i'll have more time for the family and my dogs. So I win Danny boy ...

  55. #55

    As a Cowboys fan, I saw I hope this midget freak stays coach of the Redskins forever. This team will win nothing as long as this mutant little person is owner, and I wish him a long and prosperous existence to keep them forever at the bottom of the NFC East. Before this whining maggot is through the Bengals and Lions will seem like model sports organizations compared to the 'skins. I do feel for the average Redskins, fan, though....what it must be like to pray for Little Danny's death each day and be rewarded with his continued life...LOL

  56. #56

    Maybe Snyder's lawyers are familiar with the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram?

  57. #57

    To wit:

    >Solicitors' letter to Private Eye:
    >We act for Mr Arkell who is Retail Credit Manager of >Granada TV Rental Ltd.
    >His attention has been drawn to an article appearing in
    >the issue of Private Eye dated 9th April 1971 on page 4.
    >The statements made about Mr Arkell are entirely untrue
    >and clearly highly defamatory.
    >We are therefore instructed to require from you
    >immediately your proposals for dealing with the matter. Mr
    >Arkell's first concern is that there should be a full
    >retraction at the earliest possible date in Private Eye
    >and he will also want his costs paid. His attitude to
    >damages will be governed by the nature of your reply.
    >Private Eye's reply:
    >We acknowledge your letter of 29th April referring to Mr
    >J. Arkell.
    >We note that Mr Arkell's attitude to damages will be
    >governed by the nature of our reply and would therefore be
    >grateful if you would inform us what his attitude to
    >damages would be, were he to learn that the nature of our
    >reply is as follows: fuck off.
    >No further correspondence was received.

  58. #58

    Wow. So while Egypt has Mubarbak, the skins have Snyder. Damn guys, this Falcon's fan feels sorry for y'all.

  59. #59

    And taking advantage of 9/11? And Katrina? That's just sick. Snyder has taken the game to an all new level of low. He just needs to give the team up. Give the Redskins opponents a chance to feel good in an actual fight to win the game.

  60. #60

    44 anti-Snyder articles in 8 months!? That's a bit excessive, don't you think? Anyone paying attention can see your obvious bias towards the Dan. Give it a rest, please.. At least spread the hate around a bit.. geesh :p

    Regardless, HAIL! :)

  61. BucsFanThatLovesTheHometownSkins2

    For Jeff and any other Dan Snyder supporters who wanted proof:

    I am a fan of good football and a good read. This piece was a good read that has been totally taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I have read Dave McKenna's "Guide" which seemed more funny to me than anything, Dan Snyder's attorney letters, and the response letters to Dan's attorneys. On the surface, the lawsuit seems like the tactic of a man who was possibly bullied as a child who told himself, "when I grow up, I'll show them all how powerful I am". I mean really, saying that the Dave McKenna commenting in his article that Snyder is,

    "...the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications..."

    is a false claim and the reporter needed to retract the statement or be punished by legal action is just a "bully" act. First of all, a journalist can write about whatever they choose(read the 1st amendment people). Secondly, I think the statement was taken out of context. The writer never stated that quote in his "A-Z" portion of the column that this was fact, rather, he mentioned it as one of the many things he felt the Redskins owner has done wrong in his public business career, which also served as a transition point into his list. Now for all the Snyder supporters/lawyers who said McKenna should be sued for this comment, please see the following links:

    Although McKenna may have said "...the Dan Snyder who got caught forging names..." I, as a critical reader, believe that McKenna wasn't saying that Dan Snyder himself "forged the names", but rather the company that Snyder owned at the time of the illegal allegations(Dec. 1997-Sept. 1999 when he then put the company up for sale) that bore his name got caught. Last I checked, if you owned a company and it was accused of this type of wrongdoing, it's the company figurehead (Snyder at the time) that they go after. Which is probably why Snyder and Verizon collectively paid the settlement. Hence, the reason McKenna made his comment the way he did.

    Now for those referring to the comment McKenna made about his(Snyder) wife, please, please, don't misconstrue what was put in print. While it may be fact that "...Mrs. Snyder was on Channel 8 simply doing a health promotion in front of 100 children, and at the very end they asked the off-topic question on the Redskins" when she stated, "... he is now surrounded by "better people," and that he's "grown and he's evolved."
    Mrs. Snyder still made the comment, not McKenna. If she wanted to only focus on the health promotion, when asked about the Redskins, she could have simply deflected the questions as she is not directly involved with the organization. When she chose to comment on the Redskins question once presented, her personal opinions of her husband's NFL team, no matter how brief, and how she felt about his current situation regarding the team and the changes(evolution) of this season became public knowledge free for anyone to quote. By McKenna saying that Mrs. Snyder is, "...out selling the transformation..." of her husband is no different from what any supportive spouse would do when asked a question about her husband's biggest business venture(to local fans at least). So please explain to me how what McKenna placed in his musing was a "low blow" that requires legal action to the tune of $2 million? For those who asked for proof of Dan Snyder's wrongdoing with his former company, please see the links above. For those that felt it's a "low blow" to mention, not attack, Mrs. Snyder's REDSKINS(Husband) RELATED COMMENTS on a show promoting health, advise her to leave all Redskins related questions to the organization's officials and keep promoting good health causes and charities. Advise her to deflect all Skins questions to someone else, even when the questions involve asking something like personal feeling towards her husband.

    Just some food for thought...

  62. BucsFanThatLovesTheHometownSkins2

    I hate to say it, but if Dan didn't have his hands in so many "business ventures", good and bad, I'm sure the number of articles written about him would not be as high.

  63. #63

    Mr. Snyder's lawyers must have advised him that this type of law suit against the press is almost impossible to win. So the threat is the thing! It's nothing more than a cheap terror tactic used to muzzle journalists. Juries can smell the danger of letting him get away with it. Trust me. Snyder has no desire to take his behavior before a jury. He'll try and settle, offering to drop his suit if you grovel, admonish your reporter and make him apologize. DON'T DO IT! And if he has indeed accused your paper of anti semitism, COUNTER SUE!! Your chances of prevailing will be 100 times better than his.

  64. #64

    Dany Snyder is a bitch. He should fire himself for incompetence. GO CITYPAPER and GO DAVE!

  65. #65

    Thank you Mr. Snyder for bringing this article to my attention. Being a long-time DC resident and football fan, I was aware of most of these transgressions already, but it was helpful to see them compiled into one list.

    It's also a great case study in how a) not to run a PR campaign, b) not to run a libel case and c) not to run a team.

    The fact that Snyder has alienated so many people when he used to run a PR and communications company is further proof that he is a fraud of a person.

    Should it become necessary WCP, my PayPal account is at your disposal.

    Goooooooo, 31 OTHER NFL teams!

  66. #66

    Other little-known facts about Danny:

    1. Buys his suits in the children's department.

    2. Vinny Cerrato wasn't just his racquetball partner, if you know what I mean.

    3. His "communications" company was actually a telemarketing scam that called at dinner time and tricked little old ladies into changing their long distance company.

    4. Demands that everyone call him "Mister Snyder" because his nickname in high school was "Miss Snyder" -- because he's such a complete crybaby.

    5. Some people say he destroyed Six Flags because he isn't tall enough to ride the rides, but it isn't true. He's just an incompetent egomaniac who isn't tall enough to ride the rides.

    6. His wife, Tanya, was quoted as saying, "Did I marry him for his money? Well, I'll tell you this: I didn't marry him for his caustic personality or his 3-inch penis."

  67. #67

    Shame on you.

    More interested in lying and creating stories than just reporting them.

    Hope you go out of business.

  68. #68

    Albright, interesting you'd come to Danny's defense. You seem to know a lot about the thoughts of him so I'd like to ask you to explain/clarify two things.

    I've been reading that Dan and his wife got a surrogate so she wouldn't lose her figure. True? It's not illegal to do that so I'm sure it's a fact known to his inner circle.

    Snyder claims to have a season ticket waiting list about nine miles long. Why then are they advertising, making col calls asking people to buy? Note, the people they've contacted aren't anywhere close to being able to afford luxury boxes (an excuse I've read by Snyder's minions use in the past.

    Thanks and if Snyder is hurt by a couple of sentences in the original article but is okay with the rest... well then you idiots sure did open a huge can of worms...

  69. The Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke

    Davey Lad,

    Good luck in your upcoming battle with that annoying midget twit Snyder. Gird up your loins. Fresh courage take. For you shall surely prevail.

    I suggest someone send an e-mail to that Albert Haynesworth fellow informing him that Daniel M. Snyder called Haynesworth's mama a stank ho....and said Haynesworth wasn't man enough to do anything about it. Good idea, eh?

    And I also suggest that you, Davey Boy, file suit against Snyder. Just as no jury would ever convict your or your newspaper, no jury would ever let Snyder off the hook. You'd be a millionaire in no time, and it's easier than selling encyclopedias or doing real estate development. Take it from someone who's been there, and done that, young man.

  70. #70

    My grandfather represented The New York Times in the landmark NYTimes vs Sullivan Supreme Court case in 1964 when Sullivan sued NYTimes for defamation. That case has set the standard for publications being allowed to write about public figures without fear of litigation. My grandfather, if he were alive today, and being from the Washington DC area would love this case and he would be laughing at Snyder.

  71. Native American JD

    More than happy to volunteer my time to help with defense.

  72. #72

    Just like another joker in DC, he's probably not interested in winning, just getting in a good financial bullying, milking a few WCP funds and tying the papers attorneys up in a lawsuit that will span a few years with the right liberal appeal-averse judge. See Snyder should have hired E Scott Frison.

  73. #73

    Just like another joker in DC, he's probably not interested in winning, just getting in a good financial bullying, milking a few WCP funds and tying the papers attorneys up in a lawsuit that will span a few years with the right liberal appeal-averse judge. See LeroyThorpe. com/lawsuit.html. Snyder should have hired E Scott Frison.

  74. #74

    I commend you for standing behind your story and your reporter, and for not backing down to the legal pressures of that midget owner. Snyder is the biggest douche on the planet who thinks his money can intimidate everyone. I hope he has a long painful death, knowing that he is the most hated person in the NFL. The only justice would be an 0-16 season and an empty stadium on Sundays. Great piece of journalism...

  75. #75

    I would like to thank the person responsible for bringing Dan Snyder's many offenses to the attention of a large nationwide audience who might otherwise have been unfamiliar with them. Of course, I'm referring to Dan Snyder himself.

    Meaning no disrespect to the Washington City Paper, I'm sure despite its quality journalism, the vast majority of people in the US are unfamiliar with it and surely hadn't read the now-famous Nov 19 article. But thanks to Dan, we are all now aware of it, and of course find Snyder's actions in publicizing the article consistent with the allegations about him which the article contains. The response proves the contentions.

    This, of course, is typical behavior by bullies with Napoleon complexes. They are so consumed with being right and being liked that they fail to see or pursue what is in their best interest.

    Whether Snyder wins or loses the impending lawsuit, he will have succeeded in accomplishing only one thing: demonstrating himself to be an even more dangerous and despicable human being than the City Paper ever alleged.

  76. #76

    i don't know what redskin is or who snyder is, i just landed here from a yahoo link. but i read mckenna's article and this article, and i cannot say but: congrats, guys! kkep up the good work.
    don't move an inch and don't fall in to snyder's pressure!

    all the best to you!

  77. #77

    Dave McKenn Defense Fund. Please do create this fund if Snyder actually does file suit. Set it up to accept credit card payments securely, make it prominent on your home page, and pissed-off ex-fans will gladly contribute. Meantime, please keep up the good work. I'll be reading your paper regularly, now that Snyder has called it to my attention.

  78. #78

    Snyder, not lawyer Donavan, wrote that letter. It doesn't pass the LOL test.

  79. #79

    My family has held season tickets to the Redskins since Griffith Stadium, and I can tell you that I would not hesitate to openly contribute to a legal defense fund for the paper and it's writer. I can speak on behalf of at least a dozen other season ticket holders who would do the same.

  80. #80

    The complaint states zero facts that would tie the action into NY State, and therefore cannot survive a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.

  81. #81

    Here's the cold, hard reality, and every sane, rational person on earth knows it, and it is NOT libelous, slanderous or "character assassination:" Dan Snyder is an asshole, a moron, an idiot, a nimrod and a delusional bad-businessmen who cannot come to grips with the reality that he is a horrible businessmen, that everyone hates him, that he is petty and juvenile, that his own employees hate him, that his neighbors in Potoamc hate him, that people in high-society circles can't stand him, and that he has no business--none--running a professional football team, radio stations, a chain of amusement parks or fast-food restaurants. He is a terrible businessman, he has zero connection to the community, he suffers from horrible personality traits, and he is widely disliked by people everywhere. As for Dave McKenna's excellent article, it was accurate, correct, and there was nothing in there that is libelous, slanderous or character assassination--nothing, Kudos and praise to Dave, the City Paper and Creative Loafing. As for this stupid, inane, moronic and unprofessional threat of a lawsuit, it's just further proof that Snyder doesn't know what he's doing, doesn't understand people, doesn't understand journalism, and should just exit his businesses as soon as possible, for the betterment of everyone. As for his conmen lawyers--you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, and the American Bar Association should immediately investigate their possibly illegal, unethical, corrupt and unprofessional actions in this case.

  82. #82

    hah. this Snyder Communications LP lawsuit brought to you by Fedex.

  83. #83

    "Steps Dan McKenna took, if any, to fact check his Allegations."

    DAN McKenna? Maybe they ought to fact check their own letter before sending it out.

  84. #84

    February 2nd, 2011
    10:42 pm
    I didn't even know about this article until this most recent news. Thank you, Dan Snyder, for drawing my attention to what an ugly person you are by acting exactly the way you are depicted in the CP's coverage.



  85. #85

    Rather than let this article pass onto its final resting place on the floor of a moving Metro, Snyder decided make an issue of it. How this man built a fortune is beyond me.

    Best of luck to the WCP and their associates. In the court of public opinion, this case has already been thrown out!!

  86. #86

    The comment "We presume that defending such litigation would not be a rational strategy for an investment fund such as yours." makes very clear that this is SLAPP suit ( filed with the intent of stifling free speech rather correcting actual errors. Hopefully the judge will reach the same conclusion I have and force Snyder to cover WCP's legal fees and court costs in addition to throwing out the suit.

    I'd say that suits like this almost always backfire and just bring more negative publicity to the person filing them but I don't think public opinion of Snyder could get any worse than it already is.

  87. #87

    Great article. Washington City Paper: I read your articles regularly and I wish you all the best. I know that you will ultimately prevail.

  88. #88

    I have drawn horns and hair on peoples pictures my whole life. Granted I am a immature 70 year old.

    Danny you are the CEO of the Redskins not a TREE like a Brave, stop acting like a Squaw. Chief Thunderthud is most displeased!

    Realistically how can you call someone a Racist when you own team whose name is under fire by some Native Americans?
    I personally consider it to be a tribute to those wonderful and BRAVE people.

  89. #89

    Good luck CP!!

  90. #90

    I will gladly contribute to a legal defense fund for this should Daniel Snyder sue.

  91. #91

    It is significant that Snyder sued in NYC where Giants fans will comprise the jury. If you start a legal defense fund, I'll contribute.

  92. #92

    If you start a legal defense fund, I'll contribute.

  93. #93

    Join the new Facebook group "Redskins Fans in Support of Dave McKenna" and vote against corporate bullies!

  94. #94

    Good luck City Paper! I'm rooting for you! Down with Dan Snyder and the Deadskins! Go Ravens!

  95. #95

    HAHA...hope they shut your paper down because McKenna is jealous of Snyder. If you are going to accuse someone of better have some proof. Perception of what the articles states. Can McKenna write about anything else...44 anti Snyder articles in 8 months !! Dude...get a life. I wish Snyder could do what they are doing in Egypt and round up all the journalist. Journalism has become opinion and not based on any facts anymore. "My sources say ".....what the hell is that. My sources say that the City Paper has journalist that could not get jobs at a real newspaper to they write crap. Anyone can hide behind an article and a source. The 1st amendment was so the government cannot block the media. It was not so jerks like McKenna can attack people and get away with it. Hope they shut you down....if you are gonna throw sticks to waken the better be ready to fight him when he awakes.

  96. #96

    After reading several articles on Snyder's history, I wonder if many Redskins fans would be happier to see him and his team in Los Angeles. Driving up to Baltimore to see and root for a good team wouldn't be all that bad would it?

  97. #97

    TO: Amy Austin

    FROM: Rick Mangus

    There is a night and day difference between freedom of speech and stupid, liable speech. Your staff decided to take on a not so popular public figure thinking they can because of popular opinion. The arrogance of both you and your staff has blinded the reality of the situation that, one Dan Snyder is right, two he has deeper pockets than your company and three he will win in a court of law, maybe not the court of public opinion. Your feeble attempt of showing letters between parties tells me one thing, that you all running scared. Stop running this paper like a high school newspaper or gossip rag and settle with Snyder, that's CP's only way out!

  98. #98

    Congrats on all the free publicity, City Paper. Hope you make a fortune off all the new clicks that dwarf sent your way for a three-month old story.

    There's no judge or jury in this country that will side with Snyder in this case. You clearly have the First Amendment on your side.

  99. #99

    Geez, Dan, lighten up.

    While I do think the caricature was unfortunate and, as a Jew, can understand the sensitivity to this, it is a leap to accuse the City Paper of anti-semitism/defamation. Frankly, it would have more merit if it came from someone other than Dan Snyder, the ultimate opportunist.

    In regard to the other issues, e.g. Danny forging names, who knows? Not me.

    But the overriding point seems to be Snyder's heavy handedness and an absolute tin ear. Citing the resources he has for litigation is definitely schoolyard bully stuff.

    Nothing against the City Paper, but its not like this was the lead in the NY Times. I never saw the article until Danny's actions brought it to my attention.

    BTW -- great article.

    If McKenna et al do set up a defense fund, count me in for a few bucks.

  100. #100

    I'm done buying Redskins tickets and anything else that Snyder is making money from. I will always bleed burgundy and gold, but I will do so from the comfort of my living room until he is gone.

    I suggest more fans follow suit until we have an owner we can be proud of.

  101. #101

    Congrats City Paper on the Free Publicity from Danny Boy! Hope all the new found attention doesnt crash your server.

  102. #102

    That's an anti-Semitic drawing?

    Is Snyder serious?

    That's what you doodle on your teacher's picture during fourth period biology class.

    Funny, but in looking for support of the anti-Semitic angle of the Snyder case, Irv Kristol's boy is mum at The Weekly (Sub-) Standard, John P. Normanson's typed not a word at Commentary, Abe Foxman is mute at the Anti-Defamation League, and even the Wicked Witch of the Neocons, Jenny Rubin, has not typed a word on the matter at The Washington Post.

    Seems they sure don't make slurs against anti-Semitic drawings like they used to.

  103. #103

    I don't even like the Redskins and I feel sorry for them and their fans.

    Man, the list of underhanded, cheap, negligent, incompetent, scamming, and scumbag schemes Dan Snyder has overseen are just incredible. He's like a career criminal but just enough ahead of the laws to keep making money (somehow).

    And now his lowbrow bullying of the paper that merely listed many of his publicly known transgressions... add idiotic to the above list of scheme descriptors!

    Oh, and WCP, make sure you put your "Donate to our Defense" link up in a prominent location on your homepage: I have a few bucks I'm willing to pass on for a good cause. [It's not credit dollars on the Redskins' MasterCard either!]

  104. #104

    Spread the news! Get this out to every freakin outlet there is. I want to see this on ESPN. I want Kornheiser ranting about it to Wilbon TONIGHT! Sports Illustrated, yahoo sports, everyone needs to be covering this story. Make your boy McKenna available for interviews and use what you've got to let Snyder stick his wingtip further into his gullet.

  105. #105

    Levine Sullivan is the best First Amendment firm in the country, but I sure hope they are doing this pro bono or at least on the cheap (they could also get Rule 11 fees). You'll find an army of top notch DC lawyers willing to take this case for free, and it is a slam dunk winner on the motions. IMO the worse your lawyer is the better -- the longer it draws out, the more publicity for you. And it's not like you're ever going to have to pay anything. I'd hire a complete dope of a lawyer, try to lose or let Snyder get a trial or something. That'd be fantastic. Even if by some miracle you lose, you could get a good lawyer on appeal. Again, there is NO WAY ON EARTH you lose this case.

    Actually here's a great publicity idea -- find a recent unemployed grad from a DC law school and give him/her the case. LOL. That'd be classic.

  106. #106

    The original article by Mr. McKenna was incredibly entertaining. As a life long Dallas Cowboy fan I find a modicum of comfort in knowing that JJ isn't the worst NFL owner. 'Skins fans, I feel your pain.

  107. #107

    As a Die-Hard Eagles fan, Dan Snyder is the best thing to happen to the Eagles. He just doesn't get what it takes to build a team or a franchise. As long as he owns the Skins, Eagles fans have one less team to worry about!

  108. #108

    Preach it, City Paper, preach it. The best part of the litigation is that it brings immense more attention to the article that many people probably missed in the first place. The truth shall prevail. Loving it!!!

  109. #109

    Hmmm, wonder how thin-skinned Danny the D-----bag will handle the laughter from the Judge and Jury should the case go that far? Danny, you little shit, you're Meshugeh.

    Go WCP/McKenna.

  110. #110

    I was shocked and dismayed by the City Paper's cover image myself. I am even considering filing my own lawsuit based upon the anti-Satanic imagery. The image attempts to smear and malign me by creating the false impression that I am associated with Daniel Snyder. This is a complete and malicious fabrication! Personally, I can't stand the man.

  111. Snyder is a cancerous lesion

    The scat eaters at Extremeskins can go fuck themselves along with their malignant and pestilential dwarf. You are not going to silence people here, and when Snyder get his records and private conversation subpoenaed by the CP's defense attorneys, we are going to see just how big a douchebag this cancerous individual truly is; and the bm-eaters at the official messageboard can eat it.

  112. #112

    He's claiming defamation of character? Truly amazing arrogance...and then the noyve to play the anti-semite card. I think you'd have a better chance with a counter-suit claiming extortion...but I guess that wouldn't be a civil matter. Anyhow, I used to like the Skins, and I've never liked bullies. So if you need to start a legal defense fund, I'll be glad to kick in $100.

  113. #113

    If there is litigation, please set up a defense fund and I will donate!

  114. #114

    If it weren't for Danny suing, I and about a billion other people would have not known about this article. Way to go dick head.

  115. #115

    If it weren't for Danny suing, I and about a billion other people would have not known about this article. Way to go dick head. And why is this stupid thing keep telling me I already posted this.

  116. #116

    Snyder is now concerned about protecting his reputation? That ship sailed in 1999.

  117. #117

    "As a 30-year old newspaper and vibrant website committed to both in-depth news reporting and full-throated commentary, we do not believe that using the court system to stifle or chill free speech is ever appropriate."

    Of course you don't.
    Because to you "free speech" is the ability to publish at will.

    Let's not overlook that fact in this haste to turn Snyder over the media flames.

  118. #118

    I think the people trying to defend this truly corrupt organization are all paid PR hacks. I'm serious!

    David Donovan is the Redskins Chief Legal Counsel AND the COO - interesting setup, but it's so that whatever he says or does is protected by attorney/client privledge - creapy. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I hope this lawsuite blows the lid off this story, and backfires on this group of thugs.

  119. #119

    Snyder, worse thing to happen to Washington and the Redskins..... anyway to bring back COOKE, now that was an owner interested in his fans!!

  120. #120

    Like Peter Angelos (who tried to block DC from getting an MLB team), Snyder has now actively repulsed my business.

    I used to go to 10 Orioles games a year, but I haven't been back since 2003. As a result of this lawsuit (cherry on top of a lot of other stuff), I won't set foot in FedEx field again as long as Snyder is the owner. I didn't grow up here so I'm a fan of another NFL team, but I've still been to about 10 Skins games in the last 13 years. Not anymore.

    Go Nats, Caps, and DC United! (and Steelers!)

    PS: Plus frankly they should change the damn team name. Fortunately Snyder has devalued the team's fan base to where it's more possible to do that now than it used to be.

  121. #121


    Write a response article validating your material. The devil article was my fav. Save your notes this will make a good book if you are jobless.

  122. #122

    Would Dannyboy sue me if he knows that I've always called him Dannyboy instead of Mr. Effing Snyder?

  123. #123

    "Dan Snyder has made mistakes, who hasn't. That's not what this is about though."

    Jeff - did you actually read the article? 1 example: The vanilla ice cream stunt. That's a "mistake" huh?

    Dude - its a good thing Jim Jones isn't around today because you'd be at the front of the line asking for seconds on the kool-aid. Complete and utter sheep/lemming even when facts are presented. You pick one thing to refute and ignore the rest.

    BTW - he's not going to read this and come sweep you up on his unicorn and give you box seats... just saying.

  124. #124

    Well Mr. Snyder, I never would have heard about this article if you hadn't made a stink. But now, I see its classic Danny Boy. Wahh, they made fun of me!

    But now, seriously, its time for Readskin fans to wake up and find a team that doesn't abuse them.

  125. #125

    McKenna is bold. as a fan, take the same stand. it boggles my mind when i see the fedex field filled with fans. i know you love your beloved team, but does it make any sense to fill his pockets with your hard earned dollars?

  126. double A - Washinton DC USA

    you GO City Paper! Everyone I know LOVE'S the Redskins and LOVES you guys at City Paper! keep telling it like we ALL already know it is.......

  127. #127

    Go Dan Snyder. Can't wait for the City Paper to go down in flames. Bad reporting. Don't check your sources or your facts. Clearly a vendetta against Snyder. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. And to the Publisher - how is Danny supposed to prove that he didn't forge someone else's name. Can you prove, for example, that you didn't ever write a bad check. You need to prove that he did that criminal act. Big dummy.

  128. #128

    I never heard of Washington City Paper. Ever. Until this. I think that this is where I'm going to start reading Washington Redskins coverage. Also, the John Riggins show on WTOP is pretty good, especially when he goes on those Toxic Shrimp tangents. Anyways, Dan Snyder is running this team into the ground. Just like he did Six Flags.

  129. #129

    What scares me here is the the Redskins organization did not really threaten litigation. It used the cost of of potential litigation as a threat to induce a response out of the paper's ownership group.

    This is just the shameless arrogance of a rich overprivlidged brat trying to hide from an atrocious term at the helm of a storied franchise.

    The great news is that the response to these articles can not provide any comfort for he who shall not be named because he has more money to sue me with than i have to defend myself with.....

    what a pathetic little man

  130. #130

    Okay, here's my offer. I figure I spend $300 a year on the Redskins - going to usually 2 games/paraphanelia/etct. I pledge to donate that money to the defense fund for the City Paper instead of giving it to Mr. Snyder

  131. #131

    Looks like the Snyder paid trolls are out in full force and doing what the small small man pays them to do.

  132. #132

    I am a season ticket holder and blindly loyal to the redskins, so I must defend Snyder a little here. Specifically, the article accuses snyder of:

    1. Forging signatures as a telemarketer while at Snyder communications(Federal Offense)....
    2. Selling 9/11 merchandise for profit.
    3. Using Hurricane Katrina to cancel a lease for profit.
    4. Charging a $4 per ticket surcharge for security after 9/11.
    5. Exploiting Cancer and Diabetes patients.

    These are some of the items that Snyder (and his lawyers) are saying are false and baseless accusations. I know for a fact that #4 is a lie because I have had season tickets since 9/11 and was never charged a surcharge for security. You cannot mix in blatant lies with facts and half truths and completely blast someone without reprucussions. If what the guy wrote is true, he should have nothing to worry about.

    Alot of the items in the article are ridiculous accustations... he claims snyder is responsible for 1. selling beer in the mens room, 2. making a chinese actor perform using ethnic sterotypes in an audition, 3. selling expired peanuts, 4. Overcharging for a toy in the giftshop. Do people really think the chairman of a multi-$billion company deals with this type of minutia. If Snyder were to know about it and not take action, that is one thing, but there is nothing to back such an assertion up.

    Snyder and the Redskins charitable Foundation give more money to local charities than anyone in the DC area... yet this articles claims he exploits cancer patients, 9/11 victims and hurricane Katrina. I'm sorry, but if this isn't libel and slander, I don't know what is.

    Also, he is suing for $2million and any judgement that is awarded is going to be donated to the DC homeless.

    Lastly, the guy who wrote the article is neighbors, and good friends with a anti-Snyder WashPost writer(Dan Steinberg), who linked his blog to the story. Snyder has subpeonad all communications between these two guys.... there is much more to this story than the general public is hearing. I have a feeling we are going to find some dirty laundry related to the post.

  133. #133

    Man - as long as I have been a Redskins fan, and support the team to no end, seeing that Redskins letterhead and the letter from the letter from the counsel for the Washington Redskins, I think I may need to pull back my support, because every dollar I give to the Redskins, or watch a game, it pays for bull like this! I mean DAYUM Snyder, you couldnt even get a DC firm to represent yo ass?

  134. #134

    After seeing your interview today I felt the need to vent as I can see many others have felt. My Father WAS a Redskins season ticket holder for over 50 years. He purchased club seats at "The Jack" when it was being built. My family sat there year after year and watched as unmotivated, uncaring, overpaid teams took the field. When it became time to renew last year we were rewarded with 100% price increase. Thanks Danny.
    I'm sure that if needed you could start a defense fund and would be overwhelmed with donations. Best of luck.
    George, Richmond,VA.

  135. #135

    As a distant fan (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law bleed red) I have been pulling for Mr. Synder (I hope he isn't offended by that and I get sued and his BULLY lawyer is right I don't have the funds to fight a lawsuit-- so he can take all that I have including my debts, mortgage and dogs (Just kidding Ellen) so I guess that makes them in the right? WRONG!! WRONG COUNTRY!! WRONG PEOPLE!! EVEN AS A HUMAN----JUST FLAT OUT WRONG!!! Sorry I am terrible at grammar and you may have guessed already---- ANYWHO I have been pulling for him as his attempts and failures as I saw him as fan who was living a dream-- I was excited for Donovan and all the promise of 2010............GUESS WHAT NO MORE!!!. HE HAS COMPLETELY TURNED ME OFF (not to mention the other bully/lawyer. One hillarious thing is that he does this just hours before the SUPERBOWL--- he by the way is not in so why not mess it up for others???? I am ignorant but don't these teams just tax breaks/funding? -- I called the commissioners office. I called ESPN about that reporters comments while Mr. Schaeffer was a guest on OTL.. stating he didn't even know if the paper still exsisted... THEN WHY COMMENT?????? WHY EMBARRASS BOB AND MR SCHAEFFER AND YOURSELF????? I come off as a bully but I want people to be successful and live their dreams--- and if Schneider was offended TALK TO THEM, WRITE A COLUMN, IGNORE THEM BUT AS A HUMANBEING YOU DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE A COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS...SHAME ON HIM AND HIS NASTY LAWYER...... SUE AWAY.. I'LL ALERT MY DOGS WHO ARE MORE HUMAN THAN SNEIDER AND THE NASTY LAWYER. All the best to the paper you have my support if I was not clear

  136. #136

    I can tell u first hand that the Washington Redskins have accused me of signing a contract which I never signed. They have sent me to collections to ruin my credit. (Mr. McKenna, pls contact me if you would like more information.) They are a bunch of bullies and liars...I know first hand.


  137. #137

    Where do we send our money for the frivolous lawsuit and free speech defense fund?

  138. #138

    I sure would like to see the WikiLeaks source data on the allegations that were made in the McKenna article. This was some great reading!

  139. #139

    I have a new favorite football team. Anyone playing the Punk Ass Redskins.

  140. #140

    The Dan Snyder Sycophants are scarier than Teabaggers.

    I've never seen worse Stockholm Syndrome than with these Dannyboy apologists.

    Snyder's bad karma attracts the negativity and the zealots feed his narcissism.

    And more importantly: The Skins will never win as long as he is owner.

  141. #141

    This is like a John Grisham Book, edge of the chair reading! There are multiple mysteries to be solved. My thoughts are: 1) Does "Jeff" know the secret identity of "Andyman"? 2) This is certainly going to increase the readership of the City Paper. 3) To Dan Snyder: How do you see this course of action as being a good idea? Someone is giving you really bad advice. No one knew who this paper, or columist were until now. You've made them famous

  142. #142

    Looks like a crook, walks like a crook. probably a crook.

    Pretty thin skin for a Corporate guy if you ask me.

    Sad thing is, if this guy could put together a winning team.

    No one would care.

  143. #143

    Dan Snyder-the name invokes pain to all the long-time Redskins fans I know (I'm one).
    The Washington City Paper has my full support, and if I were a big-time lawyer, you'd have me Pro Bono.
    Can we 'vote' Snyder out of office?
    Don't show up at Fedex next year true fans.

  144. #144

    1. Start a Legal Defense Fund. I pledge to contribute $130, one dollar for each tree SLIMEBALL Snyder cut down at his palatial estate. Others could contribute amounts in a similar way: One dollar for each team loss since Snyder bought the team (that's way over a hundred bucks) etc. It will not match Slimeball's millions, but you gotta start somewhere!
    2. Regarding anti-Semitism, point out that Ted Leonsis and of course Abe Pollin are/were both well-liked Jewish sports team owners here in DC. Do an editorial entitled "CityPaper loves Jewish DC Sports Team Owners" or ask readers to write in on how they like both of them.

  145. #145

    Thank you, Dan Snyder, for bringing this wonderful article to my attention. The Redskins will always be losers as long as Snyder is the owner because they have bad Karma. They treat their most loyal fans like crap & crap is visited upon in the form of the beatdowns they get on the field. Great job, Washington City Paper!

  146. #146

    TH I never thought I would say this you are my hero for the day.

  147. #147

    And I thought I had it bad when I lived in Cincinnati which has the misfortune of having to deal with the "god awful" owners of the Bungals (er, Bengals). As was noted by another individual commenting on this story - "Skins Fans, I feel your pain."

  148. #148

    Thanks for Greg Williams; an incredible Coach! -signed The Who Dat Nation, World Champions.

    If the Six Flags story is true, you can rest assured that your actions in abandoning a completely new theme park to lie in ruins (still is), means that you abandon Americans during catastrophes... I'm going to investigate every business your a part of and recommend to all New Orleans to stay away...

  149. #149

    Check out the Facebook page "Redskins Fans in Support of Dave McKenna" and use the "LIKE" button to vote for freedom of the press and against corporate bullies!

  150. #150

    I just want to say good luck. We're all counting on you.

  151. #151

    Please set up a defense fund, as someone suggested. Provide a means for donors to specify a charity that will receive any of the unused money. We can support free speech, stand up to a bully and support charity.

  152. #152

    Bravo City Paper.

  153. #153

    Snyder should sell the team and find an activity about which he knows something. Does he not realize he has ruined the Redskins and the people of this area pretty much hate him? A great organization has become his play thing and it has not worked. Only he can't see it.

  154. #154

    The lawsuit lacks merit. His action here suggests that Snyder is nothing more than a rank, fearful, insecure bully, throwing his weight around to ease the inadequacy of his tiny manhood. If that is the case, he is truly a sad sack. His must be a confused and unhappy existence. May he lose quickly, and retreat to contemplate the profits he has made from the use of a trademark that quite a few Native Americans view as a racist vestige of another kind of holocaust. Irony, thy name is Danny.

  155. #155

    Not caring much about the Skins anymore since Snyder ran the team of my childhood into the ground in his incompetent quest for self-glorification, I had missed this incipient bruhaha and the McKenna article that inspired it before Dannyboy himself called my attention to it with his recent bogus actions. Congratulations assclown, once again the colossality of your boundless rapaciousness is exceeded only by that of your utter cluelessness.

  156. #156

    It appears Danny has his goon squad on the boards trying to defend him, just like Mubarak sending his bullies into the square to try and end the protests... and it will work about as well. Get a life guys, and find a new job. Guys like Snyder can't do nearly as much damage without their legions of minions doing the dirty work.

  157. #157

    It ap.pears Danny has his goon squad on the boards trying to defend him, just like Mubarak sending his bullies into the square to try and end the protests... and it will work about as well. Get a life guys, and find a new job. Guys like Snyder can't do nearly as much damage without their legions of minions doing the dirty work

  158. #158

    It appears Danny has his goon squad on the boards trying to defend him, just like Mubarak sending his bullies into the square to try and end the protests... and it will work about as well. Get a life guys, and find a new job. Guys like Snyder can't do nearly as much damage without their legions of minions doing the dirty work

  159. #159

    Danny boy is a spoiled little brat Probably was picked on all his life(cause he is a spoiled brat)He stole the team when Mr Cookes estate was bought out by Danny (bribed)

    Danny Boy should cherish the Super Bowl Trophies he has Danny you will NEVER win the big one

    Too Greedy

  160. #160

    Snyder doesn't need to draw our attention to this kind of adverse publicity. The Redskins are as good as their record. Always have been, always will be. Wonder if the ticket holders can be certified as an action class?

  161. #161

    Tom, there is public record evidence that "Snyder Communications" forged many, many, many signatures of people and illegally changing their long distance carriers in Florida. That's what the article is referencing. I got a great idea - let's do discovery into that case and write articles about exactly what took place in Florida, the people involved, and what Danny's role was. This should be great fun...more fun than watching his team play!

  162. #162

    As a lifelong NY Giants fan, I think it is appropriate that Dan Snyder remain as owner. However, as a fan of justice, I think the City Paper should begin a collection for a legal defense fund. I would donate.

  163. #163

    I support the Washington City Paper. Newspapers have pretty broad rights to say what they like and if they really crossed a line, then Snyder will have a chance to prove it. As he says, he has ample resources to protect himself.

    What I did do this morning was cancel my season tickets. I got them for 2010 after years on the waiting list. Nothing has hurt my loyalty to the team more than being a season ticket holder and watching my guests slip and fall in the mud and risk their health crossing that bridge from the grey lot because he want's the parking revenue but is too cheap to put in a flight of stairs and a pedestrian bridge so that thousands of people who pay $30 a game in addition to their ticket costs to park have a safe walk from the lot to the stadium.

    I was seriously torn about giving up my tickets after that experience. This public disgrace foisted upon my beloved Washington by Dan Snyder made it easy.

  164. #164

    TO: Rick Mangus

    I refer you to the posting by MacK of February 2nd, 2011 @ 7:07pm posting #11 for the best and most clear-eyed legal analysis of this situation. The guy nails it!

  165. #165

    Keep fighting, City Paper. Dan Snyder is a disgusting human being, but more relevant to our previously beloved Redskins, a terrible owner and businessman. Reading McKenna's column and Snyder's response have sealed the fact I will never set foot in FedEx Field as long as he is the owner, nor will I contribute to any obviously-Snyder owned or linked business. I'm regretting the Redskins sweatshirt I bought last year because it.

    And seriously, Tom? You're really the only one here who should be ashamed. Your comment is ridiculous, which is being kind.

  166. #166

    Hating Dan Snyder is no reason to publish innuendo or to resort to slander. To the commenter above who doesn't understand the difference between convicted and accused, it's very simple. You can't call someone a criminal if there is no proof. You THINK he did it? Is that all you have?

    Is Snyder unlikeable? You bet. But this article and the lack of an apology makes the paper look small time.

  167. #167

    Can't the team be have a new owner? Do we really have to put up with an moron like Dan Snyder? The City Paper may have stretched the facts but it's for a good cause. Run Dan out of town on a rail!

  168. #168

    Snyder and Haynesworth are twin sons of different mother, spoiled by the fortunes of success, reacting as aggressive bullies when anyone attempts to criticize their behavior.

  169. #169

    Read through everything there is on this, researched the hell out of it too and the only thing I get out of this is that Snyder is a huge pussy who can't handle the realism when it is smacked in his face. Either laugh it off, or realize you're worthless.

    Snyder might as well sue every Redskin fan, because from what I got, they all hate him.

  170. #170

    I have long despised The Danny, just about as long as I've known of him. But thanks to his promotion of the brilliant City Paper biographical sketch of him, and his bully-boy 'I'll spend you into the ditch' lawsuit threat, it becomes clear that he is worthy of far more contempt than I could have ever guessed.

    It's too bad there aren't enough ticket holders to cancel so as to put his team ownership into bankruptcy, but a few game boycotts and mostly empty stands would be a nice message to send to this despicable troll. Washington NFL fans' best hope for something better would be for his going bankrupt and getting out of town.

  171. #171

    Shame on Snyder. This letter from his attorney is childish and only cements the allegation that he is just a little person whose only talent in life is to somehow weasel money out of people. It's sad, really.
    That letter is a classic. You should retroactively include it in your article under the letter N for the "No Friends" that this guy has.
    By the way, Snyder is apparently media savvy enough to realize that his "lawsuit" has called national attention to the article and will cause more damage to his "reputation" than the paper itself. I'm from Baltimore, and I had never even heard of the DC City Paper until this thing went viral.

  172. #172

    Everyone posting comments on this article defending Snyder are loyalists & corporate PR plants working for him. Don't pay ANY attention to them. The true Redskin fans know this guy has done nothing but distroy this franchise. If he so concerned about CP defaming his character may I suggest that he take them up on their offer and counter the article with facts & and evidence. The great thing about freedom of the press is that Snyder can write a rebuttal and back it up. That is, if he even can. The fact that he's threatening costly legal action instead, giving more reason to believe that he knows there is more truth to this article than he is willing to publicly admit.

  173. #173

    Here's a suggestion how Danny 'Napolean" Snyder can really make life difficult for The City Paper. Rather than suing the paper,implement the very same business plan he used for the Redskins - just buy the City Paper too and run into the ground,just as he has done with our beloved Redskins. I'm sure he can chase away as many fans of the paper as he has done with our beloved Redskins. Hey, maybe Danny could rehire Vinnie to be the City Paper's Editor-in-Chief. Time to get over it all Danny! We are so over you!

  174. Hail To The Litigations

    "...defending such litigation would not be a rational strategy..."

    Are you kidding me??? Why doesn't Snyder just go full-on Mafioso and say: "That's a real nice paper you got would be a shame if anything happened to it"

    I never knew that "shakedown" was an effective lawsuit strategy.

  175. #175

    dan and his buddy tom c---short peopl w/ short fuses and a overinflated sense of self worth

  176. #176

    Atalaya Capital Management (Creative Loafing, Inc) and the Washington City Paper staff. Many DC residents are proud you are fighting back to this bully!

    I will no longer set foot in FedEx field or buy any Redskins merchandise again as long as Snyder is the owner of my beloved Redskins which has been turned into a really sleazy and tacky organization...Dan and his yes men have taken it a long way from a public trust and treasure.

    Skins fans - DO NOT financially support this maniac. Make him move the team (we will get another team) or sell the team.

    Go Caps, Wiz, Nats, Mystics and DC United!

  177. #177

    I read this whole page and all I got was gas.

    Some of you people need a lobotomy, the rest of you rule.

    Lobotomy people step to my left so the rest of us cal point and laugh at you.

    Dan Snyder is well within his right to have his day in court because of the irresponsible actions by the journalist. I will applaud when Dan wins. And I will find all of you who you here that blame Dan for standing up for his rights, one at a time, and meet you with my camera and laugh in your faces, post it on youtube and watch you cry.


  178. #178

    tom @ 4:34 pm feb 3 -- You asked "how is Danny supposed to prove that he didn't forge someone else's name? Can you prove, for example, that you didn't ever write a bad check. You need to prove that he did the criminal act."

    The correct answer is: That's Snyder's problem, not CP's. A public figure defamation plaintiff has the burden of proving that the statement at issue is false. Leaving aside the fact that any such lawsuit would be utterly meritless, in seeking to defend Snyder, you've also demonstrated why it would almost certainly be unwinnable. Nicely played.

    The big picture is even clearer -- Snyder's threats multiplied the readership of an ultra-scathing article to an incalculable degree. The article was three friggin months old, and was in a local alt weekly. Now it's getting linked to by dozens of blogs, and the overwhelming tenor of the blog entries is that Snyder is a thin-skinned, narcissistic jerk.

    Textbook example of how not to manage public relations.

  179. #179

    I commend Amy Austin and Dave McKenna on their stand. The only way to treat a bully is to look him straight in the eye and then punch him in the mouth.

  180. #180

    I hope this idiot goes bankrupt soon with all these "litigation" he's filing. Then I just wish someone from the Rooney family or Kraft will buy the redskins. We will Finally have an OWNER, who is smart and considerate to their fans. We don't want big name players on our team but good players that help us win. Please,someone give this guy a good ranting so he understands!

  181. #181

    Hey Dan Snyder,

    Fuck you!


    Joel in Hawaii

  182. #182

    @ tired: Just saw your post (#146). Funny how Snyder's lame assault on CP has united virtually all regular readers/commenters. I see drez, noodlez, indeed, typical dcbs, tired, th, and others defending CP the same way as we might defend family members.

    In short, we quarrel (bitterly at times) among ourselves. But may God have mercy on arrogant outsiders who attack our online family.

  183. #183

    " You need to prove that he did that criminal act."
    No, Tom, they don't. He needs to prove that he didn't for his action to succeed.

  184. #184

    Strike while the iron is hot. That picture of Snyder with the devil horns would make for a fine T- shirt. Off them for sale.


    I'd buy one.

  185. #185

    God of War: It will be difficult for you to take pictures of anyone with Snyder's balls in your mouth and his finger up your ass. You can however, return to Extremeskins and perform your ritual circle-jerk with your fellow tossers in protest to the treatment your heroe, the malignant dwarf, is receiving on a daily basis. Have fun with that...

  186. #186

    shouldn't the city paper counter sue snyder now? He has made several statements about the 'lies' in the article, specifically, that the article included derogatory statements about his wife, her disease, and her position as league spokeman for breast cancer.

    I'm not attorney, but this would seem to be slander. Then again, wouldn't it be ironic if they were both claiming first amendment rights as means to defeat said law suits?

    Don't you think Dan's lawyers have to be questioning what they are doing? Do they really think they have a case?

  187. #187

    This suit is groundless as anyone who is familiar with New York Times v Sullivan will tell you. He is without a doubt a "public" person who has a huge bar to overcome in order to prevail, one that he hasn't a ghost of a chance of surmounting.


  188. #188

    > The City Paper should issue a retraction of the devil picture, as it is insulting to devils who can actually get things done.
    > The City Paper should replace the devil picture with Snyder's face drawn on a douche bag. It is a far more accurate depiction as Snyder is, in fact, a total & complete douche bag. Talk about a moniker with some unused mileage, to wit:
    > Dan The Douche Bag Snyder
    > Super Douche Snyder
    > DANdy Douche
    > or perhaps rename the Douche Bag, the Dan Bag
    > If you go to a Redskins game, does the ticket bar you from chanting "Douche Bag Dan"? If so, could they eject 90,000 fans chanting it?
    > I aim to find out.

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