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Snyder Sues

It's Super Bowl week, but instead of preparing to take on the AFC champions, Dan Snyder is taking on a newspaper article. Several months after he was the subject of a Washington City Paper cover story, the owner of the Redskins has filed suit over our coverage.

Snyder's suit was filed late Wednesday—curiously, in New York, rather than in any of the Washington-area jurisdictions where City Paper circulates.

Earlier in the day, City Paper publisher Amy Austin published a letter to readers defending columnist Dave McKenna's reporting. The Snyder suit specifies four alleged misstatements in the story, and also claims that a cover illustration depicting Snyder with horns and a goatee was anti-Semitic. We expect the claims to be defended vigorously. We've also made clear that we think the allegation of bigotry is sensationalistic and absurd.

The bottom line is: It's sad that Snyder, who has such a public relations apparatus at his disposal, has chosen to turn to litigation instead—especially in a court deep in Giants country.

Read Snyder's full complaint after the jump.

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  1. #1

    What a douche bag. After 800 negative comments about Little Prick Danny today on the WAPO website, he still digs deeper.

    Someone PLEASE teach him the first rule of holes.

    When you are in one stop fucking digging!

  2. #2

    Snyder's amoral
    Is CP going to set up a defence fund, and how can I contribute?

  3. #3

    How do I get a subscription to your paper? Anyone who stands up to Snyder gets my support

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  5. #5

    What a moron! He's clearly looking to recoup some of the $100 Million he dropped on Haynesworth. GO CITY PAPER GO!

  6. #6

    What a lame pleading. Can't believe he's asking for a jury trial. What group of 12 normal people would believe any of this?

    He's a prick. A spoiled prick.

  7. #7

    This might be the greatest local story ever. Can you imagine a trial where lawyers argue every one of of Snyder's mistakes. Its a fucking gold mine for embarrassing news stories.

  8. #8

    Isn't it ironic that the owner of a team with a racial slur for a nickname is concerned about something being anti-semetic. Once you allow/approve of racial slurs you open yourself up to racial slurs. The team name should be changed before this lawsuit is allowed to progress any further.

  9. #9

    I would love to know what happened to the people that were organizing the anti-Snyder campaign last year. All of a sudden they disappeared. I guess Snyder got to them and threatened to sue.

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    The first thing that is interesting about this suit is that it wanders aimlessly into areas that are not likely to found defensible or provable in a court of law. Namely, the issue of investment in funds and restaurants as well as the most specious claim of all which is Anti-Semitism.

  11. #11

    Will his paid hacks on NBC 4 report on this story? Or will they ignore it in the hopes that he keeps payign them to shill for his crappy ass team?

  12. #12

    City Paper:
    How can we help? An attack on one of our papers is an attack on us. If you can establish a defense fund, my checkbook is ready.

  13. #13

    Please give us the address to your legal defense fund. This aggression from the mental midget will not stand.

  14. Mike from Virginia

    Oh Danny Boy, the pipes aren't calling ...

  15. #15

    Leave the 'Deadskin" owner and his play toys to his own demise . Spoiled idiots should not be supported by thinking adults . He is a wannabe bully !We should all be in prayer for all who are subject to the whims of this brat in this NFL organization . Maybe he is the reincarnation of the the past, Marshall and the last Billionare Bully . This is the Deadskin Legacy !

  16. #16

    I'm no longer a Redskin fan!

  17. #17

    Have you read the lawsuit? Claiming "damage to his reputation?" Please, he's done that all on his own. Claiming anti-Semitism? How dare he even go there. This is "abuse of wealth" in the first degree, and a shameless effort to suppress First Amendment rights. CP and Atalaya, please stand your ground. And Redskins fans, maybe it's time to send a clear message: BOYCOTT!!!

  18. #18

    If this article has been so injurious to Snyder and his professional life, why has he promised to donate the money to charity?

  19. #19

    Derp Derp
    I'm going to treat these annoying journalists like I do my team, throw money at the problem.

  20. Just Another Joker"

    like another Joker in DC, he's probably not interested in winning, just getting in a good financial punch, milking a few WCP funds and tying the papers attorneys up in a lawsuit that will span a few years with the right liberal appeal-averse judge. See

  21. #21

    Just like another joker in DC, he's probably not interested in winning, just getting in a good financial bullying, milking a few WCP funds and tying the papers attorneys up in a lawsuit that will span a few years with the right liberal appeal-averse judge. See

  22. #22

    Your editorial cartoon is revolting.

    Only a degenerate moron publishes a cartoon of a Jewish businessman with horns.

    I don't care if / how badly you think he is mismanaging the Redskins. If you did a cartoon of a Black team owner with big lips, eating watermelon and fried chicken you would be in the morgue already, and almost everyone writing letters here would say you deserved it.

    I hope his suit bankrupts you.

  23. #23

    "The Snyder suit specifies four alleged misstatements in the story" Guess that means he agrees the rest are true.

  24. #24

    Dismiss the case by saying and PROVING that Jew are NOT REALLY SEMITES!!! Google - jews not semites... It is ALL right there.....

  25. #25

    Devil horns, bushy eyebrows and $$$ are anti-semitic? That's rich. Its nice that the complaint establishes an allegedly competitive relationship between Snyder and the Paper. That might open the door to counterclaims. If I were on the jury, I would be happy to give the Paper a $1 billion dollar judgment in its favor and put Snyder out of business once and for all. Snyder's complaint however states absolutely zero facts that would tie the action into NY State, and it therefore cannot survive a jurisdictional challenge.

  26. #26

    I can't say enough bad things about Dan Snyder. Please let us know where we can send checks for your legal defense fund.

  27. #27

    Just so you know, the Snyder-owned extremeskins message board is now blocking access to posters who criticize the owner or this lawsuit. Yep, too many critical comments and you start getting a "The server is too busy" response.

    But guess what? Clear your cache and the message magically disappears and access is restored! Sign in again and - lo and behold! - the "server is too busy" again!

    What a cretin. Of course this shouldn't be surprising given the respect he shows the First Amendment with this ridiculous suit.

    What a horrible, horrible subhuman he is.

  28. #28

    Dear Bob,

    If seeing that picture immediately evokes images of antisemitism, and you seriously see it on par with drawing a black person with big lips and a watermelon, that says more about you than it does about the WCP.

  29. #29

    What a joke, what an ass! He even say's in the suit he expects comment and ridicule. I hope you hire the best first amendment lawyers and counter sue...heck, sue for the Redskins. Dave McKenna could probably run them better than Snyder has!!! My checkbook is ready and waiting if a defense fund is set up!

  30. #30

    A description of "DisHonest Dan"
    Wannabe Bully
    I will stop there because if I don't I will have carpal Tunnel Syndrome when I finish!

  31. #31

    For Snyder (or rather his PR hacks, since no one has heard from Mr Snyder himself) to claim anti-antisemitism over that cartoon markup is despicable.

    Yet, coming from this craven juvenile punk, not surprising.

    Can he conjure up any more sleazy tactics to confirm he utterly lacks character and integrity?

    Snyder's actions thus far have done much more damage than the original article.

  32. #32

    Bears fan from New Jersey here, no ties to DC or the Skins. However, i do believe in free speech and freedom of the press and am totally on your side in this. Please publish the details of your legal defense fund, if you have one.

    Kick his ass!!!

  33. #33

    Bob, did you go to elementary school? Ever see anybody draw a mustache and horns on a picture? It's the most childish, dumbest way to deface a picture. It's not anti-Semitic. Get a grip. In fact, there are in the Gallery Place Metro where somebody drew mustaches on pictures of a local TV news sports team. Is that anti-Semitic?

  34. #34

    "Your editorial cartoon is revolting. Only a degenerate moron publishes a cartoon of a Jewish businessman with horns."

    The only thing revolting here is your faux indignation. And equating an image of a Jew with horns vs. a black person eating watermelon and fried chicken is false equivalence.
    Please, get over your self-loathing.

  35. #35

    The most interesting thing to me is that no one at yourpaper thought twice about the cartoon, as if no would even notice the obvious slur. It's typical that you
    goiyim are so blind to the world around you that you don't even pause.
    I don;t object to objective reporting but you show how stupid you are to ignore the obvious.

  36. #36

    How can I contribute to the defense fund? Please, please let me do this.

  37. #37

    HAHA...hope they shut the paper down because McKenna is jealous of Snyder. If you are going to accuse someone of better have some proof. Perception of what the articles states. Can McKenna write about anything else...44 anti S...nyder articles in 8 months !! Dude needs to get a life. I wish Snyder could do what they are doing in Egypt and round up all the journalist. Journalism has become opinion and not based on any facts anymore. "My sources say ".....what the hell is that. My sources say that the City Paper has journalist that could not get jobs at a real newspaper to they write crap. Anyone can hide behind an article and a source. The 1st amendment was so the government cannot block the media. It was not so jerks like McKenna can attack people and get away with it. Hope they shut them down....if you are gonna throw sticks to waken the better be ready to fight him when he

  38. #38

    Donald -- who are you calling a goy?

    Mike Madden
    Managing editor, Washington City Paper/Congregation Har Shalom Confirmation Class of 1992

  39. #39

    You guys rock! I read your article for the first time yesterday and after trying at first to not laugh out loud, I lapsed into a coma of disgust at what this man(I use the term loosely) has done for pure personal gain. Feel free to sue me, Mr. Snyder, for questioning your manhood.

    A True Football Fan

  40. #40

    Stop running this paper like a high school newspaper and grow-up children! The court of law, not you're court of public opinion counts and you all will lose, BIG TIME! A suggestion to the staff, update you're resumes NOW!

  41. #41

    After reading the lawsuit, I have a guess why they filed suit in state court in NYC.

    The lawsuit emphasizes the claim of antisemitism (from the illustration accompanying the article). NYC still has a considerable Jewish population. My speculation is that they are hoping that a NYC jury is more likely to sustain a claim of antisemitism.


  42. #42

    I personally believe Dan is Satan himself - just masquerading as a person of Jewish faith.

    And Bob, until this article I, as I am sure many people who are not bigots/racist by nature, had no idea Dan was one of Judaism beliefs or followings.

    Now that I know, I did some reading on what Satan is to the Jewish religion. I found it to translate to yetzer ra.

    Then I found the following definition on

    "The yetzer ra is more difficult to define, because there are many different ideas about it. It is not a desire to do evil in the way we normally think of it in Western society: a desire to cause senseless harm. Rather, it is usually conceived as the selfish nature, the desire to satisfy personal needs (food, shelter, sex, etc.) without regard for the moral consequences of fulfilling those desires. "

    After reading the Jewish interpretation of Satan/The devil, I feel it may help confirm my personal as well as Mr. McKenna's opinion. Dan Snyder is the devil.

  43. #43

    "Dave McKenna's reporting" ... How oxymoronic of you, City Paper.

  44. #44

    I've been fair-minded and given Snyder the benefit of the doubt -- until now. His suit papers read like the rant of a whiney, petulant, spoiled brat. PR stupidity and legal frivolity that surely will backfire badly.

    And filing suit in New York? Well, Snyder lives in VA, the Redskins play in MD, and the Washington City Paper is based in DC. So choosing a NY venue is a punk move.

  45. #45

    Hey, Dan Snyder, I mean "Bob": you're grasping at straws in a pathetic attempt to salvage your worthless reputation. Stop. Just stop.

  46. #46

    I will contribute to a defense fund as well let us know where to send some money. My money is better spent here then for any quitskins tix!!

  47. #47

    SNYDER PLEASE SELL THE REDSKINS, AND BOB u have gone left field with that one talking about if it was a black man stick to the article. I am black. they have cartoons on the president. . synder is a clown he purchase a team that makes more money than teams that make the playoffs, then he thinks true skins fans r stupid and goes out and get big name players who need walkers to get around. no he gets a coach that has done nothing with out elway. elway has been going to super bowls.

  48. HowardCoTransplant

    Damn Jew !

  49. #49


    Please figure out a creative revenue raising way for folks that appreciate WCP and read it daily to show their support besides patronizing your advertisers and clicking all your articles as much as they can.


    admirer of alt-weeklys

  50. #50

    I hope City Paper's lawyers move to dismiss the complaint for lack of jurisdiction in New York. And why did he sue there? Because if he sued in Washington, where the case really belongs, he couldn't find a jury of 12 citizens who would give him one dime!

  51. #51

    CP has gotta do these two things:
    A. Start a Legal Defense Fund. I pledge to contribute $130, one dollar for each tree Snyder cut down at his palatial estate. Others could contribute amounts in a similar way: One dollar for each team loss since Snyder bought the team (that's way over a hundred bucks) etc. It will not match Slimeball's millions, but you gotta start somewhere!
    B. Regarding anti-Semitism, point out that Ted Leonsis and of course Abe Pollin are/were both well-liked Jewish sports team owners here in DC. Do an editorial entitled "CityPaper loves Jewish DC Sports Team Owners" or ask readers to write in on how they like both of them.

  52. #52

    Irregardless of what you think of Dan S., the CP has the shoddiest reporting. They chronically shirk their responsibility for the BS they put out. Time to reckon.

  53. #53

    This is just another entry in the original story. A few things:

    Dave Donovan, the skins "counsel" is also the COO so he can claim "client priveldge" is classic Snyder idiocy. These guys are bullies and despise Redskins fans. They own the team, not the heritage or fan support.

    Two, classic that he claims this has anything to do with his religion, but it's fine to say "Redskins" is not defaming American Indians. Ironic, huh?

    Third, there is enough evidence (look at the Florida coverage of Snyder Communications and forgery fines) to prove this is true, and they WERE found guilty of a crime, so what's the issue with pointing it out?

    Forth, Donovan threatening to cost them a lot of money defending litigation proves he doesn't know shit about the law. The first letter he sent tanks their whole case.

    And finally, hell yes I'd contribute to a defense fund. The discovery process alone is worth the cost of this whole thing. A lot of DC lawyers have offered to help pro-bono too, so it would be a fantastic journey into his past and ON THE RECORD this time!

    Typically, Danny does not think two steps ahead. He just fires from the hip (with David Donovan in his pocket) and doesn't think a second about steps 2-3-4 down the road. He's truly an idiot.

  54. #54

    I would like to see the Redskins become a publicly held corporation with the shareholders being comprised of citizens/ fans. This lawsuit is not a surprise at all. He's the Hosni Mubarek/ Robert Mugabe of NFL owners-there is certainly nothing anit-Semitic about those comparisons- REVOLT (boycott)!

  55. #55

    I would like to see the Redskins become a publicly held corporation with the shareholders being comprised of citizens/ fans with wishes of having a stadium in the District. This lawsuit is not a surprise at all. Danny Boy is the Hosni Mubarek/ Robert Mugabe of NFL owners-there is certainly nothing anit-Semitic about those comparisons- REVOLT (boycott)!

  56. #56

    The trial will look alot like the final episode of seinfeld I can see it now their will be the little old lady he sued after selling her tickets,some guy that git sick on 1 year airline peanuts,some kid that only had 7.67 cents and couldent get in to mini camp becuase Snider was the first ever in the NFL to charge 10 bucks,the lady that had to trash he sign to her husband in iraq becuase of Snider's sign ban ,the coach with the melted ice cream on his desk YADA YADA YADA LMAO

  57. #57

    The trial will look like the final seinfeld episode, the coach with the melted ice cream ,the old lady he sued after he sold her tickets, the kid with 7.67 cents that couldent get in to mini camp becuase snider wanted to be the first ever in the NFL to charge 10 bucks ,some guy that got sick on 1 year old defunked airline peanuts,the lady that had to trash her sign to her husband in iraq due to a first ever sign ban ,the nanny that sued and won foe her back pay yada yada yada LMAO

  58. #58

    Go City Paper!

  59. #59

    Oh Danny boy, the fans, the fans are crying
    From Frostburg State, down to Virginia's south side
    The season's gone, and the playoff teams are vying
    'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

    But come ye now, that libelous City Paper to sue
    with pockets flush and lawyers held in tow.
    From A to Z, Dave McKenna has been right about you
    Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, you need to go.

    Along the canal, when all the trees were falling
    So the Potomac manse would have a better view
    Joe Gibbs returned, but the team was still appalling
    With Jim Zorn and Fat Albert yet to ensue.

    I hope to hear, that you own the team no more
    And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
    If not get ready, for another season-long snore
    I'll simply sleep in peace until owner you cease to be.

    I'll simply sleep in peace until owner you cease to be.

  60. #60

    If there comes a need for a City Paper Defense Fund, count me in.

  61. #61

    Please start a donation page to seek donations for the legal battle! I would gladly donate!

  62. #62

    I bet the NFL is delighted this is going down during Superbowl week, too!

    Danny and Donovan just don't think!!!

  63. #63

    Why are horns drawn on a pathetic team owner, who happens to be Jewish, anti-semetic, bob? What would you call horns drawn on ANY person of any different color or religion, bob? Anti-person?

    The Snyderman doesn't care about anybody or anything but his bottom line? Sadly he can't see that he is killing the very thing that keeps that bottom line going, the support of his Fan-base!

    I reached my limit this year, finally! The ONLY thing I can wish for the little general is a hasty retreat out of DC. It won't be long before there will be TV/cable blackouts of Skins games. Can you feel the empty seats Danny Boy?

  64. #64

    I don't particually like Dan Synder but I dislike City Paper even more.

  65. #65

    City Paper's defense is that because the editor that approved the picture is Jewish it's OK ? So...what if they were not Jewish...does that still make it OK. What an idiotic defense. So if a black editor approves a black athlete in shackles as a cover's OK ? But a white editor would get in trouble. Point is that being Jewish they knew what it meant....and that makes it worse in my book. They were not ignorant to what it meant. It was defeinitely done on purpose and now they go and hide behind the first amendment. OH..a child drew it's OK. Mckenna's is obsessed with's disturbing that a grown man wastes so much time on another man. Write something about real issues. Let's start digging in the closets of owners and employees of the paper. Don't throw stones because you may not like what you get back.

  66. #66

    Yo Bob! (Comment #22 2/3/11 at 9:27am) You must be Snyder, or at least someone who has his nose buried up his ass. Considering that the WCP artist AND editor are Jewish, and saw nothing wrong with what they did, who the f#@k are you to compare the pic to a racial depiction of black folks?!
    If you actually read the article, and knew anything about Snyder's history, you would see that there is nothing in the article that hasn't already been said or published in some form or another. All McKenna really did was slap some research together and report the truth. And why is it that this lawsuit was filed in New York? Is Snyder afraid of losing here in DC?
    Bob, your a little biotch just like the guy who's ass you're kissing!!!!

  67. #67

    Thank you City Paper!! Good luck fighting the good fight. And I know I speak for a lot of Skins fans here - if you set up a legal fund, I'd be happy to contribute.

  68. #68


  69. #69

    Hey Donald/Bob, a jewish guy drew the cartoon. Not a "goyam" You F'ing idiots.

    Dan Snyder is abusing his power here.


    Walk like an Egyptian.

  70. #70

    Dan just doesn't get it. He already lost, and he is about to lose really big time now. I have already seen alot of ticket holders dumping tickets. Who wants to be a redskin fan now..

  71. Christopher Hanley

    Dan Snyder is Jewish? You're kidding. The Jews I know are nice, civic-minded people with a sense of responsibility for their actions. Wow. What a disappointment. Are you sure?

    Seriously, I hope this nonsense gets thrown out of court. Trying to shut down newspapers(or reporters) is something out of the Blagojevich notebook. Kick him!

  72. #72

    Snyder's outrage is rich, myopic and ridiculous, considering that despite years of requests and personal pleas from Native Americans and native Washingtonians to Snyder to change the name of the Washington football team, he refuses to change the name of the "Redskins." While this might have been an "accepted" term in Jim Crow 1911, in the 2011 Obama era it clearly is not. The term is derogatory by any standard.

    If he's honest with himself all this brouhaha about his perceived slight will be met with reflections of his own transgressions of an entire people "on whose backs" he continues to profit.

  73. Washington Thinskin

    Dear Judith Lockhart, John Walsh, Patricia Glaser, and G. Jill Basinger,

    When your kids ask what you do at work, do you say "I file bullshit lawsuits for a spoiled rich guy who thinks his farts don't stink"? I'm sure Snyder spends plenty of money with you, but really -- is this why you went to law school?

  74. #74

    Thanks to Dan Snyder's legal action, I'm a new CityPaper web reader, and would never have been aware of the paper or had the chance to enjoy the McKenna article.

    Hopefully, some enterprising attorney will file a similar libel and slander action against the Redskins on behalf of all Native Americans for Mr. Snyder's use of a racial and deragotory term on all of his team related items.

    Mr Snyder is in a glass house on this one and he's throwing stones.

  75. #75

    1) McKenna's article never attacked Mrs. Synder or even mentioned breast cancer. Snyder (through his attorney, and in a recent interview on ESPN) mentions that his wife has been made fun of for her work with and for having breast cancer.

    What he hasn't commented on is the fact that, as the article mentions, Synder himself (I capitalized a word in the upcoming quote for emphasis) "... told host Jeff Greenfield that his business depended on coming up with “$5 million niches” that he could sell goods and services to. Asked for examples of his methodology, Snyder said, “We were looking at trend lines. We saw that the aging baby boomer demographics were coming on strong. That meant there’s going to be a lot more diabetic patients, a lot more CANCER patients, etc. How do we capture those market segments?”

    Dumbass and hypocrite

    2) Synder's attorney filed the lawsuit in New York because that is where the company (Atalaya Capital Management) that owns Creative Loafing (who owns City Paper, and is based in Tampa, FL) is located. I guess he figured that it would be a better location in case he actually won since Atalaya is an investment company and has bigger pockets than City Paper itself. What Synder may not realize is that the courts in New York are generally more favorable to publishers since it is one of the hubs of publishing in the world.

    3) In order for Synder to win the lawsuit as a public figure, HE (burden of proof is on him) must prove that not only were the allegations FALSE, but that malice was involved (that City Paper had to know that they were false and proceeded to publish anyway).

    4) His lawsuit pretty much says that (paraphrasing here) that he has deeper pockets and will use that to drag the lawsuit out and burden City Paper with the legal fees. City Paper, as many other media outlets, carries libel insurance and will pretty much only have to pay a deductible.

    5) Lawsuit also says that Atalaya is in cahoots with City Paper to publish this article because they have competing business opportunities/interest with some of Synder's companies. Atalaya has no editorial control over what CIty Paper publishes.

    What a petty, petty man. I hope City Paper countersues. Viva La CIty Paper!

    Great article here that refutes the claims in the lawsuit:

  76. #76

    Yep Yep (aka Snyder minion):

    Don't you have a message board to take care of? Mainly ExtremeSkins? I haven't been over there since this latest Snyder fiasco, but I'm sure they're marching to the beat of the Snyder drum hook, line, and sinker.

  77. #77

    Here's a suggestion how Danny 'Napolean" Snyder can really make life difficult for The City Paper. Rather than suing the paper,implement the very same business plan he used for the Redskins - just buy the City Paper too and run into the ground, just as he has done with our beloved Redskins. I'm sure he can chase away as many fans of the paper as he has done with our beloved Redskins. Hey, maybe Danny could rehire Vinnie to be the City Paper's Editor-in-Chief. Time to get over it all Danny! We are so over you!

  78. #78

    Two questions:

    1. If Snyder lives in VA and the City Paper is published in DC, why can a NYC court even accept his suit? Does this mean we can all decide to file our lawsuits where we like the judges best?

    And about this nonsense: "Your editorial cartoon is revolting. Only a degenerate moron publishes a cartoon of a Jewish businessman with horns."

    2. So, does that mean that all those Tea Party signs featuring Obama with horns are bashing him for being a Jew? Hm.

  79. #79

    As an outsider from Dallas (also with a eccentric yet moronic owner) that learned about this genius article from Deadspin, is the picture that appears on the article now the original? According to the law suit, Snyder's lawyers go to great lengths to explain that their were dollar signs all around him. Either way, the people of Dallas support the article and quite frankly, I'm willing to bet many here wish a reporter had the balls to take on Jerry the same way.

  80. #80

    There is simply no way this article is anti-Semetic.
    I have a lot of Jewish friends and they aren't bottom dwelling greedy bloodsuckers who nickel and dime to death, have no manners or conscience, suffer from "little man disease", and bitter vindictiveness.
    Bravo City Paper. I predict the legal action will be dismissed.

  81. #81

    Every time a jew sues its got something to do with anti semitism. As a fan Ive endured almost 20yrs without a dominating team. I stopped spending my money on merchandise when Cook's son didn't get the team and after this latest stunt by snyder Ill be watching the ravens for now.....SNYDER your a midget punk who needs his fuckin teeth knocked out....You bitch

  82. #82

    CP / McKenna - i hope you guys will respond i to Snyder's piece in WaPo today on refiling in DC:

    Specifically, elaborate on the forging names/Snyder Communications issue. This is the only example Dan gives in his op-ed, so it would be nice for you guys to clearly refute him publicly and explain what you meant on that particular piece in the article.


  83. #83

    Hope you get your butt sued off. Anyone dumb enough to write or publish that crap deserves what they get. Being a "little guy" doesn't make you bullet proof. You were expecting a Pulitzer?

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