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On the Matter of Dan Snyder’s Horns

Dan SnyderOne of the claims in the letter Washington Redskins general counsel David Donovan sent to Atalaya Capital Management, the hedge fund that controls the parent company of Washington City Paper, is that the cover story on Dan Snyder that we ran in November was anti-Semitic.

"How would you react if you were vilified by an anti-Semitic caricature of you?" Donovan asks. The letter calls the cover illustration "extremely insulting, offensive, and disturbing."

Where, exactly, to begin with that? For the record: The story didn't mention Snyder's religion at all. And the illustration is meant to resemble the type of scribbling that teenagers everywhere have been using to deface photos for years. The image of Snyder doesn't look like an "anti-Semitic caricature"—it looks like a devil.

But we at City Paper take accusations of anti-Semitism seriously—in part because many of us are Jewish, including staffers who edited the story and designed the cover. So let us know, Mr. Snyder, when you want to fight the real anti-Semites.

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    grasping at straws. what did he think he would gain by all of this? in the end, he's getting fleeced by some attorneys who know a money pit when they see one.

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    The media needs to lay off of Mr. Snyder. He is the BEST owner ever. The team's consistent record of success on the field during his tenure, and the warmth the average fan feels in his/her heart for the owner speak for themselves.

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    Jimbo: Are you HIGH!? Snyder's a joke! What's with all your mushy gushy crap! REAL Skins fans know how this guy is. You're an idiot

  4. #4

    I love you guys so much. Give 'em hell! And shalom.

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    That's awfully bold for someone to complain about when they run a team called the REDSKINS.

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    "many of us are Jewish"

    Ah Ha!

  7. #7

    @Sknzchk21 you need your irony detector replaced

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    As a longtime 'Skins' fan & ticket holder since I was little kid (we're talkin' Eddie LeBaron, Griffith Stadium, etc.), if Snyder doesn't leave town, I will. Had enough of him.

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    Gee. I thought Snyder's marked up photo was meant to depict a redskin with pigtails.

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    This is the final nail in the City Paper, Good Bye!

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    As a lifelong Giant fan, can your pain get any more intense? Get rid of Snyder and give us back our previously worthy opponent.

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    I support free speech and the first amendment. I wish all the best to this paper in it's counter-lawsuit and that it stands up to this bully-Snyder.

    Mr Snyder is a public figure and seems to be an awful owner. His trades have turned into real losses and hiring Mike Shanahan was "really smart."

    Snyder just might be the worst owner in all of professional sports and he might have the "smartest libel lawyers ever," but his "public relations skills" are horrible.

    Isn't this the same guy--Snyder who told fans they could not wear certain types of clothing--with writing at to the games? I thought so.

    Mr Snyder ain't no George Steinbrenner or Mark Cuban, either.

    Fans should boycott the Redskins until Snyder sells the team too!!! Just don't go to the games any more. Just do it and stay home on Sunday's!!!

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    Rick Mangus: do you promise? You'll go away? Don't tease us now.

    Sknzchk21: Not so good at recognizing sarcasm, are you?

    Even if everything Snyder contends is untrue was not put in the article what's left is still damning enough to make Snyder the worst owner in all of American sports.

    This former diehard will always have love for the Burgundy-and-Gold, but Snyder will never see another dime of my money. I haven't been to a game in three years (after having been to games in each of the previous 28 seasons straight!). With Snyder being a couple years younger than me that might mean I'll never see them play again.

    So be it.

    $nyder destroyed the Redskins. I'm done with him.

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    Mr Snyder,

    Please bring the Redskins back into DC and all will be forgiven.


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    How does this disingenuous jerk have the gall to falsely cry slur while at the same time profiting mightily off a team he insists on still calling The REDSKINS?!?

  16. #16

    No 'Kevin' I plan to be with you forever!

  17. #17

    Dan Snyder----

    Best Owner in the History of Sports!!!

    Cleanest Owner in the History of Sports!!!


    Dan Snyder is God Himself!!!

    When Dan Snyder walks the earth be sure to have your mouth taped up with some really fine band aids.

    Dan Snyder is God's gift to humanity!!!

    And he makes the best trade acquistions ever in the history of the NFL!!!

    Vomit Bags are on sale today too.

  18. #18

    It's obvious that too many of the wrong people own sports teams these days.

    What do I mean by that? Not understanding the sports culture.

    The Redskins will be looked at as wimps from now on with this lawsuit.

    I guess Rex Ryan would not be able to criticize this team in the future either with the threat of a lawsuit.

    One cannot believe in free speech part-time, either.

    I hope the paper can get the necessary witnesses to testify whether Snyder forged names though.

    This lawsuit is tragically comical and farcical. Snyder is a real piece and then some....

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    Awesome image. Where can I buy it on a burgundy and gold T-shirt?

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    Yeah, and that Duchamp guy was an anti-Semite, too:

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    The complaint actually refers to "horns, bushy eyebrows and dollar signs" -- where are the dollar signs? I don't see any. WTF?

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    As a Giants fan, I don't care what Snyder does with his team, after all , it is his team.

    That some of the editors and staff of this so-called journalistic endeavor claim to be Jewish is actually worse than if they were not and could plead ignorance of this traditional anti-Semitic stereotype. Instead, they are just stupid.

    Like many Jewish members of Congress who go out of their way to be critical of Israel and show little support of the Jewish state, these members of the 4th estate are an embarrassment.

    Just because Snyder is a public figure does not give people carte blanche to subject him to anti-Semitism. Criticize how he runs his team/business - that is expected with such little to show for it over the years.

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    Dan's a brilliant builder of greatness. First he is the greatest laughing stock of the NFL as a team owner. Now he can be the greatest publicity hound ever.

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    @ Rick Mangus - So you are not a person of integrity? No surprise there...

    @ Sandork Horn - Apparently, you wouldn't recognize Anti-Semitism if it fell on top of you...

  25. #25

    Notice how the Snyder camp is the only one talking about anti semitism?

    Where can I buy that image on a T shirt? I'd get them for my kids. Sort of like howChwrkis got the onesie for his.

  26. #26

    Snyder is like a 3 year old in the sand box. He does not share and when he plays with his toys (Redskins) he breaks them the same day they are bought. He charges an outrageous amount of money to watch a team play that cannot get it together. If this is how he wants to throw his tantrum let him, but he will learn that the Bill of Rights can withstand his huffing and puffing and jumping up and down.

  27. #27

    "antisemitism"... HAHAHHA!!!!!!!!! These days you're a fukkin' anti-semite if you sneeze on a Tuesday. Everyone must die immediately.

  28. #28

    This stuff is getting really nasty. That message from Snyder’s lawyers is really ugly and strong-arming. They claim that the City Paper attacked his wife and degraded her and that the devil picture is anti semitic. I find that incredibly ironic that they would choose those charges since he has been under so much heat over the name of the team. He is sure to bring a heavy dose of that argument once again to the Skins doorstep.

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    Wow, thats all I can say after reading the article about dan snyder. I'm a Ravens fan and I truly feel for skins fans that have to put up with this terrible owner. I thought Peter Angelos was bad.

  30. #30

    @Sandford Horn - There is no law against just being anti-Semitic or saying anti-semitic things and the fact that Snyder is a public figure does not matter. Redskins fans hate him, hence the devil horns. It's that simple. He is obviously a thin skinned jerk who thinks it's all about him and is willing to play the "anti Semitic" card to get his way.

  31. chief white halfoat

    "the illustration is meant to resemble the type of scribbling that teenagers everywhere have been using to deface photos for years."

    Must bring back memories of high school for Danny boy....

  32. #32

    While I agree that the lawsuit is idiotic and have no love for Mr. Snyder, those at WCO who don't understsand the objection about the devil's horns need to learn a little history. I got it, I get it, about it representing what kids everywhere do, but it is inappropriate when used in a newspaper on a Jewish person. It just takes on a different meaning to those who familiar with the history of anti-semitism. That said, great article...

  33. #33

    I meant, of course, WCP and "...those who are familiar..."

  34. #34

    where do we send checks for City Paper's defense fund. and I'm serious.

  35. #35

    Snyder is a pathetic man to be pulling this stunt. I am Jewish and was puzzled by his claims of antisemitism - he is really grasping at straws here.

    The total transparency on the part of the City Paper really confirms that Snyder is nothing more than an sniveling overpaid idiot who has made a HUGE fool of himself (again!)

  36. #36

    He seems awfully thinskinned for a man in the public eye.
    Every Owner, GM or Coach is a hero or a goat from season to season.
    If Mr Snyder can't handle a little schoolyard taunting, he is unfit to be in the league
    and should be removed by NFL.

    The players take lots of crap from fans, even fans take crap from fans.

    Personally I don't care, as I am not a fan.

  37. #37

    don't cry danny boy. accept the truth no one likes you

  38. #38

    If the midget Snyder continues with this rediculous lawsuit (as it appears he will), I hope the City Paper will begin taking donations from Redskin Fans/Snyder Haters like myself so that it can defend itself.

  39. #39

    This was the last year I can say I was a skins fan. No more, Danny boy. No more.

  40. #40

    As a child of Holocaust survivors, religious Jew, and contributor to the current Holocaust Museum exhibit on propaganda, I don't understand how the instantly recognizable illustration of Dan Synder as the devil can be considered anti-Semitic. I have never seen an anti-Semitic illustration that shows horns without also showing a hook nose, the two alleged characteristics of Jews that somehow survived from the middle ages.

    I am more concerned that Mr. Snyder is helping to turn into reality the stereotype that Jews are self-centered and money-grubbing. Do we really need to add Snyder to the list of embarrassments like Jack Abramoff and Bernie Madoff? I am at a loss to explain why anyone would support the Redskins when there are mensches who own local sports teams like Ted Leonsis.

  41. #41

    well heck, if you can drive Rick Mangus to stop commenting, this will have all been worthwhile.

  42. #42

    Hilarious that Danny is upset about fans we've been pretty PO'd for awhile. The article is just venting and it's obvious it should be taken with a grain of salt. Lighten up people.

    Funny thing is Mr. Snyder's reputation preceded his ownership of the Redskins. My ex-husband worked for a company that regularly worked at the Snyder home so he saw what a "not-so-nice" guy he is first hand. Perhaps, Danny should worry more about fixing the team and let that defend his reputation instead of whining because someone is picking on him.

  43. #43

    Notice the claim from this paper that it is going to take a while to post comments because they claim to be overrun with comments, that's BULLSHIT! What this liberal rag is doing is censoring-out comments against this paper! Freedom of speech is a double edge sword!

  44. #44

    I didn't even know he was Jewish. Who cares. Anyway, does anyone see the irony that his team has an image of a stereotyped Native American on the sides of their helmet, and that they're called the "Redskins", and yet he's complaining about bigotry. Mr. Snyder, you have truly stooped to new lows. Maybe you should take a loooooong ski vacation with Hosni Mubarrek.

  45. #45

    Washington City Paper, you should sell the image on T-shirts to raise money for your defense!

  46. #46

    Washington City Paper, you should sell that picture on t-shirts (burgundy/gold preferred, of course) to raise money for your legal defense!

  47. Not a Dan Snyder Fan

    Does the paper have a legal defense fund that we can contribute to?

  48. #48

    You want to know something? He's in my neighborhood, he's smart, an excellent businessman and a good guy. You don't get rich being a wimp. So all of you neardowells sit back and lay off. Yes, the caricature is immature and the City Paper is not what you call a medium of factual and intellectual stimulation.

    Don't make opinions of people from what you see or hear. As they say don't throw stones. Dan is charitable, caring and an over all good guy IMHO.

    Also the new caoch Mike Shanahan is quite impressive and he is passionate about footbal and his players, same as the owner. If you were there for the PFHOF induction of D. Green and A. Monk you would have seen an impressive Mike Shanahan speak passionately and get choked up at the mike. Now that's a real man......all the ducks are in order and you will see Championship Football return to D.C.

    Just remember don't judge a book by it's cover...Dan is approachable, considerate of others and sharp as a tack. I think he's a great owner whereby negative opinions just roll off like water on a ducks back. You have to have a thick skin just ask any franchise owner.

    Leave the man alone as his deeds behind the scences far outweigh your misperceptions exploited by the media goons. In this case the City Paper.

  49. #49

    The anti-semitic allegations are pure nonsense. Even assuming they had merit (again nonsense), it's a free country. Snyder is a rich, spoiled, petulant bully. His lawsuit is pathetic.

  50. #50

    Snyder's lawyers have an oddly drafted complaint, more a speech than a statement of legal grievance. When Snyder has to specify what is libelous in the article, the items he lists have nothing to do with the Redskins.

    And why did he sue in New York? Because if he had sued in Washington, he couldn't have found a jury of even six people who would have awarded him a dime!

  51. #51

    Mission accomplished Agent Snyder, return to Dallas.

  52. Redskins Yes Snyder No

    Snyder is a putz

    He's destroyed what JKC built.

    The Redskins are embarassing.

    The Danny thought he's immune.

    Cutting trees on Federal Parkland to get a better view!

    Playing real life fantasy football.

    I just hope CP creams his ass in court.

    The worst owner in all of sports.

  53. #53

    The Danny is pathetic

    Poor little rich boy..

    Sell the team and go away.

    Hope CP cleans his clock

  54. #54

    Poor little rich boy was picked on.

    So what's he do? Just like he always does..

    Tries to buy a fix.

    He's the worst owner in all of sports.

  55. #55

    how ironic that dan is but hurt form a horn and mustache, in a little local paper..but HE is the owner of the REDSKINS...and has that racist name and logo EVERYWHERE. hahahaa

  56. #56

    What is antisemitic about devil horns? Lots of artists characterize public figures with devil horns, tails, hoofs, etc. if their behavior and actions are evil. People dress up like devils for halloween. Some people worship devils. I have no idea about this fuss and violations of an artist and newspapers freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.
    Thank you for the photo where can I buy the tshirt?

  57. #57

    How about a campaign to raise money for City's defense fund, by selling T-Shirts emblazoned with two little horns, a furry brow, and Fu Manchu mustache and goatie, like so:

    ( )
    Of course, drawn by someone with more talent than my keyboard.

    We could try ordering a few dozen online from Vistaprint, to test the market. Then, if the idea catches on, an industrial order can be placed to bring the unit cost down. Any enterprising souls out there?

  58. #58

    Two Suggestions:
    1. Do an article about how popular Jewish sports team owners are and how much they have given back to the community, like DCs own Ted Leonsis and the Legendary Abe Pollin. Gee, I wonder if Slime Snyder will ever have a street named after him like Pollin?
    2. Legal Defense Fund - I'll be the first one in line to contribute, I'm good for $130, a dollar for each tree the Slime chopped down at his Potomac mansion.

  59. #59

    I'd like to buy a T-shirt with that great horned illustration on it! Who'll print them? You'd make a fortune!

  60. We don't fall for that sh*t

    Crying "anti-Semite!" used to work. Then came the brutal invasion of Lebanon in 2006. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for the general public. Now when the charge is made, it is rightfully met with laughter.

    "I don't like bagels very much."

    "Wow, water usage in Israel is inappropriate for such a semi-arid and arid landscape."

    "Hmm. The ejectors on UZIs can bend leading to ejection problems when firing."

  61. #61

    Like you said,scribbled on a so-called teacher. I had nuns,I'm sure they scribbled, too.

  62. #62

    "Redskins"? Change the name to "Schmucks" or the "Foreskins"

    As for anti-semitism, that epithet is reserved for the goyim who have been put on earth for the soul purpose of serving schmucks like Synder.

  63. #63

    Dan Snyder's personal destiny with humiliation and self destruction has become obvious. But, his false and self serving cries of antisemitism contribute to a growing threat to the larger Jewish community. Each fabricated and exaggerated claim of antisemitism tragically diminishes the credibility of all claims.

    The children's fable of 'the boy who cried wolf' teaches such a basic and important lesson. Never say or do anything that diminishes your credibility - especially on issues of life and death.

    In the fable, the boy's life might have been saved if he had been provided stronger guidance by his parents or town elders. In the end, it was only the boy that suffered the consequences of his foolishness.

    When Dan Snyder or anyone abuses the word antisemitism for their own selfish purposes, does it really matter? What are the consequences? For whom?

    It all seems so theoretical and distant until the wolf is actually here and no one listens.

  64. #64

    First of all, The City Paper has a much more soiled past in D.C. than Dan Snyder does, and Dave McKenna has been taking cheap pot shots at Snyder (and just about everything Redskins related) for years now.

    Just do a little searching through McKenna's archived articles here, and you'll see tons of stories attacking and trying to embarrass Dan Snyder every chance he gets. Many of his articles have crossed the line of good taste, and what should be considered 'fair game' to use when you're attacking a person in print.

    McKenna and the City Paper have been out to get Snyder for years, and now that Dan finally fires one single shot back at them (which originally only asked for a simple apology for the errors), McKenna and the City Paper want to act like it was all just a good natured joke, and Dan has no sense of humor. Then they play the helpless victim card, turn it into a David vs Goliath fight, and appeal to everyone to please "donate money to our defense fund." What a joke!

    You guys dug up every negative thing you could find on Dan Snyder, then you stretched and spun the truth around A LOT on many of those issues you pointed out, to make them sound worse than they actually were. To try and be funny, entertaining, and of course ... to try and sell more newspapers.

    I'm sure your researchers are hard at work, right this very second, trying to figure out how on earth you're going to defend some of the half truths and lies you put in that article.

    You constantly berate him for being insensitive to a few people that view the name Redskins as a racial slur. Then when he tries to use the same logic on your drawing a "thick uni-brow, devil horns, and a beard" on a picture of him ... you scoff at the very idea that he might have found it a little racially offensive.

    Once again you try to use the defense of; "No, No, it was just a joke .. You know, like teenagers scribble on pictures all the time. It was just supposed to make him look like a devil." Well, I have news for you City Paper ... any God fearing human being on the face of the planet would feel a little religiously attacked if their picture was plastered on the front page of your newspaper, characterized as the devil. Get a clue.

    And lastly, for all of the so-called Redskins fans around here that keep getting sucked into the relentless attacks by the D.C. media on Dan Snyder and everything Redskins (Let's see, who needs firing this week .. Is it Jim Zorn, Jason Cambell, Haynesworth, Vinney, Portis, Shanahan, McNabb, Haslett, Cooley, Moss, etc, etc, etc. The blame game list in the D.C. papers just never ends.)

    I just hope all the whiners are happy when Snyder finally gets fed up with being blamed for everything and decides to take HIS team, and the Redskins name and all of it's history, and move it all out to the brand new stadium being built in Los Angeles, CA. You know, a new start in a new city, where fans might actually appreciate an owner that opens his wallet up every year, and tries his hardest to put a winning team together.

    I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to turn a nice fat profit by selling off FedEx field and all of that prime DC area land to some real estate developer.

    Everybody seems to think that if they scream loud enough Dan will sell the Redskins, and some new owner will magically swoop in here and turn everything around overnight. The fact of the matter is that most sports team owners could care less if their team wins or loses, it's really all about the money. For all of the bumbling things Snyder has done over the years, the one constant positive has been that he's a true Redskins fan, and he's not afraid to spend money to try and help the team. What more could you ask for from an owner?

    The DC area media is the real devil around here. They bombard Snyder and the Redskins with constant negative articles, using unidentified sources, and made up stories, all in an attempt to rile up the fan base and increase their sales.

    The real reason they all hate Dan Snyder so much is because he got tired of all the negative press a few years ago and basically cut them all off by opening his own media outlets. He bought and built up his own Redskins radio network, and started his own message boards and websites. He stopped giving out free game tickets to all of the local reporters and hired his own reporters. Ever since then, all of the media on the outside of Dan's good graces, have created non stop drama for him and the Redskins by making up negative stories and starting controversy. Even the second coming of Joe Gibbs, who quickly led us back to 2 playoff seasons, wasn't exempt from the negative bashing and embarrassment by the papers.

    If Shanahan was smart, he'd get out of D.C. now, while he still has some what of a decent reputation left. Just look around the NFL at all of the ex-Redskins players and coaches that do just fine with other teams after we chase them out of town, screaming for their blood, because of all the negative articles that picked them apart while they were here.

    A football team is supposed to bring a city together, not tear it apart. For some crazy reason, the DC media just doesn't understand that.

    I for one, will be dancing in the streets when Dan's lawyers win the case against the City Paper, and we can rid the area of another big paper waster ... and constant negative influence ... on our fun sport of football.

  65. #65

    dan's friend: i look forward to the day when the petty little tyrant takes his team to LA. i would ask kindly that he doesn't let the mayflower truck door hit him too hard on the way out.

  66. #66

    @Dan's friend:

    You write: "To try and be funny, entertaining, and of course ... to try and sell more newspapers."

    Washington City Paper is, of course, available for free.

  67. #67

    @Dan's Friend: So when bully boy's frivolous NY suit get tossed, he's gonna move the skins to LA because he can't strong arm DC media into saying nice things about him? Priceless.

    Hopefully, he takes you with him because you surely sound like part of his inner circle with that dumbass comment. A real friend, thinking rationally, would tell him to drop his suit and humbly admit he made a huge mistake.

  68. Thick skinned former NYer

    @ Dan's Bud - you all are such hyper sensitive sissies. Tell Dan to get over himself and realize people perceiving him, and knowing him as le' douche de' DC is founded upon his reprehensible behavior and poor long term business sense. Dan has nickeled and dimed (usually in $25 increments - lmao - love that old phrase though) the Skins fans so badly over the past 13 years, that it's hard to believe an epiphany will ever take place. Backing off to hire Shanahan is like having 5 days of sobriety. Dan's character has been all too formed, and I suspect there's no going back, even if he does win in the future.

    The more you and your buds try to defend a sad excuse of a human being, the worse you look too. Take a look in the mirror, re-evaluate our priorities, and get away as fast as you can for Supermassive Black Money Hole Snyder - he is trying to suck the DC area dry!

    Regarding the City Paper - We must Defend at all costs against the financial tyranny of the Skins owner!

  69. Thick skinned former NYer

    Dan's in good company with Coach K - get a sense of humor coach Krybaby and Danny Boy :

  70. #70

    The City Paper should issue a retraction of the devil picture, as it is insulting to devils who can actually get things done.

    The City Paper should replace the devil picture with Snyder's face drawn on a douche bag. It is a far more accurate depiction as Snyder is, in fact, a total & complete douche bag. Talk about a moniker with some unused mileage, to wit:

    Dan The Douche Bag Snyder
    Super Douche Snyder
    DANdy Douche
    or perhaps rename the Douche Bag, the Dan Bag

    If you go to a Redskins game, does the ticket bar you from chanting "Douche Bag Dan"? If so, could they eject 90,000 fans chanting it?

    I aim to find out.

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