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The Mommy Fight Site On the RadioThe only thing better than reading about DC Urban Moms and Dads in Washington City Paper might be listening to a live discussion of the site on the radio. (Reading about the site on the site is also an option.)

Fortunately, Kojo Nnamdi is here to help. Tune in to Monday's Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU (88.5 FM) at noon, to hear Kathryn Masterson, who wrote City Paper's recent cover story on DCUM, talk about the piece with Jeff Steele, the site's administrator, and self-described "Adequate Parent" Lara Schwartz.

FCC regulations being what they are, don't expect the talk to dwell too much on DCUM's "explicit" forum.

Illustration by Elizabeth Graeber

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  • bs

    Great. So now Jeff will have a chance to complain on the radio (in addition to his own website, where he's gone on ad nauseum) about how unfair it all was. The author didn't pay adequate attention to all the compassion and empathy that pervades DCUM. And, look! The comments on the article were as nasty, if not nastier than the comments of any of his users!! The irony! The injustice!

    And then that lazy blogger -- Emily Kaiser -- she defamed my users further by saying that they were sex-starved! Can someone please hand me a tissue? It was just so mean and so unfair to my wonderful, warm-hearted users. As the patriarch of DCUM, it is my duty to protect them.

    Whine. Piss. Moan.

    Whine. Piss. Moan.

    I can't wait to tune in.

  • Nah

    You won't hear any of that. Just mumbling. Or the sound of him talking out of his ass. Same thing.

  • Adequate Parent

    Hey guys: This is what I really think of DCUM:

    I just never tell the truth anymore, as I now realize it is in my political interest to supplicate myself to Jeff Steele. Watch me do so on the radio tomorrow!!!

  • Adequate Parent

    Commenter #3 is not Adequate Parent. S/he may be an adequate parent but she is not the owner of that blog nor the person who did Kojo with Jeff and Katie on Monday.

    I don't know why s/he is using my blogger name. On this site, anyone can log in as me or as Stinkela McFartbuttocks if they want. So could you. The honor system depends upon honor.

    For those who listened to the radio show (sorry that it's not possible to watch that medium), thanks for tuning in.

    Lara Schwartz, the Adequate Parent is grateful to an alert reader for bringing this to my attention.

  • Parody

    Hi, Adequate: Nice to meet you. Apparently you missed me whilst we were at Harvard together.