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Photos: March For Life

National Mall, Jan. 24. © 2011 Matt Dunn

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  • Matt@StBlogustine

    You have got to be kidding with these pictures. What's the matter? Someone got assigned to something he didn't want to do? Honestly, you should be ashamed of this. It's worse than the tripe you posted on last year's March.

    Next year contact me and I will take photos for your newspaper and I'll do it for FREE!!!

    Here are mine:

  • Don

    Awesome photo reportage.

  • J

    I think the photos are really well done - each is unique. Good job.

  • Ward 1

    Terrific photos. The criticism from Matt McReligion is funny. So much anger from the churchy people.

  • Eric Stephens

    The anger seems quite justified. There were over 250,000 people at the March and you focused on those who look...rather ridiculous. Don't you guys get angry when the media zeros in on the ones in your crowd who look like they haven't showered in weeks?

    There were a lot of very nice people whom you ignored, and not without reason. Your biggest fear is that people will wake up and realize they aren't alone in their disdain for abortion.

  • Keith B.

    I think these people's biggest fear is a black planet

  • Tom

    I have to agree with Matt and Eric on this. Your first picture is of a lonely old man everyone is ignoring. Your second, third, and forth look like homeless people crashing a protest. The one with the horses looks like the crowd is out of control and must be rounded up. The bottom picture isn't too bad, except the kid with the toothache distracts from the issue at hand.

    Really, the only good one is the one with the nuns.

    Is this a student newspaper? Because it seems like a kid with an attitude took the pics, and a bigger kid with an attitude edited the piece. This has to be non-profit, right?

  • Matt@StBlogustine

    Who are you talking about, Keith B?

    There are no black people in Matt Dunn's photos above.

    And I suppose you didn't click on the link to mine. Lots of black folks showed up at the March. I got some of them in pictures, and they look good.

    Here, go ahead and look. I also have pictures of some black people on my Flickr page, too. Follow the links.

  • Matt@StBlogustine

    No one is afraid of a black planet, Keith, just liberal hypocrisy.

  • Lisa

    "RACISM" = the last shriek on the retreat when you run out of ideas.

  • Rick Mangus

    These photos, like ALL the photos in CP are amateurish and look like they were taken by a child with a disposable camera from CVS!

  • J

    Rick - STFU - wheres your photo credentials and website?

  • Rick Mangus

    'J', you are an asshole, you wouldn't know go photos if you tried, go back to finger painting class!

  • J

    Rick - I absolutely agree- assholes can recognize other assholes pretty easily. thanks

  • bfh

    These pictures stink. Anyone comparing these selections and the set on comment 1 above will know you put the blinders and filters on to keep the scenes of the better looking average and the high turnout off your pages.