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DC9 Employees Can Go Back to Work

DC9 Employees Can Go Back to WorkTalk about a reversal of fortune: City liquor authorities ruled today that the five DC9 employees who were once charged with murder in the death of Ali Mohammed outside the club can get their jobs back.

At an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration hearing, the club also learned that it would no longer need to pay for a police detail to monitor the bar whenever it's open. That means ABRA has dropped two requirements it originally placed on DC9 when it allowed the bar to open up again: The board had ordered the club to agree not to allow the employees to return, and to maintain a detail.

Before the decision came down, city lawyer Louise Phillips recommended that DC9 be permitted to to rehire the employees once accused of murder, and that the police detail requirement be completely removed. This all but assured things would go the club's way. The move drew the anger of a friend of Mohammed, Aman Deka, 29: "That's not right," he said, as he walked from the hearing room.

DC9 will need to pay to have D.C. cops present from 11 p.m. until an hour after closing on weekdays, and 12 a.m. to an hour after closing on weekends. There could be more changes coming soon, too: The ABC Board has scheduled a Feb. 16 show-cause hearing regarding the conduct of DC9 on the night of Mohammed's death.

On Oct. 15, Mohammed, 27, threw at least one brick through a DC9 widow and was chased by club employees. Later, he would be pronounced dead at Howard University Hospital. A few weeks after Metropolitan Police Department officials declared the DC9 employees guilty of vigilanteism, charges against the men who pursued Mohammed were dropped.

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  • MikeT

    Great news. Rick Mangus is going to be upset.

  • Not Rick Mangus

    Ha! When I saw there was one comment on this piece already, I figured it was Rick Mangus complaining in all caps!

  • We Hate Rick Mangus

    What threat will you come out with now Rick.

  • nick dingus

    ...I too was sure that the comments section would've been blown up by Rick already. C'mon dude, the peanut gallery's waiting!! My favorite part is when someone unfamiliar with him comes along and posts an outraged comment in response. The City Paper needs to give him a column or at least do a minor feature on his posts. Who's got a good idea for a title?

  • Mick Rangus

    How about "Drivel Never Sleeps"?

  • Don’t believe everything you read

    My source on U Street tells me Rend Smith got the story wrong. And another reporter who covered that hearing is reporting a different conclusion as well. Did Smith leave before the Board handed down its decision?

  • Don’t believe everything you read

    The February hearing is supposed to be more of a trial where they will try to determine if DC liquor laws were violated, and that's where evidence will be heard. At least that's what TBD is reporting.

  • Rick Mangus

    Let's see we are dealing with an incompetent police department, a incompetent U.S. Attorneys office and to all those tools of DC9, this is far from being over!

  • Alex

    Have you ever posted anything on this website that isn't just hate filled vitriolic ramblings of an idiot?

    I thought you had a particular dog in this fight, but just googling on past articles, you seem to have nothing better to do than just call the bloggers cheap hacks and basically spew a pile of verbal diarrhea out of your mouth.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Alex', it's call free expression!

  • Alex

    Yes, I got that, but it wasn't the question, was it?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Alex', that's the answer you will get!

  • DistrictNative

    All I have to say about this is...

    1) Since when does anybody in DC wait for the police to solve a situation for them? In DC usually those who are involved will handle it on their own without the help of the police.

    2) This will not go away. As much as the DC9 employees who attacked the kid would love for this to go away so they could all go on with their lives... That is not going to happen. They have already entered the street realm and there is no turning back now.
    Once they decided to chase the kid down and put their hands on him the laws of the streets now come into play.
    They should have thought twice before doing that but it is too late now. No turning back now. Code of the streets.

  • Drederik Tatum

    @DistrictNative: That sounds like a threat. Maybe this site should track your IP address in case anything were to happen to DC9 or any of its employees...

  • DCAV8R

    DistrictNative--- You have it wrong. The employees didn't attack, they were attacked. In addition, the ME report showed no evidence of trauma. So, by saying the 'laws of the streets come in to play'.... are you making a threat of violence against DC9 and the employees? Seems like it to me. Perhaps you should focus your energy on the club/bar that got the guy drunk--- that establishment would be more responsible for this than DC9.

  • Rick Mangus

    'DCAV8R', so how did you come-by this information, from your bartender at DC9? You are a TOOL!

  • dca8r

    PrickDangus-- you are the tool, I came by the information by reading it, I mean, the ME's report was available once it was released. It stated there was no trauma. And it is a fact that the drunkard threw a brick through the window---

  • dca8r

    Read the last paragraph of the article

  • Alex

    "'Alex', that's the answer you will get!"
    Thats about as intelligent as saying 2 + 2 = Chair

  • Rick Mangus

    'dca8r', we all know what the M.E. report says, I'm talking about, "The employees didn't attack, they were attacked.", so how do you know this? Are you reading talking points from the bar? Who's the TOOL here!

  • DCAV8R

    First of all, its 'DCAV8R', secondly, the fact is, this drunkard threw a brick through an establishments window. That is an attack. I hope that is simple enough for you to figure out PrickStankus.

  • Rick Mangus

    'DCAV8R', throwing a brick threw a window is not an attack on a individule, it's an attack on property, dumb ass!

  • MK

    Mangus: Throwing a brick through a bar window when there are people inside is not simply an attack on property, it's an attack that could kill someone. Ali didn't deserve to die, but he created the situation be being choosing to be violent, drunk, and stupid. He isn't the blameless victim he's made out to be.