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The One City Official Who Understood Jumiya Crump

Among the dozens and dozens of District government e-mails related to Jumiya Crump's child-welfare case, chronicled in this week's cover story, only one city official seemed to really get it. City lawyers and even Jumiya's own advocates were fixed on shipping the teenager out of state to a residential facility—a costly and dubious treatment practice. They all but ignored the obvious—here was a troubled kid who still hasn't really gotten over the trauma her mother inflicted and who still wanted to live with family, any family.  Except Laurie Ellington.

Ellington, a Department of Mental Health administrator, suggested the city may in fact be hurting Jumiya. On August 20, 2009, she seemed to sum up Jumiya's dilemma:

"The effort to get her to a residential has placed her at risk in the community and not helped with engaging her in the treatment process. She has decreased her trust in the public system and the belief that we can help meet her needs. We have an opportunity to meet her where she is and truly provide her with a team that will persist in supporting her and her family until things bet better."

Every child-welfare worker might agree on the sentiment. But that doesn't mean they are willing to follow it. A few weeks ago, Ellington resigned from her post at the Department of Mental Health. Now, who does Jumiya have that will get her needs?

You can read the city's first on-the-record response to Jumiya's story here.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Liberal Dribble, who cares you HACK!

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  • Truth Hurts

    Cherkis, please inform readers about Jumiya's court hearing tomorrow, and what's happened to her since your cover story ran. Today you commented briefly in the thread attached to the cover piece, but it likely won't be read/seen by many people who care.

  • Rick Mangus

    Yea it won't be read because it is writen by a no tallent hack!

  • Jason Cherkis

    Rick: I'm disappointed in your spelling abilities. If you are going to attack, make sure to scan for spelling errors. And please, please, comment on my cover story. It's missing your deep insights.

  • Jumiya Crump

    Hey I just want to Thank you all for commenting on this article some of your comments helped build up a wonderful hidden character who was always afraid to show her true talented abilities. For the others i just took your ugly nasty comments used them all as stepping stools to build on to my wonderful personilty and i especially want to thank you all the most because with out any down falls i WOULD NOT be the strong and intelligent person I am today.You all dont even know the first of what i had and still to this day have to go through.I wear a size 9 take a long walk in my shoes live my life and you tell me if you would be able to handle not even most but some of the crap I went through.You know what (smiles) even though i dont understand the things that happened to me I apreciate them all because i have a beautiful heart and the mind of a strong surviver.Yes i made mistakes BIG mistakes and i have no excuse or explanation for them at all.I was wrong and i can stand up and say that i was wrong but i just THANK GOD for giving me another day to make better decision and to be a living example for those who dont have one.I love my MOM she is a great person but i have a vision and in my vision me and my mother will have a better relationship.(SMILES,SMILES,SMILES) THANK YOU.

  • Nicole White

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