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Redskins 2010 Ticket-Selling Campaign Mimicked MPD’s Curfew Law Promotion in Sloganeering and Effectiveness

At the end of the last school year, the Metropolitan Police Department released a new multi-media campaign to promote the District's longstanding curfew laws, which require anybody under 17 to be off the streets in the wee hours.

The MPD's money line: "Are U In?"

Videos were posted on youtube. Digital posters were made available online for downloading. Fliers were hung at D.C. parks.

A month or so later, the marketing geniuses over at Redskins Park, desperate to fill up all those yellow seats in the non-selling premium levels of FedExField, unleashed what sure looks like a bastardized version of the MPD's brainchild.

The money line of the Redskins campaign:  "R You In?"

See what the Skins did there? They changed "Are" to "R" and "U" to "You"!

Filched or coincidental, the Skins ticket-selling campaign was in a thematic shambles by the end of the season.

The copy in the Redskins commercials touted the team's hiring of Bruce Allen ("The Architect has arrived!"), Mike Shanahan ("The Leader is in command!") and, of course, Donovan McNabb ("The Franchise Quarterback is in place!").

By now The Architect's only known duty, despite the lofty General Manager title, is to try to sell club seats; The Leader is so not in charge on the sidelines that his son has to pick up the challenge flag for him; and, The Franchise Quarterback is only in place if the place you're talking about is under a bus co-piloted by The Leader Sr. and The Leader Jr.

I came across the MPD curfew campaign's fliers this fall in a park off 13th Street NW. My best guess is the "Are U In?" catchphrase somehow made trickled out to Redskins Park while team's management was searching for ways to curtail Albert Haynesworth's after-hours carousing.

With all the kids I see walking the streets of Petworth at ungodly hours, the MPD slogan can be scrapped, too. Maybe the team and the city should get together and force curfew violators to sit in FedExField club seats as punishment.

But, what's everybody's 2011 slogan gonna be?

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  • dcborn61

    Isn't this headline off by a year? Wasn't that the Redskins 2010 marketing campaign?

  • Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke


    Every year, that annoying Daniel M. Snyder plays Lucy, and the ever-dwindling band of Redskins fans play Charlie Brown.

    Every year, Snyder promises not to yank the ball away. Every year, something happens, and Redskins fans end up on their backs, with hopes dashed. Bunch of blockheads, I say, believing that twit Snyder!

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  • Dave McKenna

    DCBorn61:you're right, i'm a twit. 2010 it is! fixed! thanks for copyediting! grammar suggestions and jokes also welcome!

  • Rick Mangus

    You can't even give them away!

  • noodlez