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The Needle: No Pants to Lighten L’Enfant Plaza’s Mood Edition

Today's Needle Rating: 62

Keep Calm and Carry On: Although details are still sketchy, it's safe to say that igniting packages at local postal facilities is not good. Stay vigilant, D.C.! -2

New Way to Deter Crime at L'Enfant Plaza? This weekend is the quirky no-pants Metrorail ride! On the agenda is the L'Enfant Plaza station, which has been in the news for being a not-so-nice place. Maybe some boxer shorts with hearts will help lighten the mood? +2

Mark Your Calendars: Members of the creepy Westboro Baptist Church are planning to "PICKET THE FAG-INFESTED, PERVERT-RUN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY" next week Friday for about 45 minutes. Fortunately, it seems these days, with each of their anti-gay protests, the Westboro folks become less and less relevant and will barely register a blip on the city's quality of life. Which is a good sign. +1

Food Truck Fest: Lovers of D.C.'s food trucks will be glad to know that an impromptu food-truck lunch party is being planned for Franklin Square on Monday. The weather looks like it will be decent. Eat up, because all your favorite mobile food vendors should all be in the same area. +2

Yesterday's Needle rating: 58 Today's score:+3 Friday bonus points: +1 Today's Needle rating: 62

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  • Rick Mangus

    Reduce crime on METRO by stopping the subway from going into SE and NE and keep the animals in there cages there!

  • tired

    Rick who in the hell are you calling animals? You must be referring to yourself.

  • Nick Dingus

    to 'tired', just ignore Rick M. He's just a pathetic individual that always enjoys posting incendiary comments on the city paper site. He's a simp that cheapens free speech every time he posts. Reading and acknowledging his syphillis-addled keyboard ramblings will only cause your quality of life needle to dip a few points, and to no end other than to give a little attention to that D-bag.

  • Rick Mangus

    'tired', you figure it out! 'Nick Dingus', FREE SPEECH, stupid, FREE SPEECH!

  • adam

    Aren't "planned" and "impromptu" mutually exclusive?

  • Nick Dingus

    @Mangus, 'FREE SPEECH' is a right, not an imperative. Just because you have something offensive to say doesn't mean you are required to, or should. Grown-ups use discretion so that their words have value, and not just shock value. You clearly enjoy being offensive so just say so...don't act like you're nobly exercising some sacred right. You're just being a D'bag, not a free-speech crusader. The supreme court also says we have a right to bear arms and by your standard we should all HAVE to bear arms, you jackass...

  • Rick Mangus

    'Nick Dingus', did I upset you're sensibilities, tough! Speaking of the 2nd Amendment what METRO needs is a Bernard Goetz to eliminate some of these worthless bastards!

  • Nick Dingus

    i've officially started enjoying Mangus' posts! "Rick" is basically a modern Archie Bunker type. Keep them coming dumbass! Some day you could be the subject of a blog like "shit my dad says". Yr shtick is a little tired and unoriginal but it works. Surely tho you could find an upgrade to Bernie Goetz...that was decades ago. If you don't keep it current you'll date yourself as some old dude and be easier to ignore. Why not substitute the name of some of our current handgun mass murderers instead? There's plenty to choose from.

  • Rick Mangus

    Sorry Nickie but there hasn't been a subway hero since!