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Photos: Inaugural Gala

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Jan. 2. © 2011 Matt Dunn

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  • The Lipsmacking Moose

    I knew you'd nail it, really enjoyed the B&W stuff. Good move staying for Chuck Brown.

  • Boston

    well, its great things are off to a good start because they have some serious work to do in this City. Fenty is gone home after only 1 term. Who would have thought to be true 4 years ago.

  • Curious

    Hmmm...One City eh? Interesting that the only white people in any of those photos are Tommy Wells and Mary Cheh. Were the photos chosen this way on purpose, or were there really very few white folks at the "One City" inaugural gala?

  • J

    who the bleep cares how many white people are in photos over black. They are just great photos- when will we ever see past race?

  • Curious

    I think it's a legitimate question. How did the editor choose the photos to show that they chose? Great pictures or not, editorial judgement does go into photo selection.

  • WARD411

    why does Bowser always look so dumb???

  • Ward 1

    No white folks. One city my ass.

  • Ward 4

    All residents were invited including white residents and tickets were free you just had to pick them up.

  • seDCdude

    WOW at you ignorant ass white folk and I'll assume your white with your insinuating innuendo and loaded pessimism, you would think it was ALIENS who won the election and attended the gala!

    Grow the hell up and lose the entitlement badge!

  • Looking good is feeling good

    Can someone please teach gray to tie a half-Windsor?
    The 4-in-hand is a casual knot, and not appropriate for our top executive, regardless of whether he calls himself Vince or Vincent.

  • Typical DC BS

    Hope everybody enjoyed the party, cause they're getting ready to raise taxes and fees to overcome the $400,000,000 deficit they're projecting.

    Would be interesting to see a simple chart that shows the rise in DC government expenses over the past 4 years.

    Maybe they'll use lube on us at least.