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Medical Examiner: Alcohol, Cardiac Anomalies, and Exertion With Restraint Led to DC9 Death

Ali Ahmed Mohammed died outside DC9 on Oct. 15 because of cardiac anomalies, alcohol, and a physical struggle, a report just released by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner says.

Mohammed's death was ruled a homicide in the report, but he wasn't—as police alleged the night of the incident—beaten to death by DC9 employees. The official manner of death, according to the report: "Excited Delirium Associated With Arrhythmogenic Cardiac Anomalies, Alcohol Intoxication and Physical Exertion With Restraint."

The U.S Attorney's Office has issued the following statement about the findings:

The Medical Examiner has now completed an autopsy related to the unfortunate death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed.  The Medical Examiner’s forensics examination has concluded that a variety of factors led to the death of Mr. Mohammed, and we intend to carefully study these conclusions as part of our legal analysis of this tragic incident. Our deliberate and comprehensive factual inquiry continues, and we again express our sincere appreciation to the family of Mr. Mohammed for their patience and understanding as we work to reach a just conclusion to our investigation.

Attorneys for the DC9 employees originally charged with murder in the incident—though the charges were later dropped—couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

UPDATE: The full text of the e-mail the medical examiner's office sent to reporters is below:


Please find the cause and manner of death for Mr. Ali Mohammed:

Cause:  Excited Delirium Associated With Arrhythmogenic Cardiac Anomalies, Alcohol Intoxication and Physical Exertion With Restraint

Manner: Homicide

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  • Robert

    Are you sure they labeled it as a "homicide"? Or is that just Martin's spin? Have you seen the death certificate? Isn't homicide a legal conclusion? Wouldn't the lawyers decide that, not the ME?

  • Rick Mangus

    Now the city needs to shut down DC9 for good and the stupid U.S. Attorney's Office needs to re-file the charges that they never should of droped in the first place! What a GIANT cluster fuck this whole thing has been so far!

  • sanbasl

    can they re-file the charges? what happened to double jeopardy?

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  • Dc_rez

    The guy had a condition, he should NOT have been drinking excessive amounts of booze at nearby Ethiopian bars.
    He was not beaten; he freaked out, threw bricks, was restrained and we know the unfortunate result.

  • joan

    Double jeopardy is implicated only once a jury is empaneled.

  • NY

    How intoxicated was he? What was his blood alcohol level? If he was extremely drunk I suppose that could have been a major factor in his death. But they say he was not beaten to death. If those guys just ran him down and held him down and if he was so drunk and his heart was racing so fast that he has a heart attack, I do not see that as a homicide, not if they did not beat him.

  • NY

    But if they did beat him, then I geuss that would be a crime and if he died while they were committing a crime, I believe then they would be responsible for his death, weather or not the beating caused his death.

  • raindog

    Mangus, please. Spare us your misguided outrage for ONE SECOND and look at the facts. There is no evidence that DC9 employees did anything remotely like stomping Ali Mohammed. Eyewitness testimony at 2pm in the morning is notoriously sketchy, and that is what you seem to base your entire "case" on. Get a grip and focus on the unbelievably shoddy police investigation into this matter and the irresponsible journalism that followed it if you need a focus for your rage.

  • Alex

    Exactly, remember that the ruling of Homicide from a medical perspective does not entirely equate to homicide from a legal perspective

    Homicide means that someone had a contributing factor to the persons death, but it does not mean that the act of the other person was criminal.

    So in this instance they claim it was citizens arrest, which is Legal in DC, however the guy had arrythmia, which you can die from just running on a treadmill, let alone anything else.

    Like everyone else has said, the guy, whether he knew or not, had a condition where he could have likely died falling down some steps, and even then i'm sure some of the mob mentality would hold protests against the people who laid the concrete

  • patti

    Also keep in mind, many, many people die with alcohol in their systems, and the ME's find this during the autopsies. But that never makes it onto the autopsy report, because the presence of alcohol itself wasn't a factor in the person's death. Here we see it actually being written into the coroner's report which to me signifies that alcohol had a direct role in Ali's death.

    I am not trying to blame the victim, only pointing out that there are some contributing factors at play here that had nothing to do with DC9.

  • Justice for Ali

    Eyewitness Pauline Brown, 58, said she and four other people were sitting on the side of an abandoned building when they saw Mohammed being chased by five men. “He stopped right here in front of the pole,” said Brown pointing to the area. Brown stood about 10 feet away and watched with her friends. She said the first one to catch up to Mohammed was the “big guy.”

    “He looked like and acted like a detective so we watched but kept our distance and mouths shut. We didn’t want to get arrested,” she remembered. Brown said many police officers work undercover at night to protect the businesses. “They looked like police officers. We just didn’t know.”

    Brown added Mohammed was knocked to the pavement and then all five men kicked and beat Mohammed all over his body but he never fought back. “He kept shielding himself and then all of a sudden he collapsed,” Brown said.

    With Mohammed lying motionless on the sidewalk, the employees walked away from the scene of the crime. When the police arrived, the owner remained to give his account of what happened. Brown and two of the witnesses left the scene of the crime.

    Six weeks later, the DC Medical Examiner has not released a determination of the cause of death.

    Remembering what she saw like a scene from a movie, Brown said, shaking her head in disgust, “It was awful. When we heard the young man died, we kept saying they can’t get away with this. Somebody has to pay.”

  • Justice for Ali

    Brocken window + Insurance + Anger + Being Owner + Being Bar Employee + Beating = Death of Human Being (Homicide, Murder)

  • Alex

    I would seriously question the credibility of a 58 year old anyone sitting on the steps of an abandoned building at 3am on U St..... sounds like they would be someone completely coherent and trustworthy.


    "With Mohammed lying motionless on the sidewalk, the employees walked away from the scene of the crime. When the police arrived, the owner remained to give his account of what happened. Brown and two of the witnesses left the scene of the crime"

    Wait a second, i thought they all walked away? how are they now giving evidence to the police? I'm confused

    But really, honestly, think about it, why would you call 911 and stay on the phone with 911 so that they can hear you beating someone to death and then stick around for the cops to come?

    IT makes no sense, the Death certificate just doesn't prove homicide from a legal perspective, it really doesn't.

  • NY

    I think they beat him, but i think his alcohol and his heart condition caused him to die, not the beating. They should be charged with something but not murder, maybe some kind of manslaughter.

  • Alex

    well lets say it was the beating that caused him to die, even if it was, for it to be truly homicide or murder they would have to prove that they ran out there with the intention of killing him.

    In the most believable scenario as to where they did kill him, I think that would be manslaughter, where a genuine crime was committed, they didn't mean to kill him, they just meant to teach him a lesson etc.

    But after following this since day one, and now this report, I truly do believe they tried to make a citizens arrest, theres no doubt they restrained him.

    The doubt is as to how bad that restraint was, but in the midst of all of this, the guy had a major heart condition which even when you take away drinking or drug factors can be fatal in so many circumstances

    At most i think it would be aggrevated assault, the same charges they were reduced to before they were dropped. But i'd be very surprised if they accused are charged at all.

  • Justice for Ali

    According to "How To Cover Up The Crime Book" - If someone kill somebody at 2:00 am and if the witness is 58-yrs old that witness doesn't count.

  • Dc_rez

    The second sentence of the article clearly states "he wasn't—as police alleged the night of the incident—beaten to death by DC9 employees."

    Having followed this fairly closely I am surprised never to have heard or read about Ms. Brown and her friends...

    Why, I ask (again) are not the friends of Ali finding out where he had been drinking? The establishment was irresponsible selling him so many drinks. Why was he drunkenly attempting to enter other establishements 40 after every bar in the city had closed!

  • Rick Mangus

    I'll believe the account of Pauline Brown over what the DC9 goons had to say, because she was an empirical eyewitness!

  • Alex

    an empiircal eyewitness? you're just making terms up now

    But ignorance aside, there were supposedly three other people that witnessed it with her? and they haven't spoken about it?

    You can't just say you witnessed something and ultimately be the absolute voice of reason behind something.

    I could say that I was on the corner of U St last night running naked at hobos..... firstly no one can say for sure whether you did that or whether i'm lying. There is no way to prove it one way or the other.

  • Robert

    and I believe in Santa Claus because he brings me presents.......

  • Alex

    "I could say that I was on the corner of U St last night running naked at hobos"....

    That was meant to read "I could say that I was on the corner of U St last night *and saw you* running naked at hobos" :)

  • MP

    The maxim holds true that a witness who is a prostitute (or any other person engaged in quasi-nefarious activities in the dead of night) is still a witness. Her testimony should not be dismissed until it is proven contradictory or compromised, at which point the witness' name needs to be completely removed from the entire proceedings, and no part of her testimony can be submitted. Guilty until proven innocent, for witness.

    As a lawyer and resident of U street, my theory is based in neighborhood realities. Fact: it is possible to get a beatdown on U st at 2am, especially if you are lying on the ground. There could have been additional assailants before or after Ali was reached by DC9 employees who could very easily with this lack of evidence have committed a crime tantamount to manslaughter or even homicide. The DC9 employees are being framed I feel it in my gut.

  • Justice for Ali

    Second-degree murder:

    1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable "heat of passion" or

    2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender's obvious lack of concern for human life. Second-degree murder may best be viewed as the middle ground between first-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.

  • Justice for Ali

    See #2) "killing caused by dangerous conduct"

  • Steve

    Oh my lord! All the people on this board acting like they are unbiased and trying to sway people's opinions agains the homicide ruling is DISGUSTING! This guy died, it was ruled a homicide, and now all these friends of DC9 are spewing out all these silly arguments.

    ITS MURDER! HOMICIDE! Don't forget it.

  • Alex

    MP: true, i never said that the witness would be inadmissable, just that I would question their credibility.

    and Justice:

    Based on that, even if it was them that killed him (forgetting for a second about the freaking heart defect and alcohol blood level), it would be manslaughter as far as i can tell.

  • Alex

    Steve: The death certificate says Homicide but that is from the medical perspective which carries a different meaning from the legal/criminal definition of homicide.

    Just because the medical report says its homicide, doesn't mean its criminal, doesn't mean it's murder

    Also i'm not a friend of anyone at DC9, i don't know any of them, i've never set foot inside of the place, i'm just saying that I don't believe for a second that they murdered him because none of this adds up, and with the death certificate being released it is even more clear to me that he died of a heart defect

  • DCAV8R

    For anyone who thinks he was still beaten-- read the damn report. There was no physical trauma-- internal or external. This guy was drunk, on drugs, and suffering from a heart condition. SUPPORT DC9!!! SUPPORT THE STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!!

  • Rick Mangus

    'DCAV8R', I take back what I said in the previous posting, you're not a TOOL, you're an MORON!

  • Alex

    what was it that he said was moronic?
    I mean nothing points to the fact he was murdered except some sketchy "eye witness"

    I mean really, if you look at other bars that cause regular issues, like the crows nest or whatever where people have been shot and killed, they never get this level of attention, never get shut down etc

    DC9 itself has had a squeeky clean record except for this one incident, and if you look at it, most places are loathed to call the police, they will call the police and say they are calling from another establishment so it doesnt go against their track record.

    The DC9 is for all intents and purposes a safe place, one of the safest i might dare say. What happened was a tragic accident, but an accident is all it was

  • Rick Mangus

    It's nice to see that the bar has lined-up all their STOOGES!

  • Alex

    You can't really dispute its reputation, especially compared to other more dangerous bars and that's really the best argument you can come up with?

    By finding some random word and capitalizing them for god only knows what?

    Anywho, american justice system, innocent till proven guilty, they haven't even been charged, let alone anything else.

    If you want to keep wanking over the clip of lanier talking about vigilante justice then please by all means go ahead, but there's been so much ignorance from day one I hope you're happy by continuing it so passionately.

  • sanbasl

    but what about that blood found on the crosswalk?

  • 11th

    that blood turned out to be from this incident:

    tragic, feel for the guy's family. if there were evidence of blunt force trauma, i'd say the dc-9 folks were guilty. but there just isn't. and i don't go to any clubs of any kind.

  • Justice

    Five to one is a reckless cold blooded murder? Did they not find any bruises, or strangulations? even though there is no single physical injury to the body of Ali, there should more detialed analysis on the matter. HOmicide is not a bad ruling but the judge has to consider the circumstances during the violent act: his pleading for mercy and the five employee struggling with him gives strong indication of the intent to harm him in a brutal way.

  • noodlez




  • MikeTorrez

    So he wasn't beaten to death. The police have some explaining to do.

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