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Autopsy Still Delayed in DC9 Case

The cause and manner of death for Ali Ahmed Mohammed may not come out today after all.

The city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was expected to announce findings this afternoon regarding Mohammed's death outside nightclub DC9 on Oct. 15. Though the office is ready, an e-mail says that they can't announce it quite yet. There's a hang up at the the D.C. Department of Health. The family of the deceased hasn't received an official death certificate, and that's necessary in order for the office to release the information publicly. OCME spokesperson Beverly Fields writes:

Please note that we have just found out from the funeral home that, apparently, the Department of Health’s Vital Statistics Unit is moving and has placed a hold on releasing documents, including death certificates. As such, the funeral home has been unable to obtain the death certificate. The Chief Medical Examiner will be contacting the DOH Director asap to determine if this can be resolved with respect to this particular case. We will be in touch as we know more.

Reached by phone Fields says the situation could be resolved soon. But it could also drag on: "They didn't say for how long."

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  • Rick Mangus

    This is CRIMINAL! Rend Smith can we asume that Mr. Mohammed body is still at the M.E. office or is waiting at the funneral home?, if I follow the law right, a body can not be disposed of either by burrial or cremation without the death certificate.

  • eli

    Rick, I think you are mistaken, simply based on the fact that the ME routinely takes 6-12 wks to complete the autopsy reports and most people are buried or cremated within a week of death.

  • Justice

    This is a clear injustice on immigrants.

    It seems they wait until the Vital Records start moving and acted as if they were not aware of. After all they hold the result/ so called “determination” for this long for a purpose. It is a clear unjust.

  • It is what it is

    Re: Justice...please. Let's not make this something that it isn't. This is typical D.C. buearacracy and stupidty that affects EVERYONE who lives in this city whether they are an immigrant or not.

  • Rick Mangus

    'It is what it is', I guess you believe in Santa Claus as well! 68 days and counting with no report!