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The Saddest Holiday Video You Will See This Year

This is sad unless you like city leaders failing to implement a tax reform bill they already passed. If the D.C. Council doesn't act, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute believes the city could face another $20 million in budget cuts. Enjoy the grainy footage, sad music, and scary stats:

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  • DC Voter

    It has been said mostly in sad jest but with: Vince Gray and Ms. Green boldly marching us into the past (Crystal Palmer, my god what rock did they have to dig her out from under). Kwame's intellectual acuity and credit card problems, Team Thomas, "Taxi Cash" "AIDS Grift" Graham, Jack's sloughing off $250,000.00 for what has turned out to be a belated Christman Tree lighting "event", etc., etc.,etc.,... I am seriously beginning to believe that this gaggle of harpies won't be satisfied until they convince Congress to reinstitute the unfunded pension liability.

    To think we once beatched about Linda Cropp and Tony Williams, boy were we ever stupid!

  • Rick Mangus


  • Truth Hurts

    Terrific post, Jason. Watch the video, people!

  • drez

    What is the argument against doing this?
    Seriously. Are they afraid Home Depot will close? FedEx will stop delivering, yuppies will need brew their own coffee, or Walmart won't open 4 stores in DC?
    Are they really going to try to sell higher taxes on the promise of cheap and plentiful consumer goods? Sounds like a fail to me.
    Go DCFPI! You got this one right.

  • Hypocrite Much?

    Who will be left to bear this burden AGAIN the unemployed, underemployed and middle-income DC tax payer.

    Thanks City Council and Mayor Gray, weren't you the Chair before you became Mayor. You could and should have ensured that this legislation was signed and enforced.

  • almost

    as usual, dcfpi only gets 1/2 the story right.

    yeah, the council needs to do this and likely will in january. they do not have to do it by jan 1 as stated in this grainy piece of crap video.

    dribble is right.

  • Thomas Jefferson Andrews

    Why do we elect these people. Why can we get successful business people like Jonn Palmer to serve on the Council