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Some Cops React to Gray Giving Lanier the Nod

Some members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department aren't "furious" about Chief Cathy Lanier keeping her job. "I'm very happy about it," says one high-ranking police official, who asked for anonymity because members of MPD have been asked not to talk to the media. "I think it's good, I think we're going in the right direction." The official also wasn't surprised when Mayor-elect Vince Gray announced he'd be keeping Lanier on Thursday. He thinks it's the strategic thing to do. Things have been going well, and Lanier has only about a year left on her contract, anyway. "I thought from the beginning that he would keep her and say, 'Let's see where we are in a year.'"

A lower-ranking cop is angry with Gray for making the move, though. "People aren't happy, I can tell you that," the officer says. "Another four years of disaster!" The officer says morale has been at an all-time low under Lanier because of the lack of respect she's shown the rank and file. "We already have people leaving and they're leaving en masse," he claims. "They're not taking care of these people." District cops haven't had a raise in several years.

The officer further insists that Lanier's claim to fame—low crime stats—will fall apart soon. "The numbers will look good up until Dec. 31," he says. "It's all going to self-implode."

Another officer, who's not part of the command staff, seems less mad at Lanier than he is at Gray. "Vincent Gray sold the police out," he says." The department is at an all time low." But he also takes issue with the police union, which has fought pitched battles with Lanier for a while now, then endorsed Gray enthusiastically in the primary against Adrian Fenty. "You got to pick and choose your battles," he says. He says the entire department has lost money because of ongoing litigation between the two. "The rank and file is caught in between, " he says.

Fraternal Order of Police head Kris Baumann says the union has tried to negotiate with Lanier before to no avail, so they've had no choice but to go the legal route. "Our job is to fight for the rights of officers," he says. "We pick our litigation strategically."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • egn

    The mayor-elect has selected Chief Lanier. So people within MPD need to get over it and just do their jobs.

  • Rick Mangus

    What MPD needs is discipline, from top to bottom and yes they do need to shut-up and get over it and do the job we the tax payers are paying for!

  • robert

    Rick Mangus...

    You just don't get it, all the good DC officers are leaving to other police departments and federal agencies, leaving you (the district resident) with the below averge officers. It is well known within the law enfocement community and those agencies are just laughing at DC. So you as the tax payer will get what you deserve....

  • Rick Mangus

    'robert', First-off they need to raise the education requirement to a full BA or BS. Two MPD has too many uneducated morons who have no passion or commitment for the job and are there only to collect a pay check or boost their ego! The FOP just like any union is always anti-management and always back-up stupid, lazy and out of control officers. Back in the 70's when I was a police officer MPD was known as a joke then and is still known that way today!

  • vaLiberty

    "We already have people leaving and they're leaving in mass," he claims.


  • robert


    I think you are not getting may point, most of the young officers that are coming on MPD are already college educated, an they are the ones that are leaving MPD to other police agencies. Everyone in MPD knows that there are officers that shouldn't be on MPD. MPD management and our city leaders has not done anything to try to keep the good and educated officer, which again leaves our city with the poor performing officers.

  • robert


    Secondly, if all MPD officers are "uneducated morons" as you claim why are so many of them getting hired by other police departments and federal agencies, which most if not all require a college education.

  • Rick Mangus

    'robert', They sure in the hell are not going to Montgomery, Arlington, Fairfax counties or Alexandria City, they wouldn't have these guys! The only perfect fit is Prince Georges County which has their own problems and has a low hiring standards like DC!

  • tired

    Rick what happen to your wait and see approach no matter what Robert says you just have something negative to say. Well get this you are still a redneck has I told you before with your trailer mentality. Because you always have to make a reference to black women and children. Now what are you saying about the officers. Damn they have a right to their opinion and a moron like you need to get it. What is your educational background? And when you go there and I know you would I am a citizen of the District of Columbia and I also pay taxes. Robert you can't rationalize with him he is beyond human understanding

  • Rick Mangus

    'tired', you must be a product of DC Public School system, if your going to insult someone, like, Line 3, after redneck, not HAS, but AS! Get it right DUMBASS!

  • robert


    I should have know better in trying to have a constructive debate with with Rick. After reading his comments I realized that this clown really does not know anything about the law enforcement issues in the DC area. It is very apparent that he is someone that has no clue, and I really doubt that he was even a police officer.

    Also, if you were a police officer in the 70's as you claim, most were rednecks...and yes I am white.

  • nunyabiz

    Not to debate the choice to retain Lanier, but MPD officers are no more "uneducated" than some of the morons who are actually running this city---the ones who are paid $120K for part-time jobs, so that they can pop their collars for the cameras, but ignore constructive dialogue with the citizens. They hold the ocassional feel-good town hall, and then return to the Wilson building to accomplish nothing on the legislative end. No, I am not an officer, but one who has been actively involved with my community and can see firsthand how hard many of these officers work, and with limited administrative support.

  • Rick Mangus

    'robert' you're ignorance is showing making a blaketed statement about police officers in the 70's. One thing is a fact is that a lot and I mean a lot of the MPD officers hired in the 70's, 80's and 90's had criminal records and were placed there to fill space! That's a fact not a blanketed stupid statement that you like to throw around!

  • eric

    "Rick Mangus"

    Dude you sound like a loser get a life

  • Rick Mangus

    'eric' I didn't know they allowed patients in you're unit to use the computer, DING!, it's medication time!

  • Terry Miller

    Vincent Gray was very careful to not make promises about the agency leadership, except that he said he would get rid of Peter Nickles. I asked him many times about one particular department head (not MPD) and he said only that he couldn't say now, that he would make he decision later on merit.

    I was and am an avid Gray supporter and he is basically doing what he said he would be doing, creating a cabinet that is racially and ethnically diverse, and he is not done yet. He has kept the best of Fenty's appointees (Bill Howland, Allan Lew, etc) and as far as I can see, has not brought back a bunch of Barry or even Williams appointees, as many people feared.

    All and all I think we have to give Mayor Gray a chance to do what he promised, create one city.

  • robert

    WTOP News has reported that FBI crime stats indicate that violent crime is up in DC, even thought homicide are slightly down, the over all violent crime is up. Cheif Lanier said thatey go by DC law. Early this year a commander told me that violent crime was up in the city and that the numbers are always played with, but I was confused because Cheif Lanier said it was down. I quess she is wron

  • Officer Friendly

    You are an a**hole why don't you go back under the rock you crawled out from dumba**.

  • Stephen

    As a twenty-five year vet, I have seen all of this many many times. Crime is up Crime is down, stats are all I hear about. What I need to hear is all of you hold a line of protect and serve the public, We all did, Lanier is no better no worse than any other Chief, she is not the boss of DC, the Mayor is and he has Congress on his back.

    Protect & Serve is not a saying its a lifestyle, Your careers will see many changes, just like mine did. Never forget this is not a job its a way of life and as you live it you will understand the honor in it.

    Stay safe, SPM