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Circus Update: Redskins Take Away McNabb’s Job, Chance to Break Passing Record

The Redskins have benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman. No, really.

This means he won't break the all-time Redskins record for passing yards in a season.

Don't even try to tell me the benching and his approaching that record aren't related.

They're as related as Kyle and Coach Tanahan.

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  • Jason Cherkis

    This is an outrage.

  • Typical DC BS

    The Tanahans may be setting their own record by pissing off more Redskins fans with their idiotic coaching decisions than any coaching staff in Redskins history.

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee look like complete morons for sending two high draft picks to the Eagles for a quarterback they won't even start now. I wonder how long Danny Snyder will put up with their clown show. They may be surpassing Zorn's incompetence in less than one year!

  • The Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke

    Actually, the Tanahans are Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

    And we're well on our way to that 5-and-11 season that I've been predicting all year. And we go into the off-season with fewer draft choices, thanks to that idiot Daniel M. Snyder. So there'll be more dumpster diving to build next year's roster.

    If only I hadn't died!!

  • Notdansboy

    I havn't seen the Dan-erators over at offer any opinons or "insight" on this. Maybe if they came down from their ivory tower seats and put down their dan-banhammer and took their noses out of Dan's butt....