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Lanier to Stay, Rank and File Cops ‘Furious’

Police Chief Cathy Lanier will remain at her post. As Fraternal Order of Police leader Kris Baumannn walked into the 1:30 Reeves Center press conference in which Mayor-to-be Vince Gray would announce that the police chief would be staying on, he wasn't happy. Neither were the rank and file officers of the department, Baumann claimed by phone.

"They're furious," he says.

Baumann says Lanier isn't exactly lauded among the lower ranks, particularly since she's taken an annual 10 percent raise during a three-year stretch in which those ranks didn't receive their usual 3 percent raise. There have been other controversies as well. Baumann says Gray promised that those officers would have a say in whether Lanier stayed, but didn't end up involving them in the decision process. "Instead, they went with the status quo," he says.

Check back for more on Lanier later today.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • notaDCcommish

    I bet they are furious. She has held them accountable, and has actually been known to be out and about in the city, checking up on things, and gasp! even reads listserv email. Cuts down on their 7-11 hangout time, don't cha know.

  • Mother always said…

    Seriously, Kris Baumann never has a good thing to say EVER.

  • pmt

    How would he know how many people are furious within a few minutes of the news coming out that she was staying? Seriously, all this guy does is say bad things about her. Crime is down, MPD is more accountable, she shows up when needed... Sorry union chief, she may make some of your guys work hard and not kiss your ass, but she's here to stay. If you don't like it, leave.

  • michaeliceman

    Come on know the union heads always hate the boss! That's his job! If there is harmony between management and the rank and file....what do they need him for? He has to stir the pot. I think a bigger issue is how Gray handles the police union now that they feel betrayed. He did not get their input in keeping Lanier after cozying up to them during the campaign.

  • American Rogue

    Glad you're staying Chief Lanier!!!!!

  • Rick Mangus

    Will see what happens, only time will tell!

  • Typical DC BS

    If the police union chief and police officers are all whining and crying, Chief Lanier is doing a great job. Unions are a necessary evil, but the balance of power always needs to rest with the Chief and the city, NOT with the union.

    Montgomery County is in the crapper financially because the politicians didn't do their job the past 10 years and gave away the store to the unions. Now they have to call the unions bluff and start cutting back on their ridiculous benefits and pay.

  • rob


    As a DC resident you should be concerned because all the good officers are leaving to other police departments and federal agencies. Four great officers in my neighborhood left MPD in the past seven months to other police agencies. A police offical told me back in summer that not many people are knocking the door down to work in a city that does not like police, many leave to other departments where the community suports them

  • Truth Hurts

    Baumann's mad? Wah, wah, wah.

    Good for Gray. Used this union loudmouth, then kicked him to the curb.

  • tired

    All of you people feel as though Lanier is the second coming well here's a clue. Wait until the lawsuits and the corruption smack you in the face under her leadership. Those stats are incorrect homicides maybe down but people are being burglarized and assaults are on the rise. Who do you idiots think handle those calls. Say what you want about the rank and file when someone is whopping your ass handle it or call superwoman. And you union protesters cut out the( republican talking points ) I bet you wish you did have a union. this country was built by unions. The same assholes crying about unions are the same ones reaping the benefits they offer. TH you have your own person wet dream.

  • Jay

    Re: "other controversies"

    You do know that Freeman lost his lawsuit, right? And the judge said nothing illegal about security details. And Lanier was exonerated by the judge.

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  • gov23

    Everyone needs to understand that Chief Lanier did not make a single major decision without Mayor Fenty's approval. If she continue's to be micro-managed the department will change as Mayor Gray will be making the decisions now. Chief Lanier has gotten way to much credit. The FBI says violent crime is up in DC. Chief Lanier say's it is down. Who is telling the truth? I'd bet on the FBI. Chief Lanier has been costing the tax payers millions of dollars from lawsuites that the city has lost because of her failed policies that violate citizens rights. It was time for a change and Vincent Gray made decisions off of poll results. Good Luck with that. I feel bad for the working officers on the department because they deserve better.

  • wayne

    Great comment tired!

    Some in DC do not realize the truth about Lanier. She is great at PR with the community, but they realing do not see whats happening behind close doors. Rob is right when he says that all the good cops are leaving DC, and these idiots can cares less because they feel enpowered because they have Laniers email. I also had an officer from my community who was top notch, he even gave us his cell number if we needed him but guess what he also left now working for a agency in Maryland. He later told me that he just became frustrated with the department. They also do not realize that most DC cops are begining to spent most of thier time covering their ass, because this city will throw them under a bus in a minutes. The only people that are going to suffer in the long run is our community.

  • Jason

    >>"Say what you want about the rank and file when someone is whopping your ass handle it or call superwoman."

    Gimmie break. How often does an MPD officer save someone in the process of getting their ass beat? They just arrive several minutes after the fact and take a report. What were they doing while the assault was happening? Sitting somewhere in their car parked watching a movie on a portable DVD player or writing email on their blackberry.

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