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After Threatening Divorce, Mayor of FedEx Field Again Wedded to Redskins

If only Mideast peace were so easy to broker.

Cheap Seats Daily has gone all "Seven On Your Side" this week. And now the Mayor of FedExField and the Redskins are lovey dovey again, after a brief separation.

Yesterday in this space, we chronicled the latest travails of The Mayor, the most notorious and diehard fan of the Washington Redskins that I'm aware of.

At the time, The Mayor was threatening to stop rooting for the Redskins. He had posted a rant on ExtremeSkins, the team-owned message board, about being arrested and detained at the Redskins game on Sunday after Prince George's County police spotted him selling a parking pass near the stadium. He says he got $10 for the $35 pass, but the cops told him any such sale was illegal.

The Mayor says he was handcuffed and forced to sit on wet pavement in horrible weather conditions for an hour.

In other words, the P.G. police treated The Mayor as if he were the P.G. County executive!

While he was in their control, The Mayor says, the cops told him they'd been "paid by Dan Snyder" to arrest scalpers. That tidbit caused him to reconsider all the years of spending money on booze, tickets, booze, jerseys, booze, food, and booze for his legendary Redskins parties on stadium grounds on game days. He ranted that because of the treatment, he was emotionally ready to give up his two passions: Rooting for the Redskins and defending Dan Snyder.

While writing up the story, I called the Redskins to ask about any crackdown on scalping at FedExField, and if there was any truth to what the cops allegedly told The Mayor. Tony Wyllie, a team spokesman, told me that while the Redskins indeed hire county officers on game days, there was no direction of any sort from the team to go after folks selling tickets or parking passes.

"We pay for Prince George's County police to enforce public safety," said Wyllie.

Wyllie then apparently went the extra mile. According to a post entered yesterday on The Mayor's own website, Wyllie called The Mayor personally to apologize for the rough treatment on game day, and to reiterate that Snyder had nothing to do with the scalping crackdown.

Wyllie's call was all it took to bring The Mayor back in the fold.

From The Mayor's post:

Two days ago I was considering turning in my "an card", today, I renewed it for life.

This meant a lot to me. That a high ranking member of the Washington Redskins would call me and apologize on behalf of the PG County Police. To call me and reassure me that every Redskin fan was important to the organization, including myself...I will always remember today. Today is when the Redskins proved to me that they do care about their fans more than anything. Today is the day the Redskin organization justified my lifelong support of the team.Today is the day that I NEVER question the owner of this team, Dan Snyder again.

Today is the day I am proudest to be a Redskins fan.

I just put on my Heath Shuler jersey, my 1999 Division Champions hat, and my 1993 Starter jacket.

Today is a good day to be a Redskins fan.

The Mayor and the Redskins are reunited. And it feels so good.

Glad I could help.

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  • Kevin

    "Today is when the Redskins proved to me that they do care about their fans more than anything. Today is the day the Redskin organization justified my lifelong support of the team.Today is the day that I NEVER question the owner of this team, Dan Snyder again."

    Poor, deluded fool.

  • Doug


  • Andrew

    Yeah, I'm sure the cop just made that up about arresting scalpers. As I read in your previous article, everything is because of public safety.

  • Randy Hawkins

    What makes me suspicious about the Mayor's comments is that the Redskins actually called him. IF the Mayor is worthy of getting an apology from a "high ranking official", then the Redskins are catering to the lowest forms of life on the planet.

  • The Token Asshole

    The "mayor" is a grade A prick. I saw him on the redskins message board, he was making racial slurs directed towards another poster.

    The guy is a pansy little white boy from Bethesda, it's a shame he came back, I was hoping he would leave.

  • The Mayor of FedEx Field

    Blah blah blah. I am a "pansy"? Yet you call names behind the protection of a computer screen.

    How come all of these people that take the time to write a comment insulting me, never take the time to tell em to my face?

    Bethesda? Bitch I'm from Sterling. Get it right.


    A "Pansy"

  • The Token Asshole

    Listen you racist prick, I'll take your bitch ass anytime. I know where you and "your boys" hang out. So I WILL come by and say this shit to your fugly face. I ain't scared of you and your white trash friends. In case you wondering, I'm the big black dude in a Doug Williams jersey. And I'll bring some of "my boys" too in case you decide to grow a brain.

    You are a homophobic racist bitch and a disgrace to Redskins fans.

  • The Mayor of FedEx Field

    Hahaha. "Big black dude in a Doug Williams jersey"

    Yet, you need to bring your "boys"?

    And again, I am not racist. I had sex with a black girl about a month ago.

    I am pretty sure it was your mother, so that makes me NOT racist right?

    Since you are making threats, yet not telling me anymore than a fake name, and a vague description of yourself, ill make a detailed response to said threats.

    If a "big black guy in a Doug Williams Jersey" approaches me on that day, this "little white guy wearing some sort of gangster Redskins gear" will beat you with the DTC bat.

    And to clarify. "beat with bat" means I will swing a metal baseball bat wildly at your skull, and try my hardest to crack it open on the pavement, exposing your brain matter everywhere.

    When that happens, it doesnt matter if you are white, or black, you will be fucking dead.

    So in the next coming week, you need to decide. Is it really worth risking my health, and my "boys" health over what someone wrote on a message board?

    Because if you think it's worth it, then you deserve 100% of what you will get.

    Do what you gotta do player, but you have made multiple threats, and they have been recorded online.

    I will be in my right to defend myself. And when the PG County Police "clean up crew" is scraping your flesh off the parking lot, I will have this entire comment section printed out.

    You are a dumb fuck.

  • The Token Asshole

    My mother is dead asshole, she was killed when I was 11.

    So you need a weapon? I get it, and you are also threatening to kill me, you really are psychotic.

    Sounds much more threatening than "I'll take your bitch ass anytime"

    Whatever man, you've got some serious issues and I feel sorry for you.


  • PacMan

    Damn that Mayor Dude is fucked up in the head!

  • PacMan

    I thought you were Terell in the other page?


    The Token Asshole must be a fake

  • Zach

    Mayor, Token, you all need to calm down.

    No reason to fight, we are all Redskins fans regardless of race.

    I agree with PacMan, I think Token is a fake just trying stir things up.

  • The Mayor of FedEx Field

    @ Pacman: I am super fucked up in the head.

    @ Kareem: That explains why her mouth was so dry.

    @ Zach: I agree. The threats that Kareem keeps making, usually come from Eagle fans that want to kill me. This guy wants to fight me because I told some kid, that he is a smelly Indian.

    I live a pretty awesome life. I will do whatever it takes to continue living it.

    Including defending myself at FedEx Field, when a "big black guy" and his "boys" want to fight me because of what I posted on Extremeskins.

    Whatever. I am done going back and forth on this comment section.

    Kareem, do what you gotta do player. Just don't think I am not going to be prepared to defend myself. I have been threatened every year by Eagle fans, telling me they will come takeover F-51 and beat me up.

    To date, ZERO incidents.

    Don't make "history" and be the first one to actually make good on a threat.

    It wont end well for you. I promise.

  • Zach

    Yeah, just let this one go. Probably some punk kid trying to start something in his mother's basement.