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Photo: Patti Smith

Patti Smith Polaroid, Dec. 11 at the National Portrait Gallery ©2010 Matt Dunn

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  • Clough is a twank

    Out of curiosity did she say anything about the A Fire In My Belly removal? It was a little surprising when she didn't withdraw from her speaking engagement at the National Portait Gallery or make some sort of statement given her relationship with Mapplethorpe and the book she put out, etc.

  • Joe

    She said the exhibit was "strong" and "elegant", and that it's "unfortunate" that the entire show is-- for some, for now-- overshadowed by this one wing-thing.
    The book and Smith's relationship to Mapplethorpe--who has several works in the show--was the whole point of her appearance. Maybe showing up, seeing the exhibit, and saying what she thinks (even if it doesn't conform with someone else's expectations) = "some sort of statement" ?