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Important Information Enclosed: Your Neighbor Allegedly Shot Someone

Someone is passing notes about alleged shooter Kwan Kearney. According to a District Curmudgeon blog post that comes to our attention via Homicide Watch D.C., unsigned letters that out Kearney as an accused killer have been mailed to the 19-year-old's neighbors on Oates Street NE. The letters include text from a Washington Post article. The article says Kearney is accused of fatally shooting Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. and Jamal Wilson in two separate incidents. Both victims were killed a week apart in November. "Are you reaching? Are you reaching?" charging documents say Kearney asked before killing Sharps. "No, I am not reaching for nothing," Sharps pleaded.

Pictures of the letter show that a weight-loss advertisement appears on it. That's likely because the letter sender printed the text out from the Post website. But it makes a strange mailing seem even stranger. As Curmudgeon points out, Kearney is currently in jail, so there's no immediate reason to warn people that they live close to him.

The letter could be a part of a curious phenomenon you pick up on while reading D.C. police message boards: There's a contingent of pro-law-enforcement residents whose zeal for fighting crime veers toward shaming the families of suspects. At any rate, consider yourself warned.

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  • Adam

    Brilliant! This should be done for every DYRS kid. Register them.
    The families should be shamed.

  • deeceefooodeee

    I don't know about every DYRS kid but I'm also not completely against this for the older offenders - say 16 and up - with multiple convictions.

    If I were the victim I would certainly be doing this stuff and if I had to live in fear every day you damn well better believe I would.

  • jaime

    Oates Street, not Oak - thanks!

  • forthepeople

    "There's a contingent of pro-law-enforcement residents whose zeal for fighting crime veers toward shaming the families of suspects."

    So justice is attacking a suspects family?
    This is not right and is going after the wrong people.

  • Adam

    How does one posting in public the fact that there is a killer in your neighborhood constitute attack? It's even covered by the first amendment. Sex offenders have it harder than these serial felons.
    It is your kind of thinking, forthepeople, that got the District into this most dangerous state it's in today.

  • sveinyael

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  • IMGoph

    Adam: The letter is attempting to foment community outrage against the occupants of the house where Kearney lived. He is in prison, the other people living there are not suspects in anything. We live a couple doors down, and know the rest of the family. They are not bad people. There is no 'killer' in our neighborhood anymore, so believe me, this just comes across as some unnecessary vigilantism.

  • DCCommish

    I say go for it! Post it everytime it happens. As for the family being responsible for some of these things going on? YES! Don't be so blind and igorant to things going on in your own house! If you child somes home with a gun, there is a problem. You don't wait itl someone gets killed to deal with it. As family, parents and guardians you are responsible. You should be ashamed! You fail in your duty to ensure your child has been brought up with morals and values and know the differnece between good and evil! So I agree totally with sending such flyers out.

  • Dr Pangloss

    Is there any way to just gentrify everyone *under* say, 25 who lives in a household that makes less than $60k, rather than all households that make less than $60k.

    Seems that would be an effective solution.

  • Adam

    Not having money does not mean you can't afford a moral compass. I don't think gentrification means what you think it means Dr Pangloss. . . Parents are responsible for their children, simple as that. My parents were not wealthy but they made sure I knew right from wrong and a semblance of work ethic. Kearney's parents failed him, and in turn, society itself. "Good people" do not let this kind of thing fester until two people are killed. "Good people" work to better themselves and their environment. DC has created an entire culture from this type of "not bad people" mindset. I'm sure Mrs. Eichmann was a lovely lady . . .

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  • DCCommish

    @IMGoph-- I'll be sure not to reach out to you for your opinion of a person's character or how well they have done as parents. So in your world it's perfectly acceptable for a family to have a child who is out of control, hanging out with the wrong crowd, gun touting, and mostly likely drug involved! GET REAL! You've jumped off the deep end. Hope you don't have any children. You'll be one of the parents that when the teachers says your son did such and such, You'll respond, "OH not my child." It's people like you that have caused this city to look the other way when bad things happen, instead of calling the police, getting involved and making a difference!

  • IMGoph

    Barrie: Honestly, dude, shut up. I call the police when there are problems all the time. This "child" you speak of is an adult. He's responsible for his own life. Do you know his parents? No. Good people have bad kids. Bad shit happens. Am I letting him off the hook? Of course not. But you're one to talk about jumping off the deep end. Why do you think you lost your election. You're kind of unhinged.