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New Police Policy: No Cheating on Tests!

In the wake of the Metropolitan Police Department's test cheating scandal, MPD has a new "Integrity Policy." The policy went out via e-mail today to police brass, so they could inform cops under their authority. It appears officers will encounter the policy each time they take an exam. The new rules make explicit that anyone taking an MPD test is supposed to come up with the answers on their own. (Meanwhile, there's no word yet on what will become of Assistant Chief Diane Groomes, who's accused of passing answers to an exam to commanders she supervised.)

The new policy is after the jump:

If this module consists of or contains a test, completion of that test is to be an individual effort. You are to complete the test yourself and you shall not direct nor allow any other person to take the test on your behalf. You shall not provide draft or actual test questions or answers to any other person. You shall not take the test on behalf of any other person, nor shall you solicit nor accept draft or actual test questions or answers from any other person.

Any allegation that a testing rule has been violated will be investigated. Persons who violate any testing rule shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. Persons who become aware of an alleged testing rule violation shall follow Departmental procedures for reporting alleged misconduct.

By taking this test you hereby certify and affirm that the completion of this test was an individual effort by you, and that you have followed all applicable testing rules.

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  • Ward4Resident

    Groomes should absolutely not be fired. I understand this whole argument about her "high standards," but nothing is black & white and Groomes has served this city really, really well. In fact, she and Lanier represent some of the best policing I've ever seen, and I'm a lifelong Washingtonian. BRing her back!


    This should not be a policy, it is part of the oath that you take as a law enforcement officer to upholds the laws of the district of columbia, to carry out your responsibilities with integrity and uphold the constitution of the united states of america. She should be fired or demoted to sergeant at the minimum.


    I don't think that a question has to be raised about whether or not she will be repremanded, the million dollar question is, to what extent.

  • Rick Mangus

    Not to cheat being spelled-out, how stupid it should be a matter of fact and needs not to be written. This department has had a integrity problem from the top down for decades unless you put a chief in there who starts a program of discipline in the ranks!

  • WARD411


  • SuperS

    Fire Her!

  • monicaluvspugs

    AC Groomes is the best! DC Supports her. MPD is reckless if they move her out of this position. My area is going to have more murders and shootings. Why must MPD try and get rid of the good cops. What about the corrupt or lazy ones?! That's what they need to focus on. Everybody in DC knows that AC Groomes was set-up! She was the only female Ast Chief of Police and the very best! You go throughout the city and nobody on MPD has a better reputation with the exception of Lanier. This is a complete set-up.