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Source: Decision on Assistant Chief Diane Groomes Imminent

The fate of suspended assistant Metropolitan Police Department chief Diane Groomes could be decided soon.

MPD's Internal Affairs Department has completed its investigation into allegations that Groomes provided answers to an exam on intelligence-led policing to some of her subordinates, a police official tells City Desk. Some of the officers who received the cheat sheet were up against a deadline to complete the 50-question exam. City Desk has been told by sources that Groomes e-mailed the answers out, and that one of the recipients decided to turn her in.

If the internal investigation has concluded rather quickly, that may be because Groomes has pretty much admitted to her mistake. "I'm sorry... for my actions and bad judgement," Groomes said in an earlier statement. "Now it's become a matter of 'What's the penalty?'" the official says.

In typical circumstances, the Discipline Review Division decides such penalties, but then that decision can be appealed through both the director of  human resources and the chief of police. Groomes, who's popular with many community groups and bloggers, is currently suspended with pay.

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  • egn

    WE DONT LOVE CHIEF GROOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperS

    She has to go! We can't tolerate this behavior from a superior.

  • Jerry

    Yes Diana Groomes must go, if it was a Black Officer he/she would had been fired!

  • Yes, I’m a classy lady …

    Chief Groomes is the best AC. All the other ACs suck donkey balls.