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D.C. Cop Accused of Cheating Had High Standards

One of the city's favorite cops is likely to face discipline. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sent a letter in support of Assistant Chief Diane Groomes, and many of the cop's supporters are hoping for leniency. But complicating that request might be this: Among Metropolitan Police Department officers, Groomes is known to be a stickler for the rules.

Accused of helping other police commanders cheat on a 50-question Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) exam, Groomes could end up facing harsh punishment. "If she's lucky," she'll get demoted, one high-ranking police MPD official tells City Desk on condition of anonymity. There's a chance Chief Cathy Lanier could fire Groomes, instead. (City Desk has an e-mail out to Groomes, but hasn't been able to reach her for comment yet.)

As both an assistant chief and, before that, a district commander, Groomes fostered a culture of accountability among her subordinates. One police source who worked under Groomes draws an interesting and contradictory picture of her. On the one hand—on a personal level—she'd do anything to aid a fellow officer: "She's a good hearted person," he says. "You could walk up to her and ask to borrow $200, and she'd give it to you." On the other, she reamed officers for even minor infractions, the source claims. "The discipline was just off the hook." He says Groomes has always been quick to "write-up" cops who strayed from high standards of conduct. Other MPD sources agree that Groomes is known as a task-master with little patience for disciplinary lapses.

Groomes then, may find herself on the working end of a culture she (understandably and justifiably) helped engender. In a department where disciplinary matters have come to be taken so seriously that a lost ID card means a 10-day suspension, lower-ranking officers are apt to cry foul if a higher-up gets off easy. That probably means if she turns out to have enabled cheating on the exam, Groomes' supporters should take aim at the demotion scenario—which would allow Groomes to stick around while, arguably, preserving morale.

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  • Rick Mangus

    These are some serious charges and should be answered with a serious action, like termination

  • SupportACGroomes

    Please support AC Groomes. This city needs her. My block will go back to being Afghanistan. Here comes another murder in 5,4,3,2,1.....

    Support Groomes on Facebook:

  • Wassup

    Groomes was well liked and was a great asset to our neighborhood. Most likely her biggest problem is that she is a threat to that wingnut, wife beater protector, half wit, Lanier. I still don't quite get what it is he is supposed to have done, it was an open book test.

    Until this is cleared up all bannering should be suspended, the banners will be open to vandalism and the citizens group out for banner related recreating at risk.

  • downtown rez

    I see this as coming from below- the rank and file - more than from management, wassup.

  • Alan Formanski

    It is shameful the way that AC Groomes is being persecuted. I heard 1D Commander Kamperin is the source of the complaint. Some brass always had it out for her, due to AC Groomes's high standards.

    Harry Thomas can get away with corruption. Marion Barry gets reelected several times over, Fenty gets away with his cronysm, and so on; but an honest and efficient cop makes a mistake and they want to crucify them. Despicable city we live in, the politics in DC are among the worst.

    People like living in a swamp run by circus clowns, go ahead get rid of Groomes and this city will go back to being a dark place for all residents to live in.

  • Realcop

    How about you all support the officers who are out there everyday actually making the arrest and closing the cases that result in the criminal being put away as much as you support the one who has made a careers of showing up at community meetings and nitpicking those officers. SHE did not "clean" your block up. If anything, she maybe disciplined an officer who showed up to work your block without their lapel pins or helped you "get a trash can" as someone else stated.

    If you are asking for her to receive anything LESS that what she would hand out, it is YOU who are the hypocrites and YOU who allowed Fenty and all those others to think that because they were "liked" the rules didn't apply to them. You either want it to stop or you want to make sure you and yours can get away with breaking the rules causing the city to go back to that dark place.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • DAR

    Amen Realcop!! There are lots of good MPD officers who are leaving to go to other agencies because they're tired of being forced into a position of having to defend their reputation and career based on the day-to-day choices that an officer has to make in a split second in a high pressure environment. What Groomes did was not done in a foot pursuit of a potentially violent person at night in a dark alley. She had alternate methods for dealing with this issue and she thought out her best option and it was to comprimise a test which makes it far worse in my opinion. Had a street officer done something similar, (s)he would likely be out the door or facing harsh discipline from none other than Groomes. She should be held to the same standards she has placed on others. Double standard are impossible for anyone to live up to.

  • try2staysanendc

    Thanks Realcop, Dar and Rick Mangus: No one should be above the law. I don't care how much you like a person. Rules or rules. I have been saying for months that MPD needs a change in leadership. Mr. Gray are you listening? This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that are taking place in MPD. Its time to clean house.

    One final note: What about the command staff that received the answers and used them? Are they being investigated/disciplined too? Just saying......

  • DAR

    @ try2staysanendc- I agree 110%. The officials who took the answers and applied them to the test are every bit as accountable for the act of cheating as the person who supplied them with the answers.

  • dcblkwoman

    I guess you Drez have a crystal ball or a secret informer that told you that it was someone from the rank and file? Seriously, you are sure it was some officer/sergeant who got the answers and turned her in? Well here's a news flash for you sir/madam. IT WAS SOMEONE IN HER COMMAND STAFF THAT TURNED HER IN fairy godmother/godfather..... Next time check your facts before opening your pie hole.

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  • SEdcDUDE

    eat the pie D REZ, eat the pie!!