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The Needle: Don’t Run Me Over Edition

Insult to Injury: Riding a bike around D.C. often feels like taking your life into your hands. And with good reason; drivers are constantly standing by, ready to run you over at any minute! That's bad enough, but one cyclist who got hit by a taxi last month was also given a traffic ticket for his troubles. Maybe he should have just taken Metro, where at least they don't charge you with violating the law when they run you down. -3

One Million Travelers: People in the region have so much to be thankful for next Thursday that many of them will be departing, en masse. That's the prediction from the American Automobile Association, which says—rather specifically—that 1,036,600 Washingtonians will travel 50 miles or more to celebrate Thanksgiving. 95 percent of travelers will drive. Remember, don't eat tryptophan-laden turkey and then get behind the wheel! +2

José Andrés, National Treasure (of España): Last summer, after the late, lamented Paul the Octopus correctly predicted Spain's World Cup victory over the Netherlands, octopus was pulled from the menu at Jaleo and all of José Andrés' restaurants. That display of culinary/sporting patriotism may have something to do with why the Spanish government is honoring the D.C.-based chef with its Order of Arts and Letters. With other restaurants focusing on Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Latin American cuisine, Andrés could be collecting prizes for years to come. +1

Help Metro Fight Congress: With the national debt soaring, apparently every little dollar helps. So Congress recently cut back on the cash employees could hold back from their paychecks, pre-tax, to pay for Metro rides, from $230 a month to $120. Now Metro is trying to fight back, urging riders to contact their elected representatives to ask them to help save transit benefits. We'll do just that; surely, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton would vote to restore the funding. Wait, what? Oh. Never mind. +1

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  • Rick Mangus

    If the people riding bikes would obay the traffic laws like they are required to, like busting thru stop signs and traffic lights and not giving a shit about people in a cross walks, then there would be less acidents. This arrogant clown who had the accident is not fessing-up and being honest and is trying to play the part of the mater, please!

  • Tformation

    Very good Rick!

  • BikeNotDrive

    Vent your anger Rick -- it's the fault of the exposed guy on bicycle. You're a driver, obviously, who sees cyclists as an obstacle for you to veer around. They're in your way, so honk at them, cut them off. Hell, just run them over. It's his fault for being on the road -- made exclusively for cars -- in the first place.

    Get out of your metal box that gulps down valuable resources and degrades everyone's health.