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Check Out Dan Snyder’s Pathetic Hot Dogs

In the print edition of this week's Washington City Paper, Dave McKenna provides an encyclopedic tour of the various perfidies of Dan Snyder, who's owned the Washington Redskins for a miserable decade of losses by overpaid veterans. We had actually planned to run that story next week, but after the Philadelphia Eagles demolished the team on national television, we moved it up—in hopes it might serve as a balm for the ire fans around the region are feeling.

It turns out the team's on-field performance wasn't the only disgusting thing out at FedEx Field on Monday night, though. A member of the media who covered the game sent in this photo of the pre-game "meal" provided for working press—most teams serve something that more closely resembles food, since the reporters, producers, photographers, and other journalists at the game are only there doing their jobs.

Dan Snyder's Pathetic Hot Dogs

"There were buns off to the side, no napkins, warm water, and maybe one bottle of a condiment," writes our tipster. "Embarrassing."

Add that to the list for the next volume of the Snyder guide.

UPDATE: The Redskins PR operation has roused itself to a righteous fury over Frankfurtergate. "This story is not true," team official Tony Wyllie says in the comments. A post on the team's official blog says the actual spread for the press was much nicer, and included "some ingenious miniature chicken cordon bleu things and a nacho bar." "I was there," says blogger Matt Terl (who I actually knew in high school in Rockville—long time no see, Matt).

Having never eaten any of Snyder's chicken cordon bleu—because I've never covered an NFL game as a reporter—all I know is that we believe our source, who encountered these hot dogs at FedEx Field on Monday night. We can't identify the source, because we promised them anonymity, but they're in a position to know what they're talking about. There were multiple food stations set up Monday, including a field-level one as well as the buffet in the press box; maybe our tipster was simply unlucky in which one they happened on.

But as a lifelong Redskins fan, I'd love it if the team's brass spent as much energy on on-field personnel decisions as they do spinning photos of hot dogs.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Snyder's ridiculous value-engineering once again rears it's head. He pisses money away foolishly on overpaid free agents ala Haynesworth, then cheaps out on his employees and forgets that, however much he dislikes them, the media representatives can really hurt him if he treats them with disdain. Between the disgruntled employees / fans and disrespected media, Snyder's marketing "genius" is exposed as the sham it always was.

  • kob

    Those hot dogs do look ghastly.

  • Rick Mangus


  • Falls Church

    This photo must have been taken before Thom Loverro bellied up and emptied the pan.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mike Madden' Yea, I have a problem with that, IT'S NOT NEWS! If you spent the same amount of time criticizing my OPINIONS on what's in this rag, then you might have a decent paper here!

  • Tony Wyllie

    This story is not true. Those hot dogs were not served in the press box at FedExField. If you want the truth please click on this link:
    Tony Wyllie, Washington Redskins PR Dept.

  • Mike Madden

    So what's a good model for us, Rick? You tell me what we should be writing about. If we made you editor for a day, what would City Paper look like?

  • KTS38

    Mr. Madden,
    It's free food, and I don't think they cram it do your ungreatfull pie hole.You can allways BUY whatever you want.

  • Mike Madden

    KTS38 --

    No one crammed anything in my "ungreatfull pie hole," or even my ungrateful pie hole, which is probably how I'd spell it. I don't cover Redskins games, so I wasn't there; I was watching them at home on TV, the way I usually do.

    But if it was my job to be at the game, like the person who sent us the photo, I don't know how appetizing that food would have been.

  • Tony Wyllie

    Mike. Please read Matt Terl's blog and find out the truth. That was not served in our press box. Please do your homework before posting false information.

  • Tom Trestle

    Tony Wyllie, maybe you should do your homework before accusing someone else of posting false information. Photographers are members of the media correct? Well that pile of shit in the picture was served to the members of the media known as photographers. So why don't you check your facts before you spend the day defending some vile food that Randy Moss certainly wouldn't feed his dogs.
    Maybe some people are there for free food, maybe not. You'd be better off not putting anything out. If photographers want free food, then they can become writers and eat ingenious miniature chicken cordon bleu.
    Check your facts Tony!

  • Tom Trestle

    As for The Examiner's John Keim, I would love to see what you'd have to say if they gave you that tray of shit to eat. It's not about free food, dumbass! You clearly don't get it.

    To the two wankers on the Redskins blog, marknmd and tk421, when you have something to say that contains some intellect, speak, until then keep your mouths shut because you have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mike Madden', If I was editor for a day at CP I would first get rid of those amateurish photos. If these photographers are on payroll I would have them snap photos of pertinent interest to posted stories.

    Congress is now back, what about DC statehood, Same Sex Marriage, Medicial Marijuana? How and what is the future Republican House going to do about the before mention issues? Who is likely to be committee chairs overseeing DC issues? CP needs to have a post election Q&A sit-down with Vincent Gray, Kwame Brown and Elenor Holmes Norton.

    AIDS in DC, why is the rate so high it's more than just education and available treatment, who is responsible and who is droping the ball on this issue.

    Race relations in this city.

    Why are criminal cases in this town seem to be always botched! Is it problems with MPD or is the problem with the U.S. Attorney's Office?

    I would also have anyone writing for CP to write objectively and leave their bias at the door and also stop them from writing comments about people writing opposing comments on their article.

    This my answer to your challenge Mike Madden!

  • Tom Trestle

    Rick Mangus, before you try to sound smarter than a guy who writes for a living, I would advise you to get some kind of grasp on the English language. You misuse words, write sentences that make no sense and clearly have an anger issue. For instance, you may want to say aforementioned instead of the before mentioned. Furthermore, that is a relevant picture as it relates to the shit they served and the story written about the shit they served, while the Redskins vehemently deny it.

    Also, do we really need to spend legislative time dealing with same sex marriage when our education system is falling down around us? If you want to marry someone, do it. Do you need congressional approval?

    Mr. Madden is merely trying to make about about a guy who is so shamelessly destroying something that is important to a lot of people in this area. It may not matter to you but it probably matters to a whole legion of others. A very simple solution would be, if you don't like what is written don't read it. It may be a whole lot healthier for you. Good luck in English class.

  • Tom Trestle

    Excuse my english gaffe, "make a a point about a guy" it should read

  • Rick Mangus

    'Tom Trestle', Comment #16, (Excuse my english gaffe, "make a a point about a guy" it should read), it's not me professor that needs an English class!

  • noodlez




  • Rick Mangus

    Mike Madden, so...!

  • Mike Madden


    I disagree with you on the photos.

    Congress is back, for a few weeks to spend a lame-duck session not doing anything. There's no reason to think they're going to act on any of the issues you mentioned just now. You may have read our coverage of Jason Chaffetz and whether he'll chair the House committee that oversees the District, which touched on a lot of what you're interested in there.

    We write frequently about race relations and crime, and I can assure you that posts about hot dogs don't get in the way of that coverage.

    As for bias, I disagree with you there, too. Part of what we want our writers to do is use their reporting to inform their opinions—and not pretend they don't have any opinions. Besides, if we did everything you wanted, what would you have to get upset about?

  • Tom Trestle

    Rick Angry Mangus, at least you got the point, I was typing with no glasses. Next time I will be visually prepared, I can correct that, which will be far easier to do that than to correct your incoherent ramblings. You already before mentioned that, right genius?
    In post number 6 you want Mike to spend time criticizing your opinions, I think he already is, maybe you meant for him to take heed of said opinions. Or as I like to call them, incoherent ramblings by a knuckle head.

  • Tom Trestle

    Tony Wyllie, why are you being so quiet? Now that you know that those shitty hot dogs were indeed in your stadium for the media, there seems to be an uncomfortable silence.
    Your indignant denials have waned. Why?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Tom Trestle', you seem to have a thing for me, when do you want to go and pick-out our china pattern!

  • Tom Trestle

    Really angry guy? That's the best you could come up with? Pathetic!
    Pick out is not hyphenated either.

    Plus some dude who lives with his mom, 50 cats and a collection of porn to rival the New York Library is not my idea of fun. I eat on paper plates anyway.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Tom Trestle', Did I strike a nerve, Honey?

  • Tom Trestle

    No, angry guy you didn't but it's nice to see you are keeping up your absolutely brilliant punctuation and grammar. When is a question ended with an exclamation point?
    It would be literally impossible for you with your limited intellectual capacity to strike any thing in me.

    Calling me honey, I can see now why you are so concerned about gay marriage. Hope that works out for you, everyone deserves to be happy.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Tom Trestle', Tis, Tis, Tis!

  • Tom Trestle

    Dear Mr. Angry Mangus - I can no longer verbally joust with you as you have proven yourself to be utterly retarded. You use a word not once but three times that doesn't even exist in the english language. I give you back to Mike Madden and you can continue with your incoherent ramblings. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your cats.

  • Rick Mangus

    I have defeated the evil Tom Trestle!

  • Tom Trestle

    Easy angry guy, the only thing you beat is one of your moms cats. I just have no tolerance for someone who has such a limited intellectual capacity. Oh yeah, you also beat and abused the english language, nice work.

    Don't forget, the local authorities frown on locking people in your basement.

  • SanFrustration

    There is a simple explanation for all of this: Dan Snyder has a small peen. Now before anybody accuses me of libel, or juvenile antics, I stand by my comment as a first-hand witness.

    The San Francisco 49ers provide the visiting owners with a luxury box that shares a small restroom with an adjacent luxury box. As a guest of the other box, I stepped out to relieve myself during a game a few years ago, only to discover I had the same bladder timing as Mr. Snyder himself. He was followed by 2 bodyguards with full secret service style earpieces who tried to clear the bathroom, but since I was mid-stream when they entered, they couldn't do much to clear me out of the room. Rather than head for the stall, Dan sidled up to the urinal next to me, and I couldn't help but notice his small member as I did my finishing jiggle.

    I was tempted to say something witty to him about the game, but his bodyguards were slightly intimidating and I hit a creative conversation block, so I simply washed my hands and headed back to my suite. Looking at this circus now though, I'm fairly certain it all stems from a deep rooted 2 way napoleonic complex, which I observed first-hand.

  • steve

    "Welcome to the NFL...that'll be one big U Turn"

  • Alvin Walton

    im thinking there are 40 comments here and most are by the same 2 losers who i think are all in need of some good poontang and time away from their computer. Then maybe they wouldnt wait with baited breath to respond to the next lame comment if they got some occasionally...

  • SkinsFan4Life

    I would eat one of those dogs.
    They look yummy. I like the burnt ones to the left bottom.
    Especially being invited to a suite.
    FREE is FREE.

  • Snyder is AIDS

    "Free is Free"

    ...then let me serve you some shite with a urine chaser. Stop eating Snyder's bowel movements you rube and Extremeskins tosser.

  • shmuel

    this is easily one of the most entertaining article-comment thread combos I've seen in a few hours. thank you to all. except to dan snyder - go die somewhere please. if I ever become a reporter covering the redskins and am served something comparable to this pathetic imitation of food I will personally find you and whip you across the face with the offending pseudo-eatable. thankyou.