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Photos: Tweed Ride Polaroids

Tweed Ride, Nov. 14th. © 2010 Matt Dunn

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  • Harold of Cap Hill

    how annoying... hipsters wearing tweed and riding around on bicycles like a bunch of clowns....and on NFL Sunday? what a bunch of dorks.
    It was all I could do to not throw rocks at them as they were passing by.

  • Mike of Cap Hill

    Harold, why don't you stop being so narrow-minded and appreciate something different...they were obviously having a good time enjoying a beautiful day on the Hill. Perhaps you can take your rock throwing urges and do something more constructive with your misplaced anger.

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  • Thristy

    Hey Harold, if you were watching football, you wouldn't have seen the dorks. Do you wish you were one of them? You should have just started pedaling.

  • Todd the “Annoying HIpster”

    Hey Harold, how shocking that somebody who sits around every sunday and watches football would find something like this annoying. I'll tell you what... How about you just stay in your Cap Hill living room watching your oversized flat screen and growing your ass while we get out and enjoy the city. By the way, I'd seriously recommend against throwing any rocks at people on these rides. This "hipster" is 6-4 and doesn't take kindly to idiots crapping on his good time.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Harold of Cap Hill', can we say nerds!