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Clinton Portis Rocks the Reds?

Clinton Portis is a good blitz picker upper. But he's a better interview than he is a blitz picker upper.

This morning during his regular spot on the "Mike Wise Show" on WJFK-FM, Portis said that he spent the bye week in Russia.

Host Wise and co-host Holden Kushner expressed disbelief, and pressed the gimpy tailback for details that would confirm that he had really gone that far east. Portis wouldn't play.

"What happens in Russia stays in Russia," Portis drawled.

I'm still not sure if he indeed went to Russia or if he's gonna be back in the lineup for Monday night's game with Philly. But, damn, that was good radio.

*Extreme apologies to The Great Dan Steinberg for filching his Steinography tack. Steinberg, like Bob Wills, is still the king.

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  • noodlez

    i dont know or care about clinton rockin the red. he needs to carry the rock like he never carried it before and rock every eagle defender that blitzes and steps in the A or B gap.

  • Typical DC BS

    Clinton is still the best blocking running back (and all around best back) the skins have. At least he helps keep Donovan upright. Now, he just needs to get some young juice in his legs to keep Torain on the sidelines.

  • Keith B.

    As long as he didn't get any further "groin injuries" during his travels, lol...