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Sidwell Friends Comes Within Two Touchdowns of Beating Maret!

Sidwell Friends lost to came within two touchdowns of beating Maret in their year-ending game over the weekend. The team, which was winless and had been technically "slaughtered" in every other game this season deserves everybody's pity and/or huzzahs for suffering through the singular human tragedy that is an imperfect football season but otherwise should not be mentioned despite representing the elitest and the highest-profile school in the most powerful city in the world, lost 24-12 came within two touchdowns of beating Maret.

The Fighting Quakers didn't repeat last week's performance in which the squad racked up a never-seen-before negative-38 yards of total offense in the first half against Saint James, came within two touchdowns of beating Maret.

I better not type anything else, or I'll hear more about the un-O'Donnell-approved things I do to myself in my parents basement while being a misogynistically denigrating cyber-bully. OK, they ain't that great at football right now, but Sidwell mofos sure know how to Play the Feud!

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  • Rick Mangus


  • gina a

    I am sure that those poor Sidwell kids needed that boost to their self-esteem after you dared to write about how awful they are in football. But then they showed the world how awful they are in social skills, like grace, humility and dignity too.

  • A misogynistically denigrating cyber-bully in the basement

    Oh pip pip cheerio, I am desperately happy to hear that they halved their opponents' score. My yachting chums and I were mixing our Earl Grey with the silver spoons we took out of our mouths and mused about how victory must be achieved else we must demonstrate our superior academic skills to the heathens on the City Paper blog again. Well done, lads.

  • David

    Wow. Elbow off the top rope from McKenna on the Quakers. Sidwell's little egos were bruised. Why can't they just pool their money, but the Washington Post and have McKenna fired?

    Come on, Sidwell. Y'all got half the money and all the lawyers.

  • Anthony

    It may be true.. But what's with you and Sidwell?

  • wow

    Why are you such a dick? at least give some respect to the team you previously said would be destroyed. a jv team only lost to marets varsity team by 12. thats respectable to be honest.

  • Neutral in DC

    Not affiliated with Sidwell or Washington City Paper in any way, but do you really need to keep a feud with high schoolers alive? Did you opt to write this, or is crappy high school sports your beat?

  • ResidentDC85

    Yeah, what is with you and Sidwell?
    My high school football team didn't win a single game for our entire 4 years there. The losing streak was more than 5 years long. That same high school's football team is undefeated right now (coached by a guy I graduated with) so I think these things go in cycles. Why pick on that school's program at this time?

  • byron

    so this is what qualifies as sports journalism nowadays? this is about as intelligent/worthwhile as your typical 13 year old trash talk post on slightly better editing. you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Joe

    do you have a real job?

  • Dave McKenna

    I am so sophisticated with my whole putting-lines-through-my-words-to-indicate-that-they-are-not-true-and-that-I-am-being-funny... what a joker I am. I can't wait to get my first kiss!!!

  • haha

    hahaha maybe its just me but i think this stuff is hilarious

  • yo

    Maret did not play their jv team. they played 6 seniors that were not playing before they saved just for Maret. but you have to give them credit, even with the seniors they should have got wacked but they stayed in it. props.

  • Silence is Golden

    Guys, I know you may want to post how you feel on this article, but I feel like any discussion/debate in this setting would just further circular and pointless debate and arguments.

    This article was written clearly to provoke another online-forum debate among students and parents and we are only validating Mr. McKenna's poor and obsolete style of writing if we play his game.

    Therefore, "Silence is Golden." Thanks.
    (If we ignore his article now, he will stop. He's only continued because he thrives on negative feedback and once he's lost that he'll just be...well oh well)

  • In All Seriousness

    Do you really care this much Dave McKenna? It's Getting somewhat weird how personal you are taking all of this. Just Calm Down. In the grand scheme of things no one cares about this and your little vendetta against Sidwell kids, or just kids in general. Who hurt you as a kid?

  • Rick Mangus

    What is this a high school newspaper!

  • DC Resident

    I love the inane comments from insecure Sidwell parents. More of these articles, por favor! Reading the comments from the insane Sidwell parents who can't understand why they are being mocked and insist they have a good sports program - comedy gold.

  • JP

    You irate commenters just don't get it. The article is about a quarter of the humor. The other 3/4ths is the rest of you getting riled up about your precious school. I'd offer you a quarter to go buy something at the "thicker skin" store, and suggest you spend the change at a "sense of humor" store, but you're already proud to be making more money than god.

  • Richer than You

    Hey, Dave. Fuck you! You will be collecting my kid's garbage in a few years. Won't be so funny then, eh?

  • Richer than “Richer than You”

    Get back to work. These mozzarella sticks aren't going to fry themselves you know.

  • Rick Mangus


  • dave mckenna

    and i'm still a tool

  • DC Resident

    By the way, I am working to get you fired from your job. Next time, don't mess with Sidwell Friends!

  • JP

    I love it. How is he "messing with Sidwell Friends?" You suck this year. He's pointing it out. Are you that thin-skinned? Good gravy you people are hilarious.