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With Redskins, Every Day Is Super Tuesday…

photo by Darrow Montgomery

There's a lot of big stuff going on in Washington today. Some elections might shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill and the Wizards host their first home game with the future of the franchise, to name two.

But none of that can compete with what's happening around the Redskins. The Coach is lying again? The Coach's son is lying now, too? Randy Moss is in the mix? JaMarcus Russell got a tryout? 

THAT JaMarcus Russell?

And it's a Tuesday!

All of last night's news broadcasts showed lots of John Boehner and Mike Shanahan. Their shared skin color can't be god's work. I had the sound off, and they began to look like the same guy. 

Speaker of the House Tanahan, anyone?

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  • Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke

    They are sort of the same color, young man. Boehner is orange, a naranja-American. Shanahan is tanned, but his pants are on fire in that picture because of his stories about why he benched Donovan F. McNabb for that dreadful Grossman lad. As we used to sing in my Canadian youth, "liar, liar, pants on fire." The orange from his fire down below is what colors his face.

    Four and twelve is still a possibility for my Redskins, although new Superstar QB Rex Grossman and possible free agent pickup Randy Moss could always set the league on fire. Ha! Smart money is on five and eleven. This team is going down faster than a San Francisco waiter.

  • Lemonaid into Lemons

    JaMarcus Russell...

    OF COURSE!!! The Missing Piece!

    Is is the perfect Next Step!!!

    My only question is how Young Danny will go about devising a scheme to pay JaMarcus more than Haynesworth.

    This is sooo wrong, but oh so right!