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Photos: High Heel Drag Race

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  • Shevonne

    Very cool! I had to put it on my Tumblr

  • Amber

    Amazing work! I love the surreal feel to these. Very well done.

  • Ward-8.

    A waste of Police man power,a waste to the city with no significent purpose except for the Gay folks to flaunt their life style with outrageous costumes. They should be made to pay the city for all cost incurred for this circus event.

  • Astrid Riecken

    Very, very, very nice. Great photos. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • noodlez


    GREAT POINT Ward-8.

  • Rick Mangus

    I wounder if they paid the event fee this year since JR's has been getting a pass on it from the mayor's office for the past four years?

  • carla

    the photos are nice but whoever took the pic's didn't post the best ones! i get the imaging with the "blurred" look but it's too many of those and less of the outfits the people were wearing...

  • C C

    A waste of police manpower, Ward-8? The city provides services such as trash collection and police protection for dozens of events every year. The GLBT community has just as much right to that as anyone else. Homophobia is so tired, especially in an urban area like Washington, DC.