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Why Is Councilmember Wells Pushing His Homeless Bill?

Councilmember Tommy Wells may have held off on trying to pass an emergency bill on homeless services. But he's still seeking passage of a non-emergency version of the same bill which would impose residency requirements for families seeking shelter. Here's the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless response to the bill on their blog:

"Rather than proposing to address these causes of the current shelter crisis, Mr. Wells instead proposed—now on a permanent basis—to weaken the District’s commitment to life-saving hypothermia shelter. Eliminating the requirement for apartment-style shelter for families and imposing onerous verification requirements in order for DC residents to access life-saving shelter and services will likely have grave consequences this winter. Though we haven’t yet seen the language of the permanent bill, as we’ve heard it described the legislation still puts District residents in harm’s way…based on assumptions that are rooted in tenuous and conflicting numbers about who seeks—and who is served in—DC’s shelters."

City Desk is waiting for a call back from Wells. What I want to know is: Why is he spending all this time on this bill? What about fixing D.C. General or providing more alternatives for homeless families? The District still hasn't figured out a proper place to house homeless families.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Why is Wells pushing for proof of residence, because this city is in the RED and if the Washington Legal Clinic For The Homeless doesn't like it then too bad! The tax payers of this city are getting hosed by taxes, which leads me to this question, how many of the staff at Washington Legal are RESIDENT TAX PAYERS IN DC?

  • Rick Mangus

    Oh!, I just realized who wrote this one sided bias article. Hey Jason! your to report the news not make commentary on it! GET A DEGREE IN JOURNALISM FIRST!

  • kw

    thank you for following this story.

  • Tommy Wells

    Because we are facing a 500 million deficit for FY 2012 and we can't afford to house the families of DC in apt like seetings and the surrounding states, too.

  • Magda

    Because everyone on the Ward 6 neighborhood listservs wants to move the homeless to the Palisades, instead of improving services at DC General to help those who, but for the grace of god, or fortune's favor, or the death of a butterfly, would be you. Apparently they think Ward 6 is a dumping ground and Wells isn't doing enough to make it untouchable like Georgetown or something.