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The Needle: Shots Fired Edition

Pentagon, Defend Thyself: When building a massive military office complex in northern Virginia, the Pentagon's designers probably figured there wasn't any reason to deck the place out like an actual fort; it's been almost 200 years since the British sacked Washington, so why put big guns on the Defense Department headquarters to repel invaders? The answer came, a bit belatedly, early this morning: Because without them, some random wacko might shoot out the windows. (No one was hurt.) -3

Bikesharing is Caring: Looking at the Capital Bikeshare station map, there's a distinct paucity of places to pick up the red-and-yellow cruisers east of Capitol Hill. District officials want to change that—but plans for a station near Lincoln Park are, apparently, causing tears and rumored death threats in the neighborhood. Of course, the reason Bikeshare can't put a station in Lincoln Park itself is that the National Park Service owns it. Yet another reason to wish for real Home Rule. -2

Let Them Eat Cake: Turns out feeding poor kids healthy meals is about as popular as raising taxes. Or at least that's the impression given by hundreds of angry comments on a Washington Post story reporting on expanded free meal programs in D.C. Public Schools. Someone should find out who's posting all the vitriol, track them down offline, and steal their milk money. -2

Trick or Treat: For kids, Halloween typically means gorging on candy. For some adults, Halloween typically means gorging on booze. Happily, the SoberRide program—on financial life support earlier in the year—will once again provide free cab rides around the holiday, up to a $30 trip on Saturday, Oct. 30. Which means your costume can be something besides a drunk driver. +2

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  • Southeast Resident

    Don't they have the right to bear arms in Virginia? The FBI better leave whoever that poor sap is in Virginia alone unless they want to get jumped on by the NRA and all of those politicians up at the U.S. Capitol that they bought and paid for, plus that Wacko Sarah Palin.

    As for those healthy meals, now you know why there is that soda tax that we all are now paying for in DC.

  • Confused reader

    What does home rule have to do with the NPS owning a piece of land? It's not like Virginia is complaining that they can't build homes in Shenandoah National Park.

  • Mrs. D

    It's actually really easy to avoid the sales tax on soda, SE (it's not a special tax, just the regular old sales tax that is levied on all other non-food items): don't buy soda. No one is forcing that corn syrup down your throat.