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Après Moten, Le Déluge?

Ron Moten says trouble is coming. "A lot of the our money has been cut,"  says the outspoken co-founder of the anti-gang group Peaceoholics. Moten says the cuts bode badly for the District: "We get results. Whenever something happens, who are you going to call?"

It's a prediction he's made before. To hear Moten describe it, in the last few years, the Peaceoholics have operated sort of like the CIA, working in the shadows to combat dangers average citizens will never know about. In a given day, he says, the ex-offenders field 30 to 40 phone calls from people asking for their help. A number of those calls concern gang conflicts that might quickly erupt into violence without the expertise and intervention of his organization, he claims.

For an example of what Moten says will be emerging in the wake of a severely underfunded Peaceoholics (an ousted Mayor Adrian Fenty is thought to have orchestrated much of their funding), the co-founder believes you can look to the demise of John "Baby J" Foreman.

Foreman, who one police source refers to as having been a "Peaceoholic poster boy," was recently convicted of murder. Cops said Foreman shot and killed Arthur "Geezy" Gale on Oct. 17, 2008, in the Bruce-Monroe School playground in Columbia Heights, because he believed the victim was "snitching" on his brother, Maurice Foreman, who was facing an attempted murder charge.

The Peaceoholics worked extensively with Foreman. "We worked with that whole family," Moten says. Foreman was on the right path. At one point, he was helping to "squash beefs" among rival gang members. But then funding was cut to a program the Peaceoholics  had established at Bruce-Monroe. "As soon as we stopped the program, Baby J. got into trouble," Moten claims. He says the murder Foreman was convicted of  occurred only a few months after the group left Park View.

That was back when the organization still had a plenty of cash. Now that the non-profit is really suffering, things will get worse. "Almost every homicide in the last three months are people we worked with where programs were stopped," says Moten. (Washington City Paper couldn't independently verify that claim.)

Of course, there is one way Moten sees for the District to avoid the impending crime-ageddon: Send more funds to Peaceoholics. And even though he and presumptive mayor-elect Vincent Gray have had words, Moten thinks the politician could help. "I don't necessarily have to like someone to work with him."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • joan

    Moten is a thug.

  • Bullypulpit

    Words cannot really begin to express my dislike of this man. If he were really about helping people, he would spend more time actually working with residents and less time flapping his jaws to the news media and being involved in political campaigns (something that is borderline illegal given his relationship with Peaceaholics).

    Ron Moten helps no one but himself and his cronies and every time City Paper or the Washington Post allow him to use their publication for his bullypulpit they only exaserbate the problem.

  • SEdcDude

    NIGGA please!!

    The only trouble is the TROUBLE that's going out with the garbage come November......sorry ass flunky; you RHEE and FENTY'S retarded ass!

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  • Tformation

    So whatever it is he's doing..... It isn't turning these thugs around, it isn't showing them another way to live, and after three months away from his tutelage, they go right back out and try to kill? And we are paying him for what again?

    Tue gravy train is gone... Let's see how much you really care now.

  • tired

    So have you formed your own little crime syndicate Mr. Moten?

  • try2staysanendc

    Moten is an idiot. Let's not give him anymore press time. Ignore him and he will go away. Stupid is what stupid does. I think that's right? Lol. @ tformation, Sedcdue and tired: I agree with you all. Bye Moten

  • Rick Mangus

    No more shankedown money, Ronnie!

  • ward4 gets new council member

    No more free money.

  • LOL

    Maybe now he can go find that coretta scott king he seeks.

  • candycane1

    So what's your plan now? Will there be an effort to acquire an entry level position or will you go back to what you know best? If you plan to work and earn an honest wage, take a little advice. Don't tell your next employer, "We save lives". That's never been quantified. We're used to seeing you "after" the murder. Get some basic help with a resume. If you leave preparing a resume on your skills alone, you're in big trouble.

  • http://CityDesk TONY

    Mr. Moten has no respect for the intellect of people. What adjective would best describe Mr. Moten? Ass, thug, pimp or master player.

  • Justice4DCTaxpayers 2

    Where does Ronald Moten reside at night and who is is lover or or significant other? Who has verified how funds were spent in the DC Gov't beauracracy procured by Peaceaholics? Why would Vincent Gray contribute to increased crime and corruption if he is about the masses doing better? Not like A Fenty who shunned the masses, especially Blacks mass peoples. Vince Gray make the crooks go away enmasse please baby please for the sake of DC Residents,Taxpayers and former DC residents livnig in Ward 9.


    This is more proof that the "peaceoholics are nothing more than a group of extortionist. Moten says that his group squashes beefs. Why did he not see the beef coming that erupted in the Mayors office a few months back when three women in the DYRS system began to fight during an awards ceremony Moten was attending? This was Fentys shake down crew. Inmates running the asylum. The people of DC will fare much better holding on to those tax dollars that the peaceoholics used to enrich themselves while pompously and mendaciously proclaiming themselves modern day Batman and Robin.


    The people of DC have a better chance of hearing the Pope use foul language in public than they do of getting anything from these thugs but ripped off! No more money for the crookoholics!! Wee Wee Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • larry

    So Ron, DO TELL why one of the individuals charged with murder in the mass drive by murders on S. Capital on March 30th had absconded from one of your group homes "Peace Abode"? Can city paper ask him about this? If not, he damn well knows we'll be getting an answer. Ask him.

  • Ward 5

    You are kidding me right? "As soon as we stopped the program, Baby J. got into trouble". He's old enough to know right from wrong and no amount of money would stop him from getting in trouble if he wanted to.

    The Peacoholics is an "intervention" program not "prevention" - meaning in order for him to justify needing money, there has to be "beefs".

    To wrap this up, essentially what i'm reading is the Peacoholics program doesn't work. What is he doing, paying them with the money? Geeze, this pisses me off...

  • Porchia F

    I wish all of yall would stop tryna put my family out there like that. Moten, I don't appreciate you putting my brother's name out there like that, honestly! I mean are you wit him or against him you "say" after the peaceaholics stop working with him he "got in trouble" yall was stopppin nothin in the first place. smfh!

  • Porchia F

    @David White: I totally agree with you!

  • annonymous

    Peaceoholics be starting shit between hoods forget Ronald moten he full of shit.