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Robin Ficker’s Still Got It, Whatever “It” Is!

Robin Ficker

I was on the Washington Post archives site recently and noticed in the middle of the page they had a list of the most popular stories currently being pulled from 130 or so years of newspapers.

On this night, the roster looked like this:

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In other words, Robin Ficker's hot! Ficker held at least two of the top five spots on the Post's charts. Ficker's been my hero since I first wrote about him a couple decades ago. Most of Ficker's fame comes from his days of heckling NBA players at Washington Bullets games at the Capital Centre, the rest comes from running for office every election cycle.

The Capital Centre's not been in the news much lately, so this charting can only mean one thing: Ficker's running again!

OK, two things: Ficker's running again, and, there's a helluva lot of opposition research going on!

Ficker is indeed on another ballot. This time, he's the Republican candidate going against Craig Rice (D) for the District 2 seat on the Montgomery County Council. Ficker, who along with being an overall nut is a fitness nut and at 67 years old has more energy than a teenager on Red Bull, has tried to outrun Rice by outpedaling him on the campaign trail.  He recently had his daughter, world class triathlete Desiree Ficker, join him on a one-day bike ride that hit all the county's outlying hotspots.

Ficker reports via email:  "We did 60 miles going from White's Ferry, Poolesville, Dickerson, Barnesville, Boyds, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Clarksburg, Damascus, Laytonsville, Brookville and Olney."

And, never one to miss an opportunity to heckle, Ficker, after being told that the Post's digital archives are likely being ransacked for dirt on him, went after Rice the way he would Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan back in the day: "I just learned that my opponent who touts himself as a financial services professional had Montgomery County Circuit Court foreclosure action 2082925V because he missed 5 consecutive mortgage payments in 2007 and had the foreclosure action stopped only by posting a bond of $48,000.  He did not vote in the 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2008! Democratic primaries.  Maybe he didn't like Obama!  Plus he took the maximum meal allowance every day while in the legislature, never itemizing like I always did, which would have enabled him to buy 150 lbs. of rice a day at Costco despite the fact that  there are all-you-can-eat lobbyist functions everyday in Annapolis for Del. Rice, that is."

Rice knows he's not up against your normal county council candidate. The plea for support on Rice's campaign web site makes him sound almost scared: "I face a formidable opponent whom we all know or have heard of...Robin Ficker.  I am sure he will try everything from distorting the truth, to rumor and conjecture, to defeat me." (The ellipses before mentioning Ficker are there to add  trace of doom...I suppose.)

Sure, Ficker's politics are a combination of fiscal conservativism and absolute insanity, but I love the guy. His campaign motto should be: "You Won't Be Bored!"

Vote Ficker on Nov. 2!

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  • Peter Cohen

    I detest this man. Or let's be fair: I detest the public side of this man. He pushed through a tax bill in a particularly pernicious way that does just what he likes: give the rich, a minority that earns 85% of the country's income one more break by requiring that any tax hike needs a unanimous vote of the county council. The hell with the middle and working class, the poor and essential services. Instead Montgomery County puts its workers on furlough and looks for more cutbacks for essential services, but Ficker, Ficker, Ficker, G_d bless Robin Ficker, we're happy as long as this shameless man can have his own. There's nothing lovable or funny about the public side of a man who has the gall to make himself the center of a sports game and, oh by the way, espouses greed and selfishness, and has not a lick a lack of humility or charity.

  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry, I'm in total agreement with Ficker that Montgomery County, and especially it's employees, need to be put on a major, prolonged diet. There is no sense of fiscal responsibility among the county council and at least Ficker has the balls to call them on it.

  • Charla

    I would not be surprised if Flicker didn't have slaves secretly slaving for him in is home!

    Despicable and Degrading is his motto! I don't want people like him representing my District. We are striving for peace and the pursuit of happiness for all in our community, not hatred and humiliation.

    A vote for Flicker is like a vote for a vote for the devil!

  • Caroline Taylor

    Mr. Ficker's professional record should scream volumes about his character and capability. District 2 deserves better. Mr. Rice, though still learning about the diverse issues that face this largest district, is open and listening and quite sane.