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Jamal Coates’ Heavily Guarded Funeral


D.C. cops looked pretty intimidating at the funeral of Jamal Coates this afternoon. Out in force, they glared  as crowds of mourners hung out around the King Emmanuel Baptist Church in Adams Morgan, and the nearby Ontario Coin Laundromat. Just last week, the gang violence that left Coates shot dead erupted after a funeral on U Street.

At one point, two cops in flak jackets followed one group of mourners down Ontario Street NW.

As for the funeral that went  on inside, reporters were asked not to attend. ANC Commissioner Bryan Weaver, who did attend, says everything went well: "Considering, I thought it was pretty upbeat." He says the funeral focused on the life of the 21-year-old Coates, and how to help young men like him. Coates was at times affiliated with a gang.

According to a police source, Coates was shot in connection to a longstanding beef between the 1-7 crew (based near 17th and Euclid NW) and the G-Rod crew (from 14th and Girard NW).  And the murder allegedly took place after a member of G-Rod was insulted. (Police have arrested Brandon Miller in connection with the shooting.)

At times, Coates tried to turn his life around, but didn't manage to get far enough away from neighborhood influences to make the change stick. Weaver says the Rev. Daryl F. Bell, who spoke at Coates' funeral, put it best: "If you hang out at the hot dog stand, you're most likely going to eat a hot dog."

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  • DCexpat

    Would the author have preferred that the police look cheerful and distracted at a gang members funeral with a very high likelihood of violence? As a community member, I am grateful they were there in all their steely resolve and I am glad this funeral is done.

  • Rick Mangus

    Yes, just as I thought Bryan Weaver was there kissing ever low life ass as I predicted yesterday!

    GOOD BYE TO TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deecee foodeee

    Rick, I know you are primarily trolling but come on - Weaver is a great guy trying to do some good with these kids/teens and volunteering a lot of time - keep in mind that not everyone is a lost cause and it looked like Coates was trying to get away from trouble.

  • Kween

    @ Rick I am so sick of people like you looking down on our youth!!!! This man had a family, friends and tins if people who loved him. I pray and hope nothing tragic ever happens in ur family or to you "TRASH"!!!! How inconsiderate of you!! This young man was trying to turn his life around. I'm quite sure u made mistakes in ur life, and u have learned from them. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!!!!

  • Rick Mangus

    'Kween' and 'deecee foodeee' this low life scum, Coates was in a car with other low life scum, and when the car crashed the police found guns in the car! But you assholes think this pice of shit Coates should be given an award, well he got his award!

    Oh by the way 'Kween' maybe women like you in your community should keep their feet on the floor and your legs together, instead humping for every young buck and stop producing bastard kids!

  • Monica

    RICK are an ignorant ASSHOLE. I can't believe this young life was taking and out ofthe entire ordeal all you have to say is to call this boy scum. YOU ARE TRASH and SCUM, and I can think of a lot more indecent words to call you. GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE YOU BOOTY SCRATCHER. Yes, I am stupping down to your immature level, cause this asshole needs someone to tell him abbout hisself. Who are you to think you are better than anyone!!! WELL I AM HERE TO TELL Y OU YOU ARE NOT!!!!

  • deecee foodeee

    Rick - I did not read that there were guns in the car - where did you find that information? Just curious. If there were I might very well change my opinion.

    Thanks -

  • Rick Mangus

    'deecee foodeee' In the Washington Post and Washington Times!

    'Monica', yes I do think that I am better then some uneducated ass like you and that scum Coates who is now worm food!

  • SEdcDude

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  • Monica

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  • Rick Mangus

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  • SEdcDude

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