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Time Running Out for Peaceoholics?

An ongoing zoning battle in Ward 8 between Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sandra “S.S.” Seegars and the Peaceoholics continued raging this week.

The ANC Seegars chairs, 8E, filed a motion with the Board of Zoning Adjustments on behalf of three residents—Brian Townes, Tonette Sivells and Shayla Edgerton—trying to stop Peaceoholics from developing a building they own on Congress Street SE. The filing says, pre-emptively, that a certificate of occupancy application for the building will be filed in error and that a building permit issued to the group was issued under false pretenses.

“Was the building permit inaccurately issued?” Seegers asked on behalf of the residents at a hearing Tuesday night.

Jauhar Abraham, CEO of the Peaceoholics, said the building will be an “independent living” facility for youth between the ages 18 and 24. The motion claimed the group's intended use for the building more closely resembles a “community based residential facility." That means Peaceoholics will need to show proof of several licenses which they do not currently have, according to Abraham. He says the building will serve as low-income housing for young adults who need some form of support or rehabilitation.

The case was continued until October 28, by which point the Peaceoholics should have submitted their certificate of occupancy application. The delay will also give the board more time to review the evidence Seegars and the ANC submitted.

If the proceedings are delayed much longer, though, Peaceoholics may find their allies in D.C. government are dwindling. The group was very tight with Mayor Adrian Fenty, but campaigned aggressively against Vince Gray's election.

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  • hoop

    Small point - I think this hearing took place at the Board of Zoning Adjustments, not the Zoning Commission. They are two different entities.

  • SE Resident

    There are already 4 CBRF's on that block. This violates zoning laws. Peaceoholics are trying to sneak this in. I hope the Board recognizes that. I also hope they know that the Peaceoholics are being audited for the 10 million dollars they recieved from the city with no strings.

  • S.S.

    Hoop, the location doesn't matter, the issue does. Thanks Drew for attending the hearing and letting the public know what is going on. Will the POST write it? Fenty got a pink slip.

  • Ward-8

    Way to go Sandra,don't be intimadated by this used to be Fentys legal thug group and while you at it, I am still waiting to see what they did with the millions they receive from the Fenty's Administration. It appears Moton and company will either have to do some real work or live of the millions they have squandered from DC. Hopefully, due to the derailment of the gravey train, they want revert back to their original profession!!

  • Jerome

    please dont allow the Peaceoholics to move more thugs into a crime and drug ridden area it would make no kind of sense to put trouble youths(18-(24 is a aldut)in Congress Park

  • metro southeast

    It appears that the DC government zoning organizations can expedite fence height regulations. But they are not concern with life and death for these young adults and the surrounding neighborhood. It would be best to delay any decision until the new administration is in place.

    This situation reminds me of the administration that may be replaced, so they leave with dropping their own time bomb (last act) on Congress St SE.

    This neighborhood is on the raise with allot of hope I see it every day. But authorizing this kind of adult housing within 1000 square feet of officially recognized high crime activity area no sense.

    I really want to see programs that work to bring ex offenders back into main stream society. But group homes with inadequate professional supervision will only create tragedy.