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Police Provide U Street Shooting Narrative

This afternoon, the Metropolitan Police Department provided their first written narrative of events concerning yesterday's drive-by shooting along U Street that left 21-year-old Jamal Coates dead. Last night, police arrested Brandon Miller for Coates' murder. Miller was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. The police narrative was filed with the court post- at the arraignment.

According to the court documents, police were able to locate several witnesses and video footage of the scene. This led them two believe two shooters were involved and that they drove a Buick LeSabre. One witness even provided an accurate tag number. The shooting took place mid-day. Detectives found the car in well under an hour. It wasn't long before they found Miller.

According to the court documents, detectives ran the tags off the grey sedan as provided by a witness. The vehicle was a 2001 Buick registered to an address at 1211 Girard Street NW. Detectives found the car at 12:45 p.m. Detectives located video footage that showed two males get out of the car shortly after the shooting. Police go on to state:

“While Detectives were still outside of 1211 Girard Streets NW, Mr. Brandon Miller came to the scene and said the Buick was his vehicle. Detectives asked Mr. Miller if he would accompany them to the Homicide Branch and he agreed to do so.”

As Miller was being interrogated in police custody, other detectives conducted a search warrant of Miller’s home. They found: “two handguns (9mm and .40 cal) inside a backpack,” “an assault rifle (AK-47), and Tech (machine gun)” in a bedroom, and a shotgun in another bedroom. A witness in the house stated that Miller slept on the couch and did not have a bedroom.

During the interview, Miller explained just how his car came to be seen at 13th and U Streets NW:

“He said he was at the gas station at 14th and Euclid Street NW when he saw the two guys, who he described as wearing blue jeans and white tee shirts. Mr. Miller said the two guys asked him for a ride to Florida Avenue. Mr. Miller agreed and said he then drove the two guys to 13th and U Streets NW, and made a left into an alley. He said he parked his car in the alley and the two guys exited and went down the street. Mr. Miller heard gunshots and then saw the two guys running back to his car. He said they got into his car and he sped down the alley. Mr. Miller said he dropped them off at his house. He said he didn’t know they were going to do what they did. Mr. Miller said the guns found in his house would not have ballistics matching to the shooting.”

According to the court record, Coates died from multiple gunshot wounds. He was shot in the back right side of his head, his right cheekbone and right bicep. When medical personnel arrived on the scene, it was determined that Coates' death "was apparent."

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  • Ace in DC

    Jesus that's a lot of fire power for one kid. I hope the cops get search warrants to search everyone else in his crew - I am sure they are all carrying the same kind of weapons. None-the-less, good job MPD.

  • DCexpat

    Seriously, kudos to MPD for not only cracking this open but releasing this info so quickly.

  • 11th

    ditto on the hope that mpd does a very intensive search for firearms wherever they can get probable cause. that is a TON of firepower. i think mpd realizes that they need to disarm this as best they can now before anything else sets off the powder keg.

    good reporting, city paper.

  • DCexpat

    I doubt they'll get warrants on anyone else, this was a group home and the suspect slept on the couch. USAO won't be able to prove actual association with anyone else, and as the Council did not pass the gang injunction stuff last year MPD can't even really cite associations in this case or any other. The guns were likely bought completely legally in VA, so there's no grounds there either, other than violations of DC's BS gun laws. Sorry, and welcome to law enforcement in DC. If this was VA or MD this would have resulted in further raids and arrests as far as I know.

    Of course, the suspect could roll on other guys...

  • downtown rez

    Good reporting, Jason.

  • DCexpat

    are all my comms subject to mods? why?

  • Malakiazul

    Is this guy kidding? Some guys he doesn't know asks him for a ride. He says "yes", takes them where they want to go and then he sits waiting for them? And then he drops them off back at his house? Nice of him to be so hospitable to a couple of guys he just picked up off the street. Did he serve them chips and dip too?

  • deecee foodeee

    $10 says a jury of his peers finds some reasonable doubt in the trial and he is found not guilty. Wouldn't want to send another young black man to jail for a crime he didn't commit!

  • Native JD

    I agree. I think cross referencing his facebook friends list with his crew photos might provide plenty of probable cause for searches of known associates.

    Bring these crews down.

  • The Commish

    Great Job MPD....and I'm sure this man was involved. I mean really Decee you really believe that someone with all those weapons in his home is innocent! Give us all a break and get real!

  • SEdcDude

    WOW, all those damn guns and he sleeps on the couch UPTOWN!!!

    We have been told that the air we breathe is unsafe and the water we drink and bathe in unsafe as well. The carbon foot print left by modern man is melting the glaciers and causing biblical weather conditions. The desire to lower carbon emissions will necessarily mean lowering commercial output– less jobs. Being in a terrible economy, no one wants to lose jobs and money. We also face overwhelming federal deficits in the present and foreseeable future. We as Americans must look for new and innovative ways to cut the deficit. The “thug” culture cuts across all racial and ethnic lines and has produced a generation of worthless individuals that have filled our prisons and jails. These parasites are the culmination of decades of failed social programs and political pandering "packaged" to uplift a community but instead enslaving them to sloth and deceit.

    My idea is to deal with the serious social, economic, and environmental concerns simultaneously.
    The average human being exhales approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of carbon dioxide per day. Strenuous activity (such as weightlifting and exercising) increases output. If you do the simple math of taking one million convicts you have well over 2 million pounds per day generated by the simple breathing out of our nations convicts. That is a thousand tons per day. And what is gained by these convicts breathing? It costs us roughly $25,000 per year to keep a single convict in jail or prison. Not to mention the legal costs of putting them there or the societal costs that we all pay in higher insurance, costs for products, and a general lowering of quality of life. The recidivism rate is over 80% so the convict we eliminate today represents the elimination of future convicts as well.

    Therefore by removing just 1 million convicts from our population we can save the economy, the environment, and protect ourselves and our families. We will all be able to “breathe easier”

    Pardon the pun.

  • deecee foodeee

    Commish - I know he is guilty and would love to save us the trouble of even going to trial but this is DC and thems are the reality of this city.

    Seriously, I will bet you $10 that in the 2-3 years it takes to deal with this mess in the court system that he will be found innocent and will walk. Or maybe he will be found guilty of "accessory" to some sort of 2nd degree murder charge and that means he also walks.

    It's DC and if I hadn't purchased a house here (smack dab in the middle of the 17th and 14th street crews on Euclid) I might very well be packing up my bags and be taking off.

  • Rick Mangus

    Give out guns to these animials and let them ALL kill each other off, this city and the world would be a better place!

  • what

    are these commenters serious? who are you people? as lowly as you might think of "these animals" "parasites" and 1 million convicts you want to "eliminate," people like you make the world a worse place as well.

  • deecee foodeee

    Pretty sure I have never killed or been in possession of an arsental of illegal automatic weapons, "what." thus, my impact on the world will balance out as being much BETTER for the world versus what these parasites are.

    Yes, you may fault me for willfully wanting to neglect due process, but that only affects the life of one hoodlum that seems to have no respect for the civility of our world versus the very real and psychological impact that they have on the rest of us.

    Again, on the scale of things, I would posit that I win out on the awesome and making the world a better place category and that they lose. Feel free to refute me.

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  • Rick Mangus

    'what', since you LOVE these scum so much why not invite them over to your house for tea and crumpets, GET REAL!

    DC should bring back the death penalty and put the executions on a fast track!