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Drive-By Shooting on U Street Makes for Double Tragedy

Tragedy was compounded this afternoon for people attending Ashley McRae's funeral at Walker Memorial Baptist Church. Just after the service ended around noon, a car tore down U Street NW, with someone inside firing shots. Some of the mourners had been getting into a tan SUV, which was hit. The SUV then sped down the block, turned down 11th Street, crashed and flipped over.

Metropolitan Police Department officials say one man was found dead in the SUV, and two other shooting victims were taken to area hospitals.

Once the shots were fired, most of the mourners at the funeral ran. Others were left stranded on T Street, as many had parked along the  blocked off sections of U Street. The scene near the shooting was chaotic afterwards. Residents, employees of nearby businesses, and people from the funeral milled around as police began an investigation. The crowd hovered along a stretch of police tape, trying catch a glimpse of the upended SUV.

Near 12th and T, a throng of distraught funeral-goers gathered, trying to make sense of the onslaught of tragedies. Among this group were McRae's cousins and friends. McRae, who lived in Columbia Heights, was found dead last weekend near Fort Stanton Park; days later, Damon Antonio Sams, 22, was charged with second-degree murder. A friend of McRae's, Antonio Bryant, sounded angry, both about McRae's death and the shooting today. "I guess this is just life on U Street," he said.

MPD don't believe the drive-by shooting was a retaliation for McRae's death. But the crowd at the funeral seemed to know exactly who was responsible.

Watch video from the scene here:

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  • Jenn

    I'm sure you meant scene, not seen.

  • Rick Mangus

    So one of the low life pieces of shit in the SUV is dead, GOOD! Now that's what I call swift justice!

  • Mike Madden

    Rick -- the SUV wasn't the vehicle that did the drive-by. It was shot by the drive-by.

  • Rick Mangus

    Then why was it, (the SUV) racing down 11th street at a high rate of speed! CP vague account after THREE tries at what they call reporting is a pitiful attempt at journalism!

  • DCJournalist8

    The video you posted is not from "a witness," as you purport. It is from someone who himself says he heard several accounts of the incident. He was no more a witness than someone living in Bangkok. It was hearsay, nothing first hand.

    Start being responsible, or stop calling yourselves "journalists."

  • Sally

    That video is pretty useless.

  • uche

    clearly the police tape was blocking proper access to the scene. what did you want to see?

  • DCexpat

    "Near 12th and T, a throng of distraught funeral-goers gathered, trying to make sense of the onslaught of tragedies."

    Need to make sense of it? Its simple: at least two opposing crews attended the funeral. One would think that at least one attendee would have mentioned this to the 5 cops on duty outside the funeral. Until folks gain some common sense on these issues and get rid of their "stop snitching" ethics then this onslaught will continue unabated as it has for several generations now.

  • SEdcDude

    TYPICAL Ricky "MANGEY" MANSPUNK LOVIN' Mangus......blinded by his hatred of FEMALES and BLACK HETEROSEXUALITY!!

    CRAKKA you need to check your prejudice, you nasty limp wristed fleabag!!