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District Unemployment Stands At 9.9 percent

The District's unemployment rate had steady at 9.9 percent in August. Let's call it 10 percent! The Department of Employment Services tries to blame the end of the summer jobs program:

"The unemployment rate in the District of Columbia for August was unchanged from the revised July rate of 9.9% reported the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services. The number of jobs decreased by 26,100 in August which were mainly due to the Mayor’s 2010 Summer Youth Employment Program ending. The August national unemployment rate was 9.6 percent, up 0.1% from the revised rate in July 2010."

One would think that all the paid volunteers on Fenty's Green Team would have made a dent in the unemployment numbers. Oh well.

A breakdown of the employment numbers after the jump.

According to DOES:

"Professional and Business Services lost 2,000 jobs, after a 4,300 job gain in July. With employment at 156,400, jobs are up 8,900 or 6.0 percent from a year ago.

Educational and Health Services lost 1,500 jobs, after a loss of 400 jobs the prior month. With employment at 97,600, jobs are down 2,800 or -2.8 percent from a year ago.

Leisure and Hospitality lost 800 jobs following a gain of 100 jobs in July. With employment at 58,500, jobs are up 1,100 or 1.9 percent over the year.

Other Services lost 1,200 jobs, after a loss of 300 jobs the prior month. At 63,000, employment is down 1,600 or -2.5 percent from a year ago.

Financial Activities gained 100 jobs, after having no over-the-month job change the prior month. With employment at 26,200, jobs are down 300 or -1.1 percent from a year ago.

Information had no over-the-month job change, after no over-the-month job change in July. At 18,600, employment is down 200 or -1.1 percent from one year ago.

Construction gained 400 jobs, after a gain of 100 jobs in July. At 11,600, employment is up 300 or 2.7 percent from a year ago.

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities lost 300 jobs, after a loss of 200 jobs in July. With employment at 27,000, the sector is up 200 jobs or 0.7 percent from a year ago.

Manufacturing had no over-the-month job change.  Employment in manufacturing has remained constant.  With employment at 1,400, there was no change from a year ago.  Manufacturing is the smallest sector in the District accounting for less than 0.2 percent of total payroll employment."

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  • Ace in DC

    Not sure I understand the jab at Fenty and the Green Team. The Green Team is just like putting a finger in the hole of the dam (not meant to resolve DCs unemployment issue). Until DC fixes the education system to better prepare the city's children for meaningful work - unemployment will always be high (but we all know this...right?). But good thing we voted out Fenty and the best thing to happen o DC school reform and the subsequent end to high DC unemployment. Maybe Gray will just triple the size of the DC govt. and higher back the 1000 terrible teachers Rhee fired and the unemployment rate will improve just like his constituents expect of him.

  • DCexpat

    What's the ward by ward breakdown? When I checked last year or so, Wards 2,3, and 4 unemployment had more than doubled from a few years back, while Wards 5,7, and 8 had increased relatively very little. Don't remember where Ward 1 fell...

    Is that still the case? We'll know things are looking good again when Wards 2-3 see unemployment fall, which may signal better times for the rest of the city, though the legions of unskilled and uneducated workers of DC will always lag wayyyy behind of course.

    Any more specific breakdown?

  • blue penn

    held not had steady.

  • Mr. Pibb

    We all Know that Employment is a lagging indicator. It's the last thing to recover when the recession is over. I hope jobs come back soon.

  • LOL

    Oh get a grip Ace in DC. It was a joke. It was meant to be light and entertain. NOT be true. Kind of like you mentioning that 1,000 bad teachers were fired.

    Unemployment is news because it is high. It was lower a few years ago when the schools were, to be blunt, crappier.

    Fenty lost, we can't undo that. I hope you aren't still crying yourself to sleep over it.

  • LOL

    I feel like John Stewart needs to come and have a sanity round table in DC for the people that were so extremely Gray or Fenty.